Shikigami Information

Nekomata – 猫掌柜

Seiyu (Voice Actor) Yui Horie
Rarity SR
Role DPS

Stat Rating

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %

Max Stat

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %
3002 10709 415 118 10%
Evolution Material Fire Wheel (Mid)x16 Fire Wheel (High)x8 Lightning Drum (Mid)x16 Lightning Drum (High)x8
Evolution Ability Enhance [Meownified Attack]: Enlarge Tachibana the cat and rides it for 2 turns, increase SPD by 20 and summons 2 more cats. Upon Evolving, Increase Effect RES by 40%


Example: Seductres/Dawn Fairy x4 + Crit % x2

Position 2/4/6: SPD or ATK/ATK/Crit % or Crit DMG


As a multi hit attacker, Nekomata partners well with Seductress as usual. This is pretty straightforward since the more hits she lands the more chance for Seductress to proc.

Another good soul for her is Dawn Fairy, which can push back enemy multiple times if she is lucky.

Depending on use, SPD might be important, especially to Dawn Fairy. Slot 4/6 can just maximize ATK and CRit Dmg


User Review
7.9 User Rating (3 votes)
OG Review
6 OG Rating


Hear Meow Call

Cost 0 Orb
Description ST 80% ATK Damage and summon one of the three cats to assist:

Kuronosuke: 60% chance to remove 1 orb from enemy

Yukihime: extra damage equal to 40% of her ATK

Chacha: lower enemy move bar by 20%

Level up Lv.2 Increases damage to 84%
Lv.3 Increases damage to 88%
Lv.4 Increases damage to 92%
Lv.5 Increases damage to 100%

Meownified Attack

Cost 2 Orb
Description Enlarge Tachibana the cat and rides it for 2 turns, increase SPD by 20 and summons 2 cats instead. Upon Evolving, increase Effect RES by 40%. Cooldown 2 turns
Level up Not Upgradable

Meowlee Attack

Cost 3 Orbs
Description ST 42% ATK Dmg x5 and summon one cat to assist.
Level up Lv.2 Increases damage to 44%
Lv.3 Increases damage to 46%
Lv.4 Increases damage to 48%
Lv.5 Increases damage to 50%

Sample Team

Ushi no toki, Bukkuman, Nekomata, Mio, Oitsuki, with Seimei,

This is one of the Uber boss teams. The idea is to give one or more sets of Dawn Fairy to Nekomata and Mio so they can push Ushi’s doll back. The point is to keep the doll from running out and Ushi having to put the doll back. If that happens, the overall damage would decrease by quite a bit since Poison level has to rebuild.

Shikigami Comparison

Quite a few similar Shikigamis

Mio – One of the best attackers in a boss fight. While Mio has fewer hits than Nekomata, she makes up in indirect damage. For this purpose, I would say Mio outclasses Nekomata.

Takiyashahime – Takiyashahime has the same number of hits as Nekomata and is more consistent to lower move bar with Aqua. The only advantage Nekomata has is the extremely fast animation to save time in boss fights.


Summon, Demon Parade

Wanted Quest

Sample Gameplay


Nekomata only has niche use in certain boss fights with her multiple hits and fast animation.

She is outclassed by many other Shikigamis.

I wouldn’t spend Black Darumas on her since you can work with Mio for bosses. Since Nekomata is an SR, it’s not too hard to maximize her skills with copies of herself.


User Review
7.9 User Rating (3 votes)
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