Shikigami Information

Okikumushi – 於菊虫

Seiyu (Voice Actor) Mari Hagai
Rarity SR
Role Support/DPS

Stat Rating

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %

Max Stat

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %
2948 11963 375 109 5%
Evolution Material Fire Wheel (Mid)x16 Fire Wheel (High)x8 Lightning Drum (Mid)x16 Lightning Drum (High)x8
Evolution Ability Enhance [Catepillar Venom]: Stares at 1 enemy and spits 5 shots of venom at random enemies, dealing damage equal to 30% of her ATK for each shot, prioritizing the ones that she hasn’t attacked. Has a 100% base chance of inflicting Grade II Poisoned lasting 2 turns on them. Also inflicts damage equal to 72% of her ATK on the target she startes at, and copies the Poisoned to other enemies she has exploded during the attack. Has a 100% base chance of inflicting copies lasting 2 turns on the target she stares at.


Example: Snow Sprite/Seductress x4 + HP or Crit x2

Position 2/4/6: SPD/Effect HIT or ATK/Crit or C. Dmg


She can use the same souls as other Poisoned type Shikigamis.

Snow Sprite is potentially functional on her the same way as Kiyohime. Seductress is probably better on her for PvE where enemies are usually fewer.

With enough Poison to lower enemy DEF (really Ushi’s doll), she shoudln’t need critical %. Instead, she could focus on C. Dmg since indirect damage guarantees critical hits when DEF becomes zero.


User Review
3.5 User Rating (5 votes)
OG Review
6 OG Rating


Venomous Spit

Cost 0 Orb
Description ST 60% ATK dmg with 100% base chance of inflicting Grade 1 Poisoned lasting 2 turns on the target. Poisoned is a debuff that slows SPD by 10%. Reduce DEF by 10 x Poison Grade when dealing indirect damage. Stackable
Level up Lv.2 Increases damage to 66%
Lv.3 Inflicts Grade II Poisoned instead
Lv.4 Increases damage to 72%
Lv.3 Inflicts Grade III Poisoned instead


Cost 0 Orb
Description When she attacks Poisoned enemy, one of the Poisoned status explodes and deal indirect damage equal to 8% of her ATK x Poison Grade
Level up Lv.2 Indirect Damage multiplier now 12%
Lv.3 After explosion, inflict another Poisoned with 1 grade higher lasting one more turn
Lv.4 Indirect damage multiplier now 16%
Lv.5 Increase her SPD by 10 for each enemy Poisoned.

Caterpillar Venom

Cost 3 Orbs
Description Targets one enemy and inflict 5 random ST attacks dealing 30% ATK damage each, prioritizing the enemy that she hasn’t attacked. Also has a 100% base chance to inflict Grade II Poisoned for 2 turns on the attacked enemies.

Inflicts Bug’s Grudge on the targetted enemy which inflict indirect damage equal to 105% ATK Damage at the end of turn. Copies the Poisoned effect on an enemy whom has had exploded Poisoned during the attack. Has a 100% base chance to inflict this copy to the target lasting 2 turns.

Level up Lv.2 Inflict Grade III Poisoned instead
Lv.3 damage now 36%
Lv.4 Random attack hit 6 times now
Lv.5 Reduce orb consumption by 1

Sample Team

I haven’t used her but she could probably fit into PvE teams to fight Bosses with her strong indirect damage.

Shikigami Comparison

Kiyohime – Okikumushi is perhaps most similar to Kiyohime in terms of Poison damage. Kiyohime is still number one in this category with her ability to decrease DEF much more effectivly.

Shiro Mujou – He probably out damamges Okikumushi with higher grade Poisoned


Summon, Demon Parade

Wanted Quest

Sample Gameplay

I probably wouldn’t do a sample gameplay on her since I can’t stand her design lol.


Honestly I find her design pretty gross.

Other than that, Okikumushi hasn’t really been popular in both PvE and PvP. Mainly due to better Poison type shikigamis.


User Review
3.5 User Rating (5 votes)
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