Frozen Time



The Freezing Time is an unconventional team build aim to conquer the most difficult stages. In Onmyoji, that would be the last stages of Soul and Special Missions. These stages are known to be difficult even if players have good Shikigamis. The Freezing Time team build offers an alternative to players having no luck pulling multiple SSRs. Speed sequence plays an important part in this team build.



Set up


In short, this team build takes advantage of multiple Action Bar Supports working together so that the enemies does not get to act. To the enemies, this is as if time is frozen. The key units of this build are the Yamausagis for its ability to speed up allies’ actions.

There are few variations for this build but we will focus on the following build:

3 Yamausagi + Kamaitachi + Zashiki + Hiromasa

This is an auto set up so the requirements are a bit more strict.

In descending Speed order: Yamausagi #1, Kamaitachi, Zashiki, Yamausagi #2, Hiromasa, Yamausagi #3

Onmyoji Mobile Game - Yamausagi ShikigamiOnmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami Kamaitachi Onmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami ZashikiOnmyoji Mobile Game - Yamausagi ShikigamiOnmyoji Mobile Game - HiromasaOnmyoji Mobile Game - Yamausagi Shikigami




  • Mountaint Rabbit #1 – Its Speed should be at 163 to 165 but not over 167. [Rabbit Dance] have to be fully upgraded
  • Kamaitachi – It needs to be at its pre-awaken form.  He also need to upgrade to level 3 in [Brotherhood]
  • Zashiki – Not much requirement but be mindful of the Speed sequence
  • Yamausagi #2 – [Rabbit Dance] should stay at level 1
  • Hiromasa – He should bring [Multi-shot] + [Exorcist Arrow]/[Shadow]
  • Yamausagi #3 – It must be slower than MR 1 by exactly 40 Speed points. Faster or slower than MR 1 will result in messing up the sequence. MR 3 also cannot upgrade [Rabbit Dance].


Key Points


  • The Yamausagis would inflict a status buff upon using [Rabbit Dance]. With a buff in effect, the Rabbits will not use [Rabbit Dance] continuously. After MR 1 acted, Kamaitachi will use its buff to offset the MR1 buff (need to check). Then the two Rabbits afterwards can use their AB abilities because there is no [Rabbit Dance] buffs anymore. To remain buff-less, the last two Rabbit need to stay at level 0.
  • The Orb Provider (Zashiki) should not equip Fortune Cat as Soul. The reason being the Orb Provider not generating Orb as Fortune Cat activates, even though the Soul generates 1 Fire less. This could happen when there are 5 Orbs left when it’s the Orb Provider’s turn. The result is having a risk of sequence failure due to lack of Orb.
  • Auto attack does not work for ranks less than 45. The reason is Hiromasa would not have enough damage to defeat the enemy Kusa.
  • It is way too risky to replace Zashiki with other Shikigamis (such as additional DPS). There may not be enough Orbs to continue the sequence.
  • Kamaitachi needs to stay in its pre-awaken form. Otherwise it would be too fast to stay in sequence. Once out of sequence, the rabbits would use [Lucky Ring] rather than [Rabbit Dance]. In this strategy, we want them to keep dancing.
  • This set up consumes a lot of Orbs and the main risk is not getting enough of those. Fortune Cats are not always a reliable source of the Fires. Therefore, on unlucky days, you may have to just forfeit the fight and restart.

The video below is an example of the build in action. Note the sequence is a bit different but it’ll work either way. I don’t own this video. This is from someone in the Taiwanese server.  As we can see, one run takes about 7 mins.





As mentioned, that was not the only team build for this.  With similar logic, you can also try out many different teams, which is what is so captivating about Onmyoji’s gameplay.


Variation 1


(4 Yamausagis + Zashiki + Hiromasa)

4 Yamausagis need to have one 4-set Fortune Cat each with Zashiki equipping Azure Basan. Hiromasa will be responsible for dealing damage so his level has to be high enough. My suggestion is the player rank 50+ and max his Guardian Beast.


Variation 2


4 Yamausagis + DPS + Seimei

4 Rabbits will be equipping Fortune Casts as always. The DPS may need to carry Azure Basan to ensure having enough Orb. This set up is higher risk than bringing Zashiki. Therefore, Seimei needs to activate shield when situations turn for the worst.


Variation 3


3 Yamausagis + Kamikui + either {Zashiki + Hiromasa} or {DPS + Seimei/Kagura}

In this variation, we use Kamikui to replace one of the Yamausagis. Kamikui should be in the fourth place in the attack sequence. With enemies being pushed back, allies have more time to gamble Orbs. In this set up, the players cannot go fully auto.
Variation 4 (2 Yamausagis + Kamikui + DPS + Zashiki + Seimei/Kagura)

The idea is the same as other variations. This set up can run through the stage faster if you have a good DPS. Dawn Fairy can be used in this case for additional AB support.


Speed requirement:


For these variations, you want to set speed at:

  1. Shikigami #1: 161
  2. Shikigami #2: 140
  3. Shikigami #3 and #4: greater than 115 and faster than #5 and #6
  4. Shikigami #5 and #6: these have to be awakened Rabbits with no speed requirement

Character choice:


  • Seimei – Use [Bind] and [Shield] for control and mitigate damage when running out of Orb
  • Kagura – Use [Wind] to adjust attack sequence if necessary or letting DPS hit again
  • Hiromasa – [Triple Shot] and [Shadow] for damage output




Yamausagis – Fortune Cat for steady Orb flow; Main requirement is to make sure speed of each rabbit is correct

Others – Depending on situations, other Shikigamis can either use attacking Souls or supporting Souls. A good consideration would be Dawn Fairy for her ability to push back enemies’ move bar




  • Able to pass through Soul 10
  • Shikigamis in the set up are relatively easy to obtain



  • Time consuming – takes around 7 min to get through Soul 10
  • Need some trial and error to get the set up correct.