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Usagi - Onmyoji Shikigami


Usagi – 兔丸

 Usagi - Onmyoji Shikigami Icon Seiyu (Voice Actor) Tsubasa Yonaga
Rarity R
Role Support

Stat Rating

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %

Max Stat

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %
2412 13216 415 106→116 3%
Evolution Material Azure Carp (Low)x16 Azure Carp (Mid)x8 Lightning Drum (Low)x16 Lightning Drum (Mid)x8
Evolution Ability Enhance [Healing Carrot]: Usagi has 40% chance to get 1 Carrot when he is attacked (this effect can only occur once in a multi-hit attack and Shouzu’s link would not trigger it).  Every Carrot increases Usagi’s Effect RES by 20% and he can have a maximum of 4 Carrots.  The Carrots cannot be dispelled.  Upon Awakening, he gets 2 Carrots at the start of the battle and 1 Carrot every turn afterward




Example: Wood Elf/Clam/Soul Edge/Samisen/etc x4 + HP/Effect RES x2

Attribute Focus: SPD/RES/HP %



Effect RES is the key.  After all, if Usagi is being controlled he can’t dispel others so this should go as high as possible.  This is also to prepare for when Hannya is released he will seal Usagi’s passive.

Usagi ‘s skills do not have much meaning synergy with any soul effects so he’s not restricted to certain souls.  A popular choice is Soul Edge since taking damage increases his carrots.  Wood Elf and Clam would be a solution to counter first mover teams.  Samisen can increase SPD even more against strong control enemies.





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OG Rating
4.8 OG Rating





Adorable Strike

Cost 0 Orb
Description ST 100% ATK damage
Level up Lv.2 +5% dmg
Lv.3 +5% dmg
Lv.4 +5% dmg
Lv.5 +10% dmg



Healing Carrot

Cost 0 Orb
Description Usagi has 40% chance to get 1 Carrot when he is attacked (this effect can only occur once in a multi-hit attack and Shouzu’s link would not trigger it).  Every Carrot increases Usagi’s Effect RES by 20% and he can have a maximum of 4 Carrots.  The Carrots cannot be dispelled.  Upon Awakening, he gets 2 Carrots at the start of the battle and 1 Carrot every turn afterward
Level up Lv.2 +10% Effect RES
Lv.3 +10% chance to get Carrot upon receiving damage
Lv.4 +10% Effect RES
Lv.5 +10% chance to get Carrot upon receiving damage



Heart of Protection

Cost 2 Orbs
Description Usagi spends all Carrots to clear all immobilizing effects (Frozen, Daze, Morph, and Sleep) on one randomly ally and increases 10% of the ally’s Move Bar (double if the ally has any other debuffs).  For every Carrot spent, Usagi increases the Move Bar of another random ally by 10%.
Level up Lv.2 +5% increase to Move Bar
Lv.3 +5% increase to Move Bar
Lv.4 +5% increase to Move Bar
Lv.5 +5% increase to Move Bar



Sample Team


Shouzu, Inugami, Usagi, Momo, Ame Onna, with Seimei

A counter team would fit Usagi well.  Notice that there is no Zashiki so this team would have to rely on Fortune Cat to supply Orbs.  DPS is a counter unit such as Inugami which does not consume Orbs to attack.  Since Usagi dispels immobilizing effects, counter DPSs can do their job even if they are inflicted other effects.

Note: Usagi comes with high Effect RES but, as we all know, nothing is enough in high-level Duel.  Several Shikigamis actually comes with abilities to Effect RES: Kamaitachi, Aobozu, Kaguya, Ichimukoren, Hitotsume, etc.  Use them for added RES.



Usagi is born for PVP and he would probably cause a paradigm shift in the meta.  Many of the popular control units are now countered.

Fire Rain is now not as stable as before even Usagi comes with a bit of randomness.

Samurai X is not affected since his control is mobile


Soul Dungeon

Even though Orochi can Daze, there is no point in bringing Usagi when you try to speed run Soul 10



Some bosses do come with immobilizing effects such as Daze.  However, they don’t usually have very high Effect HIT so they are not as lethal.  I don’t see much use of Usagi in PVE.




Shikigami Comparison


Onmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami Ame OnnaAme Onna – Usagi is almost like a counterpart of Ame Onna.  Ame Onna dispels most effects but she is powerless against Daze and Morph.  Usagi is exactly the solution for that.  Ame Onna’s dispel is AOE while Usagi’s is single target.  Ame Onna can apply the status effect to slow down enemies in contrast to Usagi who speeds up teammates.  Rather than comparing these two, they could work very well together.  Between the both, they can dispel all effects in the game.


Onmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami YamausagiOnmyoji Mobile Game -Shikigami KamaitachiYamausagi/Kamaitachi – Usagi can speed up move bar by 30% like Yamausagi and Kamaitachi.  Usagi’s speed up is not exactly AOE though.  He can speed up a maximum of 4 units not including himself.  To this point, I don’t believe Usagi’s move bar speed up is very reliable.


Usagi counters against Komatsu, Enenra, Hououka, Yuki Onna, Yumeikui, etc.  These units are to immobilize enemies but Usagi will make them think twice.
The likes of Samurai X, Tanuki, Red Imp, etc are not affected since their control is mobile

Enma is half half: Usagi’s [Heart of Protection] would work against Morph but not against Silence.





Shrine – 200 Talisman


Wanted Quest





Usagi is set out to be a strong support in this game.  His specialty is having a ultra-high Effect RES and removing negative status effects.  The advantage is Usagi starts the fight with high innate Effect RES  The disadvantage is that his use is limited.  Being able to remove immobilizing effects is an excellent counter for many control based teams.  However, that skill is not useful against the likes of Samurai X and Hannya, who are considered the best crowd control units in the game. 

He can also consider filling in the action bar support role since his skill accelerates Shikigamis the same way as Yamausagi and Kamaitachi.  However, the fact that he needs 4 Carrots to increase AB for the whole team makes this skill unstable.  Increasing action bar for some but not others will mess up the attack sequence.  I would think he cannot fully replace Yamausagi or Kamaitachi as move bar support.


Usagi is an interesting R Shikigamis with interesting characters:

  • Usagi comes with the innate highest Effect RES: max 160% before adding souls.
  • At this point, he is the only Shikigami to dispel Daze and Morph
  • Though the target is random, he can dispell all immobile effects
  • Usagi is not useful against Taunt, Confuse, Silence, etc.
  • Usagi would not speed up his own move bar


He is basically a status removing support and the third Shikigami to be able to speed up move bars.


Farming (0.5/5.0)

He’s not an attacker so we can’t expect him to carry fodders.


Duel/Raid (4.0/5.0)

He is introduced as a counter to control units so PVP is his stage.  Though he is somewhat random with his dispel, Usagi is the best solution to these control effects at the moment.  He is an R so should not be hard to obtain.  I would suggest try building him into your team.


Boss Battles (1.5/5.0)

Some bosses does come with immobilizing effects but is generally not a big enough concern to sacrifice a team spot for Usagi.


Soul (1.0/5.0)

I wouldn’t use him to run Soul 10.


I think we would start seeing Usagis in higher level Duel.  Double puller teams still dominate low-mid level Duels and Usagi is not too useful against those teams.  In high-level PVP, players start to value control and counter control gameplay and that is where Usagi would shine.  The only downside is that his dispel is single target and random, otherwise, he would have been OP lol.





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2 User Rating (14 votes)
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