Uber Boss Prep (WIP)


Hi all, thought I’d would summarize a bit of preparation guide for Uber Boss events.  There has been a few Uber Boss events since the game has released so most players should be familiar with this type of events and what to do for preparation.  For those who are not familiar, I hope this guide would help on what Shikigami and Soul to prepare.

Uber Boss events are comprised of two activities: Vanquish and Defense.


To summarize the Vanquish quest:

  • Challenge multiple times
  • Only the highest score counts in ranking
  • Score base on damage done within a set time limit
  • Enemies refresh daily so need different teams every day to max damage

Vanquish is pretty cruel since it ranks the whole server.  The players with better equipped Shikigami would always rank better.  Below are some of the common Shikigamis that is used in Vanquish.


To summarize Defense:

  • Depends on play mode
  • Usually a mini boss fight that triggers by Exploration, Soul, and Evo runs
  • The more you fight and the harder the fight, the more points to exchange for rewards
  • Usually AOE DPS to start and switch to Ushi/Kosodenote teams as minions gets KO’ed
  • Low grade Minion teams (G1 to G3)
    • Oitsuki, Kiyohime, Ryomen, Ushi, Bukkuman
    • Need some healers if enemy team has counter units
  • High grade Minion teams (G4 to G6 at the early stages)
    • Oitsuki, Kiyohime, Ryomen, Maki, Sakura 
  • Low grade Boss (G1 to G3 if the boss remain after your first try)
    • Oitsuki, Kiyohime, Ushi, Bukkuman, Ibaraki Doji (AOE if there are minions left still)
  • High grade Boss (G4 to G6 at later stages when most minions cleared out)
    • Shiranui, Shuten, Shuten, Ushi, SP Shuten (Shuten need time to build up and high grade has more time

Common Shikigamis

Below are some of the common PvE Shikigamis used in Uber Boss events.  I would suggest prep them with adequate souls and set preset teams.

Unlike PvP, PvE events don’t require high SPD most of the time.  The important thing is to have the correct action sequence and to be as close in SPD as possible.  This way the sequence wouldn’t mess up as the fight goes on. Of course, there are situations where high SPD is needed.  Below are some of my notes.



  • Soul: Azure Basan or Fortune Cat, with Shinkirou if possible
  • SPD around 130-140.  She may not need to be the fastest in the team.  SPD may need to be adjusted depending on Boss.
  • G5 or G6 with high HP sometimes Boss aim for Shikigami with the highest HP


  • Soul: Snow Sprite, with Tsuchigumo if possible (if DPS not using Tsuchigumo)
  • SPD usually as fast as possible to freeze key enemies
  • Should be G6 with adequate Effect HIT (aim for at least 100%)


  • Soul: Mixed set maximizing HP, may need Crit.  Also Shinkirou if possible
  • SPD is around 128 and usually the last in the team to act
  • G6 to maximize recorded damage


  • Use for time freeze on minions
  • Soul: Dawn Fairy with Tsuchigumo
  • Should have the least damage possible so that Bukkuman’s auto aim stays with Boss and Ushi Doll
  • SPD is usually as fast as possible in the situation where he is needed.  The point is to go twice before enemies start to act
  • G3 should balance survivability and minimize ATK


  • Soul: Fortune Cat or Nuribotoke
  • SPD should be barely faster DPS
  • G4 should be fine.  G6 for extra damage if you are aiming for high ranks

Ushi no toki

  • Soul: Watcher or Kyoukotsu or Shadow, with Odokuro
  • Use in place of Kosodenote when fewer enemies
  • set up similar to Kosodenote
  • Some battle requires a fast Ushi


  • Soul: Nuribotoke
  • Low speed – Just before Bukkuman or last.


  • Usually multiple to pull Orochi/Kuro/SP Tamamo/Takiyashahime
  • SPD should be as fast as possible


  • Soul: Fortune Cat usually
  • Use when Boss fight requires healing


  • Level 1 as a sacrifice so Shuten increase damage


  • Used for her passive to increase ATK
  • Does not need G6 for her function.


  • So much damage boost.  A very good addition to the team, especially Duo Shuten.
  • SPD should be amongst the last ones to act.


Ibaraki Doji

  • Soul: Shadow or Kyoukotsu or mixed set maximizing Crit Damage
  • Useful if you need a strong single target unit to crush Ushi no Toki’s doll


  • Soul: Shadow or Kyoukotsu or mixed set maximizing Crit Damage
  • Similar to Ibaraki Doji but higher damage generally speaking
  • Yuki maybe a second choice to players since most would build Ibaraki for farming


  • Soul:  Hyosube/Shadow/Dawn Fairy or mixed set maximizing Crit Damage
  • She is actually the queen of Uber Boss due to strong Indirect Damage
  • She’s an R so everybody should be able to max her skill


  • Soul: Seductress with Songstress, Shadow with Tsuchigumo, Tsuchigumo mixed set
  • A very strong attacker in both AOE and single target.  She should be the number one choice in most cases


  • Same as Takiyashahime but lack the single target attack
  • Use mainly in the early stage of Defense fights to clean out minions


  • Soul: Seductress with Songstress
  • Need to max passive to push and pull
  • Uber Boss is where Ryomen really shines.
  • More often partner with Kiyohime to duel high critical damage when enemy DEF lowers to 0

Shuten Doji

  • Soul: Kyoukotsu or Seductress
  • SPD varies but usually higher towards later days.
  • Often double Shuten Doji with Shiranui to double normal attack counts
  • Works when the goal is to focus on a single enemy

SP Shuten

  • Soul: Azure Basan or Nuritobe
  • Usually high SPD to act first and push enemies back
  • main feature is his damage buff to finish off enemy within time limit

SP Tamamo

  • Soul: Seductress
  • Used when Boss fights require multi hits to one target such as Daruma that only take 1 HP loss per hit


  • Soul: Shadow or Kyoukotsu
  • SPD is not require to be as fast as PvP.  ATK/ATK/Crit Dmg should be ideal
  • To use with Shiranui as expected.
  • Works on few number of enemies.


  • Soul: Seductress
  • SPD is not required as he usually partners with Maestro and Orochi
  • Kuro is situational depending on Boss


  • Soul: Fenikkusu
  • Use with Maestro and Kagura for a full snake team
  • Should be reliable in some Defense situations

SP Yoto

  • Only used if the situation calls for it.  She was used in one of the Otakemaru Uber days when the goal was to finish of as much minions as possible.


  • Soul: Dawn Fairy
  • Her role is to use Dawn Fairy and push back Ushi no Toki’s doll so it doesn’t disconnect during the fight.
  • Usually high SPD

Kidomaru Uber Boss:

Below is my scribble of the upcoming Uber Vanquish.  Detail and hopefully video to come as the event starts.

Day 1

Boss Enma with 5 lesser enemies

The key is to just finish off Boss Enma as soon as possible while ignoring the lesser enemies.

ST team such as 2 SSR Shuten, Shiranui, SP Shuten, Ushi no Toki.  Slow Speed, Seimei -> Ushi -> SP Shuten -> SSR Shutens -> Shiranui -> Bukkuman.  Pretty straightforward. Use Kyoukotsu on SSR Shutens and Ushi if possible, otherwise Shadow or Watcher

Kamikui (Dawn Fairy and Tsuchigumo, high speed fodder G3 is fine, low ATK so Bukkuman is easier to auto target), Oitsuki (Fortune Cat and Shinkiruo ~130), Ushi (Watcher and Odokuro ~130, with high Effect HIT), Bukkuman (mixed HP with Shinkiruo, last to act), Mio/Ibaraki/Yuki/Takiyashahime (Hyousube or Shadow)

Day 2

Boss Ootengu with 4 Karasu Tengu on Scarlet

Shuten-Shiranui team still the most straight forward and reliable

Kamikui (Dawn Fairy and Tsuchigumo, high speed >G4 with high HP for survival, low ATK so Bukkuman is easier to auto target), Oitsuki (Fortune Cat and Shinkiruo ~130), Ushi (Watcher and Odokuro ~130, with high Effect HIT), Bukkuman (mixed HP and Critical Damage with Shinkiruo, last to act), Mio or other ST DPS (ideally Hyousube or Shadow/Kyoukotsu/Claw/etc.)  Bukkuman don’t need full Crit if using Mio since she can reduce DEF.  This team requires Kamikui to be able to survive Karasu Tengus’ attacks.

Day 3

Boss Shuten Doji with Hoshiguma, Ibaraki Doji, and Onikiri

Shuten-Shiranui works as always

Kiyohime (Snow Sprite with Tsuchigumo around 200 SPD to go first, need to freeze Hoshiguma), Oitsuki (around 130 spd), Ushi no Toki (around 130 SPD on Watcher), Seimei (Star and Death), Bukkuman (mixed set c.dmg as always), Ryomen (Seductress and Songstress)

Kamikui (Dawn Fairy with Tsuchigumo high spd), Oitsuki (Fortune Cat and Shinkiruo ~130), Ushi (Watcher and Odokuro ~130, with high Effect HIT), Bukkuman (mixed set c.Dmg  with Shinkiruo, last to act), Mio (Hyousube or Shadow/Kyoukotsu/Claw/etc.)

Day 4

Boss Otakemaru with Kujira and Kanihime

Otakemaru will try to Banish unit with highest HP.  Give that unit Shinkiro to negate the skill.

Ushi (around 140 SPD in case Otakemaru reduce her SPD), Seimei, 2 Shutens (Kyoukotsu slower than seimei), Shiranui (Nuritobe Shinkiro), and Enmusubi (Fortune Cat high HP)

Oitsuki (high HP around 130 SPD, could be FC), Ushi (Watcher Odukuro around 130 SPD), Seimei, Kosodenote (nuritobe) faster than DPS and Bukkuman to link Otakemaru or Kamui on Dawn Fairy Tsuchigumo works too, Takiyashahime (Hyosube or other offensive souls) need to switch to single target when Kujira and Kanihime are gone, Bukkuman (slow, high HP critical set)

Day 5

Enemies: Boss Tamamonomae with Red Daruma (takes 1 dmg per hit)

Red Daruma took the spot of Ushi’s doll and Boss can only sustain 60k dmg per hit.  Both Ushi (in the beginning) and Bukkuman not useful here.

Shuten-Shiranui with high SPD Shuten on Seductress

Maestro (FC as fast as possible), Maestro (FC as fast as possible), Oitsuki (FC on high ATK for SP Tama to drain ATK),  SP Tama (Seductress Songstress critical set high ATK), Aodan or Kaguya (Nuritobe on high ATK for SP Tama to drain ATK), Kagura on Storm to give turn to SP Tama and Umbrella to reduce dmg.

Shuten (>200 SPD High SPD Seductress), Ushi (around 190 Watcheer Odokuro) at high SPD so she can replace doll timely, Oitsuki around 130 on FC, two multi hit dps (Kisei/SP Tama/Inuyashas/Futakuchi, etc)

Day 6

Enemy: Boss Orochi with 5 Nagas

Orochi negates damage from units slower than him (he’s 160 SPD)

Shuten-Shiranui is most efficient as long as Ushi is faster than 160.  Shown in video below.

Kiyohime (Snow Sprite and Tsuchigumo, can be lv. 20) low ATK so Bukkuman’s mark won’t miss, Ushi (FC need to proc the first turn high HIT), 2 Chins high ATK high SPD (FC), Bukkuman around 128 SPD (mix high HP) – haven’t tested myself.

Day 7

Boss Kidomaru

Team set ups to be sorted out.  Pleas see video for latest run.

Ushi no Toki (~180), Shuten Doji (~175), Shuten Doji (~175), Shiranui (slow), Bukkuman (~175), with Seimei (Star and Bind)

This is pretty straightforward.  As long as Ushi is fast enough, she should be able to connect the doll in time.

Ushi and Shuten on Kyoukotsu and Shiranui on Nuritobe.

Oituski (~140), Ushi no Toki (130), Nekomata (~200), Mio (~200), Bukkuman (~160), with Seimei

Oituski (~190), Ushi no Toki (~180), Nekomata (~180), Mio (~180), Bukkuman (~180), with Seimei

Oituski (~140), Ushi no Toki (200), Nekomata (~200), Mio (~125), Bukkuman (slow), with Seimei

Nekomata needs high SPD with Dawn Fairy and Tsuchigumo the best.  The idea is to keep pushing Ushi’s doll back so it wouldn’t disconnect.  If it disconnects, you can re-try. Key is to let the doll come up and take Mio’s indirect damage close to the end of the battle.

Ushi is on Shadow and Odokuro

Mio on Hyosube would be the best.  Shadow is also fine.