Ghostly Songstress

Location Assembly Boss 1 Set Effect Random Stat 8% (DEF bonus 16%, except SPD and Crit DMG)
2 Set Effect Exclusive passive effect.  After dealing damage to a monster 5 times, the next attack to a monster inflicts damage equal to 20% of it’s max HP, ignoring it’s DEF, to a max of 255% of own ATK.
Suggested Use Any DPS that normally uses seductress would pair well with Songstress as well.
Note Note: It counts hits to any monster, not each monster separately.  It is very easy to trigger this multiple times within a single use of a multi-hit AOE skill.  Note 2: The damage instances from the seductress soul set DO count toward the next Songstress trigger.  Note 3:  Songstress damage instances DO NOT count toward the next Songstress trigger.   Note 4: Damage instance count starts over after each trigger of the Songtress soul.  Note 5:  If both Seductress and Songstress trigger on the same attack it is ordered like this for counting purposes.: Normal damage -> Songtress damage -> Seductress damage.