Vengeful Hannya

Shikigami Information

Vengeful Hannya – 御怨般若

Seiyu (Voice Actor) Kaji Yuuki
Rarity SP
Role Support/DPS

Stat Rating

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %

Max Stat

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %
3055 11735 384 115 10%
Evolution Material N/A N/A N/A N/A
Evolution Ability N/A


Example: Dawn Fairy/Tree Nymph/Seductress
Position: SPD/HP/HP or Crit

Vengeful Hannya can be set up in three main streams.

As a move bar push, he can equip Dawn Fairy to keep enemies in Sealing Field longer.
As a defensive support, he can use Tree Nymph to reduce enemy orbs to break enemy attack chain.
As an attacker, he can use Seductress to deal massive damage without worrying triggering adverse soul and passive effect while in his Sealing Field.

No matter which set up, SPD is the most important for SP Hannya as he needs to be fast enough to turn on sealing field.  In addition, I would prefer HP for supporting SP Hannya over RES since his Sealing Field dispells controlling effects.  HP allows for more survivability.  Even as an attacker, I would still suggest one slot for HP to increase survivability.


User Rating
5.1 User Rating (27 votes)
OG Rating
9 OG Rating


Returning Hatred

Cost 0 orb
Description ST 100% AKT Dmg.  If sealing field is on, change to ST 80% ATK Dmg x2 with 15% HP steal each.  Gains a Hatred Mark
Level up Lv.2 ATK Dmg now 105% or 84% with sealing field
Lv.3 ATK Dmg now 110% or 88% with sealing field
Lv.4 ATK Dmg now 115% or 92% with sealing field
Lv.5 ATK Dmg now 125% or 100% with sealing field

Deep-rooted Grudge

Cost 3 orb (1 orb for enemy)
Description When enemy inflict a critical hit, there is 40% chance to trigger a Hatred Mark (once per action).  When Hatred Mark reaches 9, SP Hannya move bar increase by 35% and dispells controlling effects on himself.  He can now create a sealing field with 9 masks.  One mask shatters whenever an enemy acts.  Enemies can use Grudge Forsaken to seal two more masks.  Once all masks are shattered, the field closes with 100% base chance to inflict Spreading Hatred (increase crit by 50% decrease dmg by 35%).  Sealing field seals soul and passive effects and increase SP Hannya SPD by 30.  Also reduce enemy Crit by 15% in the field and lose 7% of current HP when action.
Level up Lv.2 when non-summoned ally is KO’ed, gain 3 layers of Hatred Mark
Lv.3 Reduces orb required by 3
Lv.4 Increase chance to trigger by 3
Lv.5 gains 6 Hatred Marks at the beginning of battle

Promised Wish

Cost 3 Orbs
Description ST 72% ATK Dmg x3 plus AOE 72% ATK Dmg x1 (one additional AOE if Sealing Field is on).  Gains 3 layers of Hatred Mark
Level up Lv.2 Dmg increase to 74%
Lv.3 Dmg increase to 77%
Lv.4 Dmg increase to 80%
Lv.5 for each non-summoned ally with lower than 50% HP, attacks one random enemy with 80% ATK.

Sample Team

Kamaitachi, Komatsu, Tenjo Kudari, SP Onikiri, SP Hannya, with Kagura

This is one of the teams with multiple pull/push so enemies would struggle to get a turn to act if they are much slower.  SP Hannya would be on Dawn Fairy here to act as a DPS and push enemies back so they still in his Sealing Field forever

Shikigami Comparison

Hannya – Compared to his SR self, SP Hannya is much improved.  The greatest improvement is that his controlling effect is a field now so cannot be dispelled.  SR Hannya faded away in the meta due to the release of SP Miketsu and her ability to reliably dispell his effects.


Summon, Demon Parade

Wanted Quest

Sample Gameplay

 Sample gameplay to come.

Meanwhile, please check out my channel for other sample gameplays: Onmyoji Guide Youtube Channel


Vengeful Hannya is top tier in the current meta primarily due to his ability to nullify SP Shuten and other top tier DPS.  Of course, team composition matters a lot.  SP Hannya can be countered if the enemy has abudant orb and Shikigamis with passives.  Enemy passive skills will turn into Grudge Forsaken that allows for early closure of Sealing Field.  He’s essential for slower team to counter the faster and fierce attacking team.  I would highly recommend level him up and max his skills (probably can get by without maxing the normal attack).


User Rating
5.1 User Rating (27 votes)
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