Iron Fire

Iron Fire is a variation of Fire Rain.  This set up replaces Ame Onna with Tesso.  The reason is simple.  Tesso’s [Money Justice] is an AOE debuff, its speed is faster than that of Ame Onna, and that its normal attack and passive can also debuffs.  This is a perfect match for Hououga.


Set Up

Team composition is very much the same as Fire Rain by replacing Ame Onna with Tesso.  Speed sequence goes: Kamaitachi > Tesso > Hououga > Zashiki > DPS, with Hiromasa as the Onmyoji.


This is similar to Fire Rain for that both debuffs (Tesso’s and Ame Onna’s) cost 2 Orbs and both debuffs last 2 turns.


Onmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami KamaitachiOnmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami TessoOnmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami ZashikiOnmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami Ubume


Soul Recommendations:

Kamaitachi – The recommended choice is to equip three 2-set Souls focusing on Speed.   However, he can use a 4-set Fortune Cat to synergize with his passive so that there is a second chance to generate Orbs.  No matter what, every Soul needs to have speed in either Primary or Secondary attributes.

Tesso – 4-set of Jizo Statue fits him well.  Use Speed for Position 2; Position 4 and 6 should be HP.  The goal is to increase survivability as he has weak defense.

Hououga – 4-set of Jizo Statue, Fortune Cat, or Mirror Maiden depending on team set up.  Position 4 needs to be Effect HIT and position 6 needs to be crit %.  The key is to maximize survivability as well as inflicting status effect.  This is the same as Fire Rain set up.

Zashiki – 4-set of Fire Spirit to ensure there this enough Orbs in the beginning.  For her, all Souls can be HP to maximize survivability.

Ubume (or other DPS) – 4-set Seductress for her to take advantage of the extra proportional damage.  This is pretty standard for DPS.  If you are lucky enough to have Ibaraki Doji, give him a 4-set of Shadow to take advantage of his spillover damage; Position 6 for him should be Crit Damage.

Hiromasa – He should be equipped with [Panther Eye] and [Exorcism Arrow] to increase damage output.



  1. Tesso’s base speed is 115, 12 points higher than Ame Onna. This would be easier to equip Soul.
  2. Tesso can AOE attack and AOE buff 20%
  3. Tesso’s passive can lower enemy’s damage, thereby increasing the survivability of own team.



  1. Tesso has low survivability itself, so if the enemy gets to act first, it is a very dangerous situation for the team.
  2. Unlike Ame Onna, Tesso lacks the ability to slow enemies down.



Clearly, Ame Onna is more stable than Tesso, but is slower.  With a good ST or AOE DPS, Tesso is arguably better in finishing the fight faster.  However, its weak defense is a major risk.