Shikigami Information

Otakemaru – 大岳丸

Seiyu (Voice Actor) Nobuhiko Okamoto
Rarity SSR
Role DPS

Stat Rating

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %

Max Stat

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %
3323 12646 397 100 10%
Evolution Material Azure Carp (Mid)x8 Azure Carp (High)x16 Lightning Drum (Mid)x8 Lightning Drum (High)x16
Evolution Ability Enhance [Hillcry: Blast]: Normal attack with 100% Base Chance to reduce enemy SPD by 20;  Upon Evolving, this skill turns into Hillcry: Slash with 50% chance to co-op when Unlimited Blade Prison is in effect.


Example: Snow Sprite/Shadow/Fortune Cat x4 + Crit % x2
Position 2/4/6: SPD or ATK %/ATK %/Crit % or C. Dmg %

Usually we see one of these three souls for Otakemaru: Snow Sprite, Fortune Cat, or Shadow.

Using Snow Sprite turn Otakemaru into a semi control/DPS.  Otakemaru is surprisingly matching with Snow Sprite since his normal attack reduces speed.  Snow Sprite is easier to freeze when enemies are slowed.

Fortune Cat is another popular build for utility.  Otakemaru need 4 orbs to Banish enemy units so having one more FC on the team relieves some of the orb pressure.

Shadow is perhaps the most preferred choice if you can secure orb supply in your set up.  Shadow Otakemaru deals much more damage than other souls and is more likely to make sure enemy units does not survive Banish.

For stats, I would say support Otakemarus need to be fast so SPD for slot 2 is a given.  Shadow Otakemaru can make use of SPD as well depending of team.  If there’s someone to give turn like Maestro, then Shadow Otakemaru can focus on building damage.  Slot 4 and 6 should be damage oriented focusing on ATK and Crit Dmg.  Even for Snow Sprite, I would suggest not using slot 4 for Effect HIT.  Otakemaru could act as a secondary control but I think he is still meant to do damage.


User Rating
6.9 User Rating (15 votes)
OG Rating
9 OG Rating


Hillcry: Blast/Hillcry Slash

Cost 0
Description Normal attack with 100% Base Chance to reduce enemy SPD by 20;  Upon Evolving, this skill turns into Hillcry: Slash with 50% chance to co-op when Unlimited Blade Prison is in effect.
Level up Lv.2 Increases damage to 105%
Lv.3 Increases damage to 110%
Lv.4 Increases damage to 115%
Lv.5 Increases damage to 125%

Earth Magic

Cost 0
Description Otakemaru gets 2 shield that absorb to a max 80% of damage
Level up Lv.2 Increase damage reduction to 70%
Lv.3 adds one more layer
Lv.4 Increase damage reduction to 80%
Lv.5 gets Force of Earth at beginning of battle

Unlimited Blade Prison

Cost 4
Description Banish one enemy unit for one turn while dealing AOE danmage equal to 271% of his ATK.  When Banish disappears, the rock smashes into the enemy dealing 358% of his ATK.  This does not trigger soul or passive and raises Otakemaru’s move bar by 40%
Level up Lv.2 Increase AOE damage to 285%
Lv.3 Increase AOE damage to 299%
Lv.4 Increase AOE damage to 312%
Lv.5 12% of assisted damage is added to rock smash to a max of 600% of Otakemaru’s ATK

Sample Team

Orochi, SP Shuten, Kujira, Shiranui, Otakemaru, with Kagura

This is one of the variations of the most offensive team in the meta.  Orochi would need to be very fast to act first and pulls Otakemaru.  Otakemaru locks an enemy core unit then Kujira and SP Shuten does damage.  This team has high soul requirement though.  Orochi need to be fast fast as possible.  SP Shuten and Kujira also need SPD.  Also need to ban Hakuzosu to make it easier.  Your duel score will rank up really fast if you can pull this off.

Shikigami Comparison

Enma – Otakemaru’s Banish is pretty unique so Enma is the only one I can think of on top of my head.  Otakemaru’s Banish is a more complete version of Enma’s Spirit Crush silences and morphes enemies when her passive is active.  In some ways this is similar to Banish but enemy unit’s soul is still active and can receive healing.  Banish is like the unit is gone from battle completely for a short period of time.  Otakemaru’s damage is also much higher.  Enma has her own advantage in speed and uses one fewer orb.  Overall, Enma has her use against fast teams but the meta favours Otakemaru right now.


Summon, Demon Parade

Wanted Quest

Sample Gameplay


Otakemaru is definitely worth building.  He’s a reliable damage output when built properly.

To use him, the key to keep in mind is the 4-orb consumption.  Shikigamis following Otakemaru run out of orbs easily so plan ahead when decide to use his Unlimited Blade Prison.  With this in mind, essentially the team needs to be built around Otakemaru.  In addition, he consumes quite a bit of Black Daruma.  Ideally, he should have passive and special attack max level to be effective.


User Rating
6.9 User Rating (15 votes)
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