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Onmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami Yamausagi


Yamausagi – 山兔

 Onmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami Yamausagi Seiyu (Voice Actor) Aki Toyosaki
Rarity R
Role Support

Stat Rating

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %

Max Stat

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %
2894 10709 432 105→115 8%
Evolution Material Wind Talisman (Low)x16 Wind Talisman (Mid)x8 Lightning Drum (Low)x16 Lightning Drum (Mid)x8
Evolution Ability Gain [Bunny Dance]: AOE speeds up the Move bars of all teammates by 30% and increases the team’s attack by 10% (Attack bonus is not stackable).  The effect lasts 2 turns.



Example: Fortune Cat x4 + HP x2 or mixed set maximizing Speed (Essentially build her to be as fast as possible)

Attribute Focus: Speed/Resist/HP (emphasize on Speed)



The best choice would be non-other than Fortune Cat. Fortune Cat gives the team 2 Orb at a 50% rate. Being a move bar support, Yamausagi has to have a decent amount of speed so that she gets more chance to do her job. This would also mean more chances to trigger Fortune Cat’s ability, which mean an additional Orb source.

You may also use Azure Basan, but as it is only a one-time Orb addition at the beginning of a battle. It is mainly used for Zashiki instead.  Azure Basan is a more predictable source of Orb.Some other Souls include Mirror Lady and Boroboroton, but these are usually seen on Soul Dungeon level 10 to increase survivability.




User Rating
9.5 User Rating (17 votes)
OG Rating
8.5 OG Rating



Be Nice

Cost 0 Orb
Description ST 100% attack damage
Level up Lv.2 +5% damage
Lv.3 +5% damage
Lv.4 +5% damage
Lv.5 +10% damage


Ring Toss

Cost 3 Orb
Description ST 237% damage with 10% (+ Effect HIT) chance to shape shift the enemy into a paper doll
Level up Lv.2 +5% damage
Lv.3 +5% damage
Lv.4 +5% damage
Lv.5 +5% damage


Bunny Dance

Cost 2 Orb
Description AOE speeds up the Move bars of all teammates by 30% and increases the team’s attack by 10% (Attack bonus is not stackable).  The effect lasts 2 turns.
Level up Lv.2 increase attack bonus to 15%
Lv.3 increase attack bonus to 20%


Sample Team

Yamausagi can easily fit into any team which focuses on getting the first move.

In some team set up, Kamaitachi is mostly used in Arena PvP as the “1st speed” while Yamausagi usually performs the role of “2nd speed”.  Kamaitachi has a higher base speed so it’s easier for him to be faster.

“1st speed” refers to the primary Shikigami with the highest speed and therefore will ac first in the team.  In many team set-ups, you would also hope for this Shikigami to act faster than the enemy so you get the first chance to attack.  For this, you need to focus the fastest Souls on it. “2nd speed” refers to the secondary Shikigami which is the second to act.  Speed sequence is very important in this game so plan carefully.

Some example line-ups are as follows:


Arena PvP:


1. Kamaitachi, Yamausagi, Zashiki, Ubume, Ootengu/Blade [Dual Action Bar Pull]

  • Having both Kamaitachi and Yamausagi work the move bar very much ensures the first chance of attack. This way, the enemy team won’t budge into your attack sequence.  However, that is assuming Kamaitachi and Yamausagi have higher speed than the enemies.
  • An example of team speed sequene would be -> Kamaitachi [230], Yamausagi [180], Zashiki [126], DPS [124] DPS [120].
  • A disadvantage of this build is that it is prone to crowd control builds.  Also, with enough Mirror Ladies (reflecting damage), the enemy could even reflect enough damage to kill off your attacking Shikigami.


2. Kamaitachi/Yamausagi, Zashiki, Ubume, Shuzu, Ebisu/Momo [Stable Build with heals]

  • Having Shuzu to split the damage among the party and Ebisu/Momo to heal gives you a better chance in retaliating during the PvP. This is assuming that your Shikigamis are not wiped out by the first wave of attack.


3. Kamaitachi/Yamausagi, Ame Onna, Hououga, Zashiki, Ubume [Rain Fire Build]

  • Having a set of high Effect HIT Soul on the Hououga will stun your enemies while your Ubume has room to attack. Stun is the best crowd control as it cannot be dispelled by any means except to wait for the effect to wear off. Ame Onna clears any 2 debuffs per Shikigami except Stun on your team while slowing the enemies with -20 speed.


4. Kamaitachi, Yamausagi, Zashiki/Yellow Imp, Red Imp, Ibara Douji

  • Despite being just N types, Red Imp amplifies the damage dealt to a target by a significant amount.  Yellow Imp can be used to increase the party’s Critical Rate if your Ibaraki Doji does not have 100% Critical Rate.
  • Red Imp is surprisingly useful for an N but this team may be increasingly difficult to manage as the battle drags on.


Soul Dungeon:


1. Yamausagi, Zashiki, Ubume + 2 other DPS (preferably Ootengu and Blade)

2. Yamausagi is much more preferred as compared to Kamaitachi because it uses only 2 Orb instead of 3. This will allow other DPS Shikigamis to have the chance to execute a special skill attack to clear the mobs asap.

3. In Level 10 Soul Dungeon, it is recommended for Yamausagi to have speed ranging from 162 to 167 (best at 164). If not, Yamausagi would make its next move after speeding up the party members’ move bar if some DPS units have insufficient speed.

4. For Level 10 Soul Dungeon solo completion achievement, without 3 strong DPS units, you would be able to clear with a team of 4 Yamausagis, 1 Kamikui and the main character Minamoto no Hiromasa. All of the Shikigamis should have the Fortune Cat Soul.

For a more detailed guide how to solo clear Soul Level 10, please refer to Frozen Time Team Build



Summon, Shards (Guild, Demon Parade, Encounter)



[Recommend] Chapter 9 – first Yamausagi has 4, second Yamausagi has 3;
Chapter 13 – Boss Kubinashi has 1;
Chapter 16 – the three Gakis have 1 each;
Chapter 17 – Boss Arakawa Lord has 1;
Soul – Stage Seven has 1;


Shikigami Comparison

Onmyoji Mobile Game -Shikigami KamaitachiKamaitachi – Kamaitachi’s active skill [Brotherhood] also speeds up the party members’ move bar by 30% and increases more attack than [Bunny Dance] does. In addition, it also increases your party members’ resistance which [Bunny Dance] doesn’t. This seems to be a better version of [Bunny Dance] but consumes 3 Orb while [Bunny Dance] consumes only 2.

Furthermore, [Brotherly Hood] skill has to be leveled to at least level 3 before Kamaitachi can be used because the move bar effect only triggers from level 3 onwards. Yamausagi can be used straightaway once awakened.

The downside of Yamausagi is when you leave the battle in Auto Mode, there will be times when it automatically uses the special skill [Ring Toss] instead of [Bunny Dance] (This can be fixed with Seimei’s Star). This is definitely not desirable because Yamausagi is an AB support so using an attack move is a waste of Orb.  Whereas for Kamaitachi, leaving it in Auto Mode battles will either trigger it to cast [Brotherly Hood] or uses normal attacks as it has only one active skill.



Onmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami MaestroMaestro – In contrast with Kamaitachi and Yamausagi, Maestro is mostly seen only in Arena PvP. Its special skill [Lingering Sound] does not speed up the party members’ Move Bar but rather increases 20 speed instead. Additionally, [Lingering Sound] makes a target act immediately, which is similar to Kagura’s [Medium: Wind] skill except that it does not increase the target’s attack.



Yamausagi is one of the most popular Shikigami in Onmyoji.  She’s almost a must-have until players get their Kamaitachi ready.  Her tactic is simple: be the fastest on the battlefield to get the first attack for the team.  At the beginning of the game, I would recommend awaken her as soon as possible and give her good Souls to make her fast.




User Rating
9.5 User Rating (17 votes)
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