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Enenra (release May 30, 2018) – 烟烟罗

 Onmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami Enenra Seiyu (Voice Actor) Yūko Kaida
Rarity SR

Stat Rating

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %

Max Stat

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %
3162 10596 392 102→112 5%
Evolution Material Azure Carp (Mid)x16 Azure Carp (High)x8 Lightning Drum (Mid)x16 Lightning Drum (High)x8
Evolution Ability Enhance [Ghostly Field]:  30% chance to a smoke ghost protecting her, reducing damage received by 20%.  Upon Evolving, 10% chance for smoke ghostlings to seal enemy by 1 turn when inflicting damage.




Example:  Seductress/Dawn Fairy x4 + Crit % x2 or Temptress/Mimic x4 + Effect HIT x2

Position 2/4/6: ATK or SP/ATK/Crit % or SPD/Effect HIT/HP



Enenra is again a half DPS half control Shikigami.  With her Soul choices, I tend to go for the offensive.

Seductress – As a multi-hit DPS, Seductress should be a common sense.  Although she only has one hit that is AOE, having that many hits to trigger Seductress could very well resolve in a ton of damage.

Dawn Fairy – Another strong Soul that I haven’t touched on too much.  The good thing about this Soul is that it has control effects but do not need Effect HIT.  You can stack attacking stats on your DPS while messing up enemies in the process.

Temptress/Mimic – Mimic is a popular choice for controls, especially when trying to stack multiple status effects so Ame Onna cannot dispel all.  Because this Soul actually needs Effect HIT, using it would essentially turn Enenra into a pure control unit.

As for stats, DPS Enenra would enjoy ATK/ATK/Crit %.  100% Critical is a must for Enenra because critical hits would stack damage for her final attack.  Combined with Seductress, the total damage output is quite significant.  Now, Enenra has the ability to seal enemies so Effect HIT is very beneficial to her.  I would try to build some Effect HIT in the substats since the emphasis is still on damage.

As a control, Enenra needs Effect HIT so she can inflict Soul effects or her own Seal effect.  This means, building SPD and sacrificing her DPS potential.  Overall, I think her use as a DPS would be much bigger than as a pure control.




User Rating
6.1 User Rating (19 votes)
OG Rating
6 OG Rating





Cost 0 Orb
Description ST 100% ATK damage
Level up Lv.2 +5% damage
Lv.3 +5% damage
Lv.4 +5% damage
Lv.5 +10% damage


Ghostly Field

Cost 0 Orb
Description 30% chance to a smoke ghost protecting her, reducing damage received by 20%.  Upon Evolving, 10% chance for smoke ghostlings to seal enemy by 1 turn when inflicting damage.
Level up Lv. 2 +5% chance to guard
Lv. 3 +5% damage reduction
Lv. 4 +5% chance to guard
Lv. 5 +5% damage reduction


Smoke Phantom

Cost 3 Orb
Description ST 19% ATK damage x5 + AOE 44% ATK damage as the final attack; every critical hit in the process adds 30% damage to the final AOE attack.
Level up Lv.2 +5% damage
Lv.3 +5% damage
Lv.4 +5% damage
Lv.5 +5% damage



Sample Team

Maestro, Kamaitachi, Zashiki, Enenra, Ubume, with Kagura

In this double pull set up, Enenra is acting as a single target control aim to disable the enemies DPS or main control.  In this setup, many of the Shikigamis are heavy orb users so Kamaitachi would need Fortune Cat.  Maestro would need to be as fast as possible to fight that the first to act.  Zashiki is the easiest choice as an orb generator but if your Oitsuki is ready to use, she would be much more reliable in maintaining the orb supply line.  Enenra by herself would have a hard time finishing off enemies so I suggest Ubume as a sweeper once Enenra takes out their core unit.



In the PvP environment, Enenra’s control comes in handy even if the innate chance is low at only 10%.  With a 6-hit attack, though, the chance of landing that seal is quite high if she has a bit of Effect HIT.  In addition, enemy’s damage and control units often do not have high Effect RES.  As expected, with the AOE nature of her attack, she can easily trigger Senecio and Tree Nymph.  Although her multi-hit attack has high total damage output, individual attacks are too weak to break shields, especially Jizo Statue.



Enenra is usable in Sou but does not stand out.  She is not really much better than the existing Shikigamis.  In Soul teams, she can act first to weaken enemies (I would aim at the one with the highest HP) and other DPS can act as a sweeper.



In PvE contents against Bosses, she’s mainly used as a single target DPS yet still has the AOE to take advantage of Ushi no Toki.  This somewhat compensates for the lack of damage.  Her passive is also useful to mitigate some damage.



Shikigami Comparison

Onmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami UbumeUbume – Enenra has often been compared with Ubume for both of them are AOE DPS with a bit of Single Target flavour.  Ubume has been the signature DPS since the start of Onmyoji.  This bird lady has proven herself over and over again by fighting alongside beginners and veterans alike.  Her dependable AOE attack and synergy with Seductress is the reason why she has always been recommended as a G6 priority.  Enenra is not as well received.  While she has higher survivability and a control effect, Enenra cannot compete in terms of damage output and overall usability.  I would definitely take Ubume over Enenra if I need a DPS.


Enma – Enenra is remotely comparable to Enma in that they are both considered single target controls.  While Enenra has the potential to inflict multiple enemies with status effects, her innate probability is too low for one hit attack to proc.  Enma has many advantages over Enenra as a control Shikigami.  First, she is the fastest in the game.  This means at high-level PvP when everybody has max Soul, Enma is pretty much to go first unless the enemy also has Enma.  Being able to land the first attack is the key for control units so SPD is super important.  Second, Enma has a much higher innate chance to both Seal and Silence enemies.  With a position 4 G6 Effect HIT, Enma pretty much guarantees to control the enemy.  In contrast, Enenra uses multiple hits to compensate for the lack of innate chance to control.  In that sense, her chance is similar to Enma.  Still, the lack of everything else makes her an inferior control to Enma.




Summon, Demon Parade, Wanted Quests, Dispatch



Wanted Quest




Enenra has the potential to be a good half DPS half control but is faced with many competitors in this category.  Even if she wants to focus on being either a DPS or control is also difficult.  Ubume overshadows her everywhere.  Overall, Enenra does not make too many appearances in the game.


Farming (3.5/5.0)

She’s definitely usable with her AOE.  She can target the fodder lead with her multi-hit attack and the AOE should be able to wipe out the rest.


Duel/Raid (2.5/5.0)

Her AOE attack will trigger many status effects from Tree Nymph, Senecio, and other Shikigami passives.  As a result, it’s very easy to get disrupted.  This is a common issue to other AOE skills.  The difference is that when, say, Ootengu uses his AOE, it’s usually for wiping out enemies so any adverse aftermath is of little significance.  Enenra lacks the damage to wipe out enemies in one hit.


Boss Battles (3.0/5.0)

With the 6-hit attack, Enenra can potentially be used as a Boss killer.  The problem is we have Puppeteer and Futakuchi in that category.  These two out damages Enenra easily against single target Bosses.  With the Ushi no Toki, other AOE DPSs are also contenders for this role.


Soul (3.5/5.0)

She’s useful here as the first DPS to weaken enemy crowds for other DPS to finish the enemies off.  The only issue is that her animation is a bit too long so she is not really the preferred choice if you are trying to make the best use of your debuff.


Many players will be mesmerized by Enenra’s highly praised character design.  As a result, many players have tried to find ways to use her and ended in disappointment.  Of course, if she’s your favourite, by all means, G6 her, since she is still a good DPS.  To me, the best fit is Seductress Enenra with decent Effect HIT in substats.  Damage is the key and any status effects are a bonus.




User Rating
6.1 User Rating (19 votes)
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