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Yuki Onna (previously Snow Maiden) – 雪女

 Onmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami Information Seiyu (Voice Actor) Ayaka Suwa
Rarity SR

Stat Rating

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %

Max Stat

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %
3048 10634 413 99→109 8%
Evolution Material Azure Carp (Mid)x16 Azure Carp (High)x8 Lightning Drum (Mid)x16 Lightning Drum (High)x8
Evolution Ability Gain [Ice Buffer]: At the end of turn, activate Ice Armor to absorb damage equal to 6% of Yuki Onna’s max HP



Example: Mimic x4 or Snow Spirit x4 + Effect HIT x2;
Attribute Focus: Speed/Resist/HPDiscussion:

Most players will use the Mimic because of the 3-hit mechanism of the Yuki Onna. The Mimic will be able to inflict a random debuff upon dealing damage, and hence the Yuki Onna has 3 chances of 25% rate to inflict a random debuff. When the Stun debuff is being inflicted, God has answered your prayers.

Similar to the Mimic, the Temptress deals confusion debuff instead of a random one. Enemies under the confusion status will attack any random target, including both the enemies and the allies.

As a crowd control Shikigami, most players will usually try to eliminate them or the healers first. Hence with Souls such as Jizo Statue and Boroboroton, the Yuki Onna can survive longer. With the Mirror Lady, enemies will think twice before attacking her.

Not really recommended for Yuki Onna, but only if your team cannot provide sufficient Orb throughout the entire battle.



User Rating
7.1 User Rating (30 votes)
OG Rating
6.8 OG Rating




Cost 0 Orb
Description ST 100 % attack damage
Level up Lv.2 +10% damage
Lv.3  25% (+ Effect HIT) chance to lower target Speed by 10, last 2 turns
Lv.4 +10% damage
Lv.5  Speed debuff is now 50% (+ Effect HIT) chance to lower target Speed by 10, last 2 turns


Ice Buffer

Cost 0 Orb
Description At the end of turn, activate Ice Armor to absorb damage equal to 6% of Yuki Onna’s max HP
Level up Lv. 2 +15% damage absorption
Lv. 3 When enemies attack Ice Armor, there is 25% (+ Effect HIT) chance to lower enemy’s Speed by 10, last 2 turns
Lv.4 +15% damage absorption
Lv. 5 Chance of Speed debuff now changes to 50% (+ Effect HIT)



Cost 3 Orb
Description AOE 30% damage x3, 8% (+ Effect HIT) chance to freeze enemy for 1 turn, +10% freezing chance if target is Slowed
Level up Lv.2 +10% damage
Lv.3  8% (+ Effect HIT) chance to lower enemies’ Speed by 10 points for 2 turn
Lv.4 +10% damage
Lv.5 +8% (+ Effect HIT) chance to slow enemies


Sample Team

Kamaitachi, Ame Onna, Yuki Onna, Zashiki, Blade

The Yuki Onna with a high chance of debuff can cause chaos for teams with pure pullers and DPSers.
Some example line-ups are as follows:

Arena PvP:
1. Kamaitachi/Yamausagi, Yuki Onna, Zashiki, Samurai X, Ubume/Ootengu/Blade

  • Kamaitachi or Yamausagi will allow the Yuki Onna to debuff all the enemies firsthand and then giving other DPS Shikigamis to deal damage without being retaliated. To play safe, 2 crowd control Shikigamis can be used within a team such as the Samurai X.
  • A disadvantage of this build is noticeable when enemies use more defensive Souls or use the Ame Onna to remove the debuffs. Another disadvantage is when the enemy team is faster and able to budge in and kill off the crowd controls before they can do anything.

2. Kamaitachi/Yamausagi, Yuki Onna, Aoandon, Zashiki, Momo/Ebisu

  • The Yuki Onna debuffs your enemies, and the Aoandon serves as DPS dealing high damage while absorbing Orb from your enemy team. One of the best PvP builds if you have the speed advantage.

Soul Dungeon:
The Yuki Onna is never used in high-level Soul Dungeons.



Summon, Shards (Guild, Demon Parade, Encounter)



Chapter 8 – the two Sakura has 1 each;
[Recommend] Yuki Onna – the two Doujo has 1 each, Boss Yuki Onna has 2;


Shikigami Comparison

In the game, the Yuki Onna is not the only one Shikigami who functions as a crowd control. There are probably more 10 or more, and the followings are some of the common ones:


Onmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami Samurai XSamurai X – Samurai X’s active skill [Unbreakable] has a 60% chance to provoke all enemies. Under the provoke status, the enemies could only perform a normal attack and the target will only be on him.  The innate accuracy of 60% is much higher than that of Yuki Onnas, even though [Snow Storm] has 3 hits.  The upside is that, when frozen, the enemies could not perform any action. In addition, [Unbreakable] reduces the Samurai X’s HP. Without a decent level of defense and HP, he could be killed in a few attacks. Furthermore, if the enemy team has a Vampira, he can die very easily.

While facing enemies with Souls such as [Jizo Statue] and [Sea Sprite], Samurai X is better as it does not require inflicting damage to enemies in order to activate the provoke status. For Yuki Onna, the effect will not trigger if she doesn’t do damage to her opponents.


Hououga – The Hououga’s passive skill [Blaze] has a 50% chance to inflict Daze on enemies for 1 turn, given that the enemies are inflicted with at least 1 debuff. Hence, the Hououga is usually paired up with the Ame Onna. Daze is the best debuff in the game because the enemies will not be able to perform any action and the effect cannot be dispelled in any manner.

Similar to the Yuki Onna, the Hououga has to inflict damage to the enemies in order to trigger the Stun effect. Hence, it will be weak against enemies with the Souls [Jizo Statue] and [Claim Fairy] or any type of shields.


Tanuki – Tanuki is a unique Shikigami which relies on its normal attack to provoke the enemies. Hence most players would give it the Soul [Scarlet]. This provoke cannot be dispelled like the Samurai X’s skill, however, it can only target one single enemy. With the [Scarlet] Soul it will then be able to provoke more enemies.



Yuki Onna is the very first SR Shikigami that is given to all players for free. This makes many players wonder if Yuki Onna is worth investing in. With the following guide, you get to know more about her strengths and weaknesses. From there you decide if you should train her to a higher level.

Being an SR Shikigami, her stats are naturally a little higher as compared to other R Shikigamis. However, this Shikigami’s primary role is not to deal damage but to perform crowd control.

Besides the normal attack, Yuki Onna has one passive skill and one special skill. [Ice Buffer] provides her with some damage reduction for higher survivability.  For the enemies who attack her, their speed will be reduced and hence giving more chances for your team to attack. [Blizzard] attacks the whole enemy team with 3 hits, with a certain chance to freeze all the enemies for 1 turn.  After a recent patch, the freeze effect was significantly reduced and was substituted as a slow effect instead.

At the lower levels, most players will prioritize resources on DPS Shikigamis for farming and level grinding. Hence, having a good crowd control Shikigami is definitely a great choice in terms of Arena PvP.  Before obtaining one of the better DPS Shikigamis for grinding, Yuki Onna functions decently as an AOE DPS unit.  Furthermore, before summoning crowd control Shikigamis that better suit your team, she is definitely the best candidate for that role.

The Yuki Onna performs decently at the initial game and is one of the best crowd control Shikigamis. However, there will be a future patch which nerfs her freezing ability to a slowing ability which made her less popular among high-level PvP players.



User Rating
7.1 User Rating (30 votes)
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