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Menreiki – 面灵气

  Seiyu (Voice Actor) Kana Hanazawa
Rarity SSR
Role Support/DPS
Stat Rating
Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %

Max Stat

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %
3243 10140 397 119 8%
Evolution Material Fire Wheel (Mid)x8 Fire Wheel (High)x16 Lightning Drum (Mid)x8 Lightning Drum (High)x16
Evolution Ability Enhance: [Special Attack]: Recall all Masks on the battlefield.  Red Masks increase allies move bar by 20%.  Black Masks deal 130% indirect damage to the enemy (every layer of Black Masks increase damage by 10%).  All other allies get Red Masks after the attack except Menreiki.  Upon Evolving, all other allies begin the battles with a Red Mask except Menreiki.





Example: Soultaker/Jizo Statue/Fortune Cat/Mirror Lady/Sameisen/Mixed Set x4 + Crit % x2

Position 2/4/6: SPD or ATK %/ATK %/Crit % or Crit Dmg



At a first look, Menreiki’s stats are kind of all over the place but still lean towards offensive.  With the ability to increase move bar and a faster speed than Kamaitachi, she is a very good support unit as well.

Soultaker lets Menreiki move twice in a row.  With this soul, she is increasingly similar to Kamaitachi.  If you are decided to use Soultaker, orb consumption would be a concern.

Jizo Statue is probably the most popular choice for an offensive Menreiki.  With buffs from her masks, Menreiki would be able to take quite a bit of damage with Jizo Statue even if her Soul attributes are all offensive.

Fortune Cat is a universal Soul choice for fast Shikigamis.  The idea is the more often they move the more orbs they generate.

Mirror Lady can deter enemies from focusing their attacks on Menreiki.  This Shikigami does not have high offensive stats and can be a big threat to the enemies if left unchecked.  She’ll need Soul and team support to survive longer in a fight.

Mixed Set is most popular for players to use her as a top speed puller and a high damage attacker.  It is not always possible to achieve fast speed or high Crit Dmg with a Soul set and quite often, Mixed Set work extremely well even without Soul effects.

There is really two uses for Menreiki: To increase move bar for she is faster than Kamaitachi and to deal indirect damage that negates Soul effects.  As a puller, nothing else matters except for SPD so she’ll do well with a mixed set maximizing SPD.  To be an attacker, Jizo Statue would be a good choice.  Conventional offensive Souls are not recommended her since indirect damage does not take Soul effect into account.  With Jizo Statue, she can survive longer in the fight.





User Rating
6.9 User Rating (29 votes)
OG Rating
6.3 OG Rating






Normal Attack

Cost 0 Orb
Description ST cast a White Mask to an enemy to deal Indirect Damage equal to 100% ATK damage for 1 turn
Level up Lv.2 Increases indirect damage to 105%
Lv.3 Increases indirect damage to 110%
Lv.4 Increases indirect damage to 115%
Lv.5 Increases indirect damage to 125%



Passive Attack

Cost 0 Orb
Description Every Black Mask on the battlefield increases Menreiki’s SPD by 10 and ATK by 10%.  Every Red Mask on the battlefield increases Menreiki’s Effect RES by 10% and DEF by 10%.  Once an ally with Red Mask finishes his/her turn, the ally is increased move bar by 5% and the Red Mask randomly turns into a Black Mask on the enemy side (The enemies with no Mask is prioritized, then the priority shift to the one with lowest HP %)
Level up Lv.2 Black Mask now increase SPD by 15
Lv.3 Red Mask now increase Effect RES by 20%
Lv.4 Black Mask now increase SPD by 20
Lv.5 Red Mask now increase move bar by 10%



Special Attack

Cost 3 Orbs
Description Recall all Masks on the battlefield.  Red Masks increase allies move bar by 20%.  Black Masks deal 130% indirect damage to the enemy (every layer of Black Masks increase damage by 10%).  All other allies get Red Masks after the attack except Menreiki.  Upon Evolving, all other allies begin the battles with a Red Mask except Menreiki.
Level up Lv.2 Black Masks’ indirect damage now 140%
Lv.3 Red Masks now increase move bar by 25%
Lv.4 Black Masks’ indirect damage now 150%
Lv.5 Red Masks now increase move bar by 30%




Sample Team

Menreiki, Kamaitachi, Ame Onna, Hannya, Hououga, with Yao Bikuni

Menreiki, Hana, Ame Onna, Kiyohime, Kaguya, with Seimei


As a faster Shikigami, Menreiki could either replace Kamaitachi or work together depending on if you are double pulling or single pulling.  To be an attacker in a slower team, I would recommend having a Shikigami with Sanmisen in the team to fend off status effects.


Needless to say, Menreiki’s ability to speed the team up and being faster than Kamaitachi is her biggest advantages.  With her indirect damage, many Soul effects such as Senecio or Tree Nymph would not trigger.  She’ll make a good addition to the indirect damage teams.


She’ll be able to act in the puller role if need be.  Of course, her use of 3 orbs will be hard to compete against Yamausagi.


Menreiki is more flexible than Kamaitachi in PvE as she can act as DPS.  This can make her switch roles as the fight changes.  In addition, PvE does not require top speed so she has more soul choices.




Shikigami Comparison

Onmyoji Mobile Game -Shikigami KamaitachiKamaitachi – This Shikigami would be Menreiki’s top competitor for a place on the team.  The big advantage Menreiki has is she has 2 SPD more than Kamaitachi which is a heaven and earth difference for a top speed team.  In most cases, Kamaitachi still has the edge over Menreiki for he increases ATK and Effect RES for allies whereas Menreiki only increases move bar when pulling allies.  Menreiki’s confusing mechanics is also more rigid than Kamaitachi as she is not able to pull all allies if she decides to go for an attack.  In addition, Kamaitachi’s Soultaker ability is unrivaled.  Of course, Menreiki has the offensive power that Kamaitachi lacks.


Onmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami YamausagiYamausagi – Comparing an R to an SSR is not fair at all but if we only look at the ability to speed up allies, Menreiki cannot easily replace Yamausagi.  The big reason is that Yamausagi only requires 2 orbs compared to 3 orbs by Menreiki.  Menreiki is no doubt faster but Yamausagi never really competes for top speed anyway.  The rabbit works extremely well in soul runs or as the second action point after Kamaitachi.  Although there is no doubt Menreiki is better all around, Yamausagi is not to be replaced easily in her role.









Wanted Quest





The biggest mistake for Menreiki is that she comes out too late.  Her indirect damage was a novelty when she was released in CN server.  Now she is heavily countered by Hakosozu/Miketsu and outclassed by others as an indirect damage DPS.  As a puller, she is not as useful as Kamaitachi.  Sure, she is faster than Kamaitachi but still cannot outrun Hakosozu or Enma.  Fortunately, Globabl is still relatively new and not everybody got the right Shikigamis and leveled them, so Menreiki could still make an impact in the next little while.

To use her, one has to be familiar with her mechanics, especially in which enemy would get the Black Mask.  This way Menreiki could target the enemy core units.  To people who don’t understand her mechanics, she would be a formidable enemy.

To simply put, Menreiki’s action sequence is as follows:

  1. Cast Red Masks on all other allies at the start of the battle.  Red Masks increases Menreiki’s Effect RES and DEF, making her hard to be taken out in the first turn.
  2. Menreiki could pull allies if she acts first.  This means all allies increase move bar by 30% and get Red Masks back.  We are back to step one with all allies 30% forward in the move bar
  3. Menreiki could let an ally attack the enemy core unit to lower the enemy’s HP so that the Black Mask will be cast on that unit.
  4. Menreiki uses the special attack to on the enemies with Black Masks and may pull allies in the process
    Without proper counters, she can be very troublesome and deadly


Farming (1.0/5.0)

While she can do damage, Menreiki’s attacks are too low and take too long to meaningfully carry fodders.


Duel/Raid (3.5/5.0)

Menreiki is not really one of those units that are widely used but can be used as the fifth draw to surprise enemies if none of her counters came out in the first four draws, or as a lure to draw out the Shikigamis you want the enemy to use


Boss Battles (3.0/5.0)

I think she’s worth trying out in Boss fights being a puller/DPS hybrid.


Soul (1.5/5.0)

Not much use here for Soul runs as she cannot replace Yamausagi.  In addition, her auto may not be optimized for pulling.


Menreiki is a unique Shikigami with a unique mechanism.  I would not suggest prioritizing resources on her though.  She’ll need to max her special attack to act as a potent puller.  To use in Duel, I would say her passive should be maxed as well.  To me, this costs too much resource when there are other Shikigamis that are more worthwhile to level up.  Though if you really like her design or if you have an abundant resource, she’ll be a fun Shikigami to use, especially when others are still unfamiliar with what she can do.






User Rating
6.9 User Rating (29 votes)
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