Conservative F2P



The Conservative F2P set up is best for new Onmyoji players to get establish a footing in the game.  This set up gives the players an idea of the roles in a team..  Considering that F2Pers generally do not have good units unless they are extremely lucky, this set up mainly makes up of R Shikigamis.



Set up


Conservative build – In descending order of speed: Accelerator, Support, Orb Provider, Damage, Main Character, Healer.

Example: Yamausagi, Shuzu, Zashiki, Ubume (or other AOE DPS), Hiromasa (or anyone if you have not gotten him yet) and Kusa.

As you can see, all, except for the DPS, are R Shikigamis, so they are easy to come by.  However, I do not recommend level them up pass 4-star because eventually they will get phased out.  Kamaitachi is a direct upgrade from Yamausagi and Kusa would be replaced by Ebisu.  Though this may take some time because I would recommend upgrading Kamaitachi’s and Ebisu’s abilities before awakening them.  Shuzu and Zashiki are unique in their ways and not easily replaced but they may get put on the sideline depending on team composition.  If you get Ubume, Kuro Mujou, or one of the SSR DPS, you could go ahead and level them up all the say, else save resources until you get one of the good DPSers mentioned.

Onmyoji Mobile Game - Yamausagi ShikigamiOnmyoji Game - ShuzuOnmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami ZashikiOnmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami UbumeOnmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami Kusa



Soul Recommendations:


Yamausagi – She can use a 4-set Fortune Cat to boost Orbs.  Her main role is to work the move bar so, every Soul should have speed in either Primary or Secondary attributes.  The players may not have all Speed in the beginning but Yamausagi having the highest speed is something to keep in mind.

Shuzu – 4-set of Jizo Statue, Fortune Cat, or Mirror Lady depending on the team set up.  The key is to maximize survivability.  Because of [Water Circuit], her survivability directly links to the team’s.  Although having her is great for defense, the team would lack damage to burst down enemies.  She’s is a valuable asset for difficult fights in the late game.

Zashiki – 4-set of Azure Basan to ensure there this enough Orbs in the beginning.  For her, all Souls can be HP to maximize survivability.

Ubume (or other DPS) – 4-set Seductress for her to take advantage of the extra proportional damage.  This is pretty standard for DPS.

Kusa – 4-set of Tree Spirit maximizing attacks.  Kusa is a pure healer.  Her AOE heal works ridiculously well with Shuzu’s [Water Circuit].  The only downside is that her heal ability is based on attack, which she is not high in.  Therefore, it is important for the players to equip her with Souls to boost attack.





  1. A defensive build focusing on survivability.
  2. Shuzu and Kusa alone can make the team last for so long.
  3. Most are R Shikigamis so they are easy to obtain
  4. Hiromasa is recommended for extra damage but can be switched out depending on situations





  1. Lacks damage to end the fight fast.
  2. Shuzu’s [Water Circuit] is not too effective against AOE attacks so the team would be at a disadvantage if the other team has one or more good AOE DPS.
  3. The enemy may have a faster Accelerator so Shuzu may get taken out before she acts. This would be disastrous because of the team’s lack of firepower.
  4. Some Shikigamis in the team is not future proof so there is the question whether the players should raise them to higher stars.





This set up is meant for the players to get a taste of different roles in an Onmyoji team.  Yamausagi would act as Accelerator, Shuzu as Defensive Support, Zashiki as Orb Provider, Ubume for damage, the main character as a floater (vary depends on the team set up), and Kusa as a Healer.  Each of these Shikigamis is a top fit for the role, at least in the beginning.  I feel this would be a very good entry level set up to learn what each of the roles.  As the players get more familiar with the game, they can explore different setups.  The general format of a team more or less stay the same: you need Accelerator, buff/debuffs, healer, and damage dealer.