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Miketsu – 御馔津

  Seiyu (Voice Actor) Ayako Kawasumi
Rarity SSR
Role DPS/Control

Stat Rating

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %

Max Stat

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %
3002 12636 450 119 5%
Evolution Material Wind Talisman (Mid)x8 Wind Talisman (High)x16 Lightning Drum (Mid)x8 Lightning Drum (High)x16
Evolution Ability Enhance [Fox Realm]: Forms a Fox Realm lasting 1 turn.  The realm increases her chance of releasing Arrow of Seal to 40% and grants her 4 layers of Amulet stacking up to 12 layers.  Each layer of Amulet increases DEF of all allies by 3%, their damage by2%, and their SPD by 1.  Upon Evolving, Miketsu forms a Fox Realm at the start of the battle.




Example: Senecio/Tree Nymph/Shadow x4 + Effect Res/Crit % x2

Position 2/4/6: ATK or HP/Status RES or ATK/HP or Crit % or Crit Dmg



Shadow is good for Shouzu teams and Fire Rain where Miketsu would act as an attacker in the first wave.  With an S rank in ATK, she should be able to take out one of the less tanky enemies in the first round.

Tree Nymph is one of the most popular sets for Miketsu because this soul is useful in many situations that Miketsu will face.  Going against Miketsu, many players would use strong attackers or apply constant control.  This means heavy orb reliance.  Tree Nymph is very useful to disrupt enemy orbs in this case.

Senecio is another suitable choice for Miketsu for this soul adds additional Effect RES.  One of the most important attributes for Miketsu is Effect RES.  She needs to be able to use Fox Realm to function.  Having Senecio would be easier for Miketsu to stack Effect RES.

Miketsu performs very well in both the attacker and controller role.  This makes her very versatile and at the same time tricky to equip.

As an attacker, Miketsu should be able to take out a light-armoured enemy with a critical damage soul set.  Especially with Kagura’s help.  In this case, the stats to focus on would be the familiar ATK/ATK/Crit Dmg maximizing Crit %.  You may also want some SPD to be faster than Kagura.  Then again, this is pretty high-quality set we are talking about.

As a control unit, she could have more variety in terms of Souls.  The key stats to focus on would be Status RES with Status HIT not far behind.  This means you would need to make a choice on your position 2.  I would say to get Effect RES to at least 120% then work on Effect HIT.  Some players prefer the other way around since if enemies have no control unit, the set up would be a waste.  Either way, these two attributes should be the focus for Miketsu.  As a control, she would need at least one of the main attributes to be HP% or even two if you are fending off Onikiri.




User Rating
7.9 User Rating (17 votes)
OG Rating
8.8 OG Rating




Divine Arrow

Cost 0 Orb
Description ST 80% ATK Damage; After an enemy takes action, Miketsu has a 5% chance of releasing an Arrow of Seal at the enemy dealing Divine Arrow damage.  In addition, the Arrow of Sealing has a 100% base chance to inflict Silence/Seal (turns off Soul effect)/Suppress(turns off Passive skills) or 75% Heal Down upon the enemy.  Arrow of Sealing does not trigger enemy’s Soul or Passive effects.
Level up Lv.2 Increases damage to 84%
Lv.3 Increases damage to 88%
Lv.4 Increases damage to 92%
Lv.5 Increases damage to 100%



Fox Realm

Cost 3 Orbs
Description Forms a Fox Realm lasting 1 turn.  The realm increases her chance of releasing Arrow of Seal to 40% and grants her 4 layers of Amulet stacking up to 12 layers.  Each layer of Amulet increases DEF of all allies by 3%, their damage by2%, and their SPD by 1.  Upon Evolving, Miketsu forms a Fox Realm at the start of the battle.
Level up Not Upgradeable



Ignite: Magic Arrow

Cost 3 Orbs
Description Ignites all amulets to attack 1 enemy, dealing damage equal to 195% of her ATK.  This would consume all of her Amulets adding 20% damage for each layer consumed
Level up Lv.2 Increases each layer’s damage to 21%
Lv.3 Increases each layer’s damage to 22%
Lv.4 Increases each layer’s damage to 23%
Lv.5 Increases each layer’s damage to 25%



Sample Team

Kamaitachi, Shishio, Hana, Miketsu, Kaguya with Kagura

Shouzu, Hana, Miketsu, Ootengu, Hana, with Kagura

Kamaitachi, Hana, Ame Onna, Hououga, Miketsu with Kagura


Miketsu is actually quite versatile and be able to fit into a lot of teams.  Mainly used as a control unit, she is often used in the mid to slow speed teams to drag the fight on so that the team could get enough ATK buff to make a dent.  Miketsu consumes 3 orbs every turn and combining other Shikigamis, you would find yourself strapping for orbs.  Therefore, Fortune Cat sets would be common in Miketsu teams, especially if there is no Kaguya, in which case more than one Fortune Cats are necessary.  In fact, don’t be surprised if you are seeing 4 Fortune Cat sets in Miketsu teams to counter enemy Tree Nymph.  With enough orbs, Miketsu really is the most valuable asset in PvP.



The key is to keep a steady orb supply and keep Miketsu free of adverse status effects.  Orb supplying Shikigamis and the Fortune Cat soul is common teammates for Miketsu.  If you don’t have enough Effect HIT, considering bringing cleansing Shikigamis such as Ame Onna and Juzu.



Miketsu is not the best unit for Soul runs but she does have the damage to take out Orochi in the final wave.  She could replace Kisei if you have the right team and Soul.



Miketsu is useful in Secret teams as a control.  While she may not be the ideal damage dealer, Miketsu can fill the control role in situations where you do not have enough firepower to brute force the stage.  She’ll fit into many existing teams that you currently use for Secret



Shikigami Comparison

Miketsu is really unique so I can’t really find a direct comparison to her.  I’ll try comparing her according to the role she plays.


Onmyoji Game - HannyaHannya – One of the main features of Miketsu is the ability to seal enemies.  This is a similar function to Hannya.  It is needless to say how powerful Hannya is when the opponent has no ways of cleansing the status effect.  Miketsu can perform the same function, though a bit differently.  Hannya’s seal is more active so he can fit into fast teams by sealing enemy passives/Soul before attacks.  Miketsu can only start inflicting status effects after the enemy takes actions.  This makes her inferior in inflicting pre-emptive status effects.  Miketsu’s advantage comes from her high ATK, HP, SPD, and even DEF.  In addition, she also comes with the ability to silence and inflict heal down on enemies.  Not to mention the high base chance.  Having a high base chance means you could focus her soul on other areas.  Overall, Hannya should work better on fast teams while Miketsu is an extremely useful unit for slower teams to go against fast teams.


Ibaraki Doji – Ibaraki is not the perfect comparison for an offensive Miketsu but he’s some of the single target DPSs I think that are very close (others being Arakawa Lord, Hakuro, Tamamo no Mae, etc.).  Both Ibaraki and Miketsu have the ability to one shot non-tanky units but both have a bit of a warm-up and suffer from the same weakness as ST DPS.  Miketsu has more support function while Ibaraki has more damage overall.  As a pure DPS, I would say Ibaraki pulls ahead of Miketsu, especially in the PvE environment.  Miketsu is more PvP oriented.




Summon, Wanted Quests, Demon Parade



Wanted Quest




Miketsus will be popular PvP for a simple reason: she has no hard counters.

It is difficult to cast status effects on Miketsu to keep her at bay since most would have high Effect RES.  Her attributes are outstanding as a control unit so that she can easily stack high Effect RES with Soul.  This is different from other control units where they would get counter controlled if the status effects don’t land.  High base chance of skill also means she could have low Effect HIT than other control Shikigamis and still be effective.

With an S rank HP and A rank DEF, Miketsu can be as tanky as Kaguya.  This makes taking her out in the first round extremely difficult.  Not to mention the constant status effects that she’ll put on the enemies since the beginning of the fight.

Miketsu teams may run into a bit of a hard time against Hannya, Ootengu, and Kagura if the team is too slow.  Ootengu may be able to sneak in two special attacks and take out some units on the team.

Another weakness is that Miketsu’s status effects are dispellable so Juzu and Ame Onna is a popular counter.

Yumekui is an often overlooked Shikigami but he has a high base chance of sleep and Sleep is effective against Miketsu.  Of course, one has to take into effect Miketsu’s Effect RES and Sleep is dispellable.


Farming (1.0/5.0)

Not much use in farming since she’s a single target DPS.


Duel/Raid (5.0/5.0)

She’s super effective in mid to low-speed teams for PvP.  She’ll be effective against fast teams and is not at a disadvantage against all other teams.  Unlike other Shikigamis, there is not one situation where Miketsu is super useless, providing adequate teammates.


Boss Battles (3.0/5.0)

There are better single target DPSs other than Miketsu.  While she has a strong attack, many strong ST DPS exist in Global right now.


Soul (3.0 /5.0)

Not super useful in Soul runs but if you are using her to finish Orochi in the last round, then she’ll need the right teammates.


There is no reason she is not on the team if you do PvP.  Other than the reasons listed above, Miketsu is also not demanding in terms of Black Darumas.  As a support, she’s usable at G5 without any skill upgrade.  To use her as DPS, I recommend maxing her skills.  At this point, she’s so dominating in PvP that overcoming her takes well thought out strategies and a bit of luck.  In terms of whether to use her as control or DPS, it depends on if your team set up.  If you already have good control units then Miketsu can serve as DPS.  Otherwise, I think she is more dominating assuming the control role of the team.





User Rating
7.9 User Rating (17 votes)
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