Shikigami Information

Ungaikyo – 云外镜

Seiyu (Voice Actor) Ayumu Murase
Rarity SSR
Role DPS/Support

Stat Rating

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %

Max Stat

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %
3028 8317 498 109 10%
Evolution Material Azure Carp (Mid)x8 Azure Carp (High)x16 Lightning Drum (Mid)x8 Lightning Drum (High)x16
Evolution Ability Enhance [Shifting of the Sky]: Gains a Mirror Shield at the beginning of the battle


Example: Tomb Guard/Kyoukotsu/Fortune Cat x4 + Crit %/DEF x2
Position 2/4/6: SPD/DEF %/Crit % or DEF %

Ungaikyo is a very interesting Shikigami.  He’s another Shikigami that has 2 forms alternating between attack and support.

For offense, Tomb Guard is a very suitable soul for Ungaikyo since he starts the battle with half the HP.  With a fast team, this means quite a bit of damage at the beginning.  Plus, this acts as a surprise to people who don’t expect an offensive Ungaikyo.  I have a feeling this work much better in lower level duel than high level.

More popular soul for Ungaikyo is certainly Fortune Cat.  This is really for the Yang state where Ungaikyo is in the support role.  He’ll be using Painful Life most of the time so having Fortune Cat is essential in orb supply.  Especially now when many teams run without orb suppliers.

Kyoukotsu is really only used in Moan when he couple with SP Tamamo for a speed run.  While Ungaikyo’s soul requirement for Moan is not that high, getting good enough souls for SP Tama is the hurdle.

In a support role for PvP, Ungaikyo need high speed with SPd in slot 2.  With his mechanics, Ungaikyo needs to act first for puling and dispelling to take effect.  Slot 4 is usually DEF in this case to increase survivability.  Crit % can be considered for slot 6 but I would try to give Ungaikyo a total of 1000 DEF before maximizing Crit.
Attacking role is more straightforward.  He can be built the same way as other DPS with ATK/ATK/Crit Dmg.


User Rating
7.3 User Rating (14 votes)
OG Rating
8.5 OG Rating


Falling Shadow/Darma

Cost 0 Orb
Description ST attack based on ATK or DEF depending on his state.  Yang state also raises move bar of the next ally to act
Level up Lv.2 Increases damage to 105% or 240%
Lv.3 Increases damage to 110% or 280%
Lv.4 Increases damage to 115% or 320%
Lv.5 Increases damage to 125% or 360%

Shifting of the Sky/Star

Cost 0 Orb
Description HP is halved in each state but Ying/Yang compliments each other.  Gains a Mirror Shield at the beginning of the battle.  Increases SPD when use skill and gain Mirror Shield.  Using the skill increase orb usage by 2 the next time.
Level up N/A

World Purge/Painful Life

Cost 3 Orbs
Description World Purg: AOE 131% ATK Damage with follow up ST 131% Atk to one enemy.  Inflicts Mirror Wraith debuff on enemies that dispells the next buff

Painful life: Raise move bar of all allies by 20%.  Give Mirror Protection to one ally to dispel status effects.  When dispel status effect or debuff, raises move bar of the ally and recovers ally with lowest HP by 240% of Ungaikyo’s DEF.

Level up Lv.2 Increases damage to 135%/ HP recover equal 480% of DEF
Lv.3 Increases damage to 139%/Mirror Protection now dispel 2 controlling effect or debuffs
Lv.4 Increases damage to 145%/Mirror Proection raise move bar by 20%
Lv.5 For each 30% HP lost, follow up attack increase by 1/cost of Painful life decrease by 1 orb

Sample Team

Kamaitachi, Tenjo Kudori, SP Hannya, Ungaikyo, Takiyashahime, with Kagura

This is one of the teams that uses the pulling/pushing mechanism in each Shikigami and oul.  Once this team gets running, the opponent is likely not to get a turn.  This team needs to becareful of faster opponets (fast Orochi) and Shikigamis that acts outside their turn (Miketsu, Shishio, etc.)

Offensive Ungaikyo relies on faster team mates to give him turns to attack.  He’s a good choice to take advantage of SP Shuten’s passive since he starts the fight with half the HP.

No matter how you build Ungaikyo, just keep in mind to switch state when he’s in danger since that would give Ungaikyo a chance to reborn with much higher HP.

Shikigami Comparison

SP Miketsu has quite a bit of similarities to Ungaikyo.  They can both dispell and raise move bar.   They also have two form (somewhat) that functions differently in a fight.  SP Miketsu can inflict a bit of control while Ungaikyo does damage.  Ungaikyo has a bit of PVE use while SP Miketsu is purely PvP.   Overall, I think they are similar in usefulness.  Depending on your team, one might be preferred then the other


Summon, Demon Parade

Wanted Quest

Sample Gameplay


As the latest Shikigami with a great character design, Ungaikyo is getting a lot of hype.  I think the more unorthodox about this Shikigami is that his HP is shared between his two states.  When HP is lowered in one state, the other state’s HP is higher.

Couple things to note about Ungaikyo is that:
– pay attention to ATK and DEF if you want him to start the battle with Yin or Yang
– his buff can be dispelled
– Shikigamis with True Damage somewhat counters him as they ignore DEF
– He starts off the fight with half the HP so becareful of enemy Onikiri

I don’t think Ungaikyo is as meta as SP Shuten or Shiranui but he will cause some changes in Duel.  Many of the control Shikigami will be less popular by the day as Ungaikyo joins Onmyoji as an effective dispeller.  Since he has both PvE and PvP use, I think it’s worthwhile to level him up and use Black Daruma (He just needs to max skill 3).


User Rating
7.3 User Rating (14 votes)
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