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Susabi (unreleased in Global) – 荒

 Onmyoji Game - Susabi Seiyu (Voice Actor) Daisuke Hirakawa
Rarity SSR

Stat Rating

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %

Max Stat

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %
3323 10254 490 104 10%
Evolution Material Azure Carp (Mid)x8 Azure Carp (High)x16 Lightning Drum (Mid)x8 Lightning Drum (High)x16
Evolution Ability Gain [Scourge: Lunar] in [Stella Field]: Spend all Orbs to use [Scourge: Star] and the number of ST attacks equals the number of Orbs spent




Example: Seductress x4 + Crit % x2;

Attribute Focus: Attack/Attack/Crit %



Susabi is a pure attacking machine so his build is pretty straightforward.
Needless to say, Seductress is best paired with multi-hit Shikigamis like Susabi.  At max, he does 8 hits, which is the highest number of hits in the game.  Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities for Seductress to proc.

Another soul that would work would be Shadow.  This is because he somewhat behaves like Ibaraki Doji, where his attack would turn AOE upon killing off an enemy.  The tactic here would be to focus damage on the enemy with the lowest HP.  When Susabi kills it off, Shadow would proc on the remaining enemies.
As usual, switch position 6 to Crit Damage while maintaining high Crit % at the late game.





User Rating
8.2 User Rating (30 votes)
OG Rating
8 OG Rating




Star Beam

Cost 0 Orb
Description ST 100% ATK damage
Level up Lv.2 +5% damage
Lv.3 +5% damage
Lv.4 +5% damage
Lv.5 +10% damage



Stellar Field

Cost 0 Orb
Description 30% chance to form an attack-assisting field at the beginning of his turn, which Susabi has a 50% to assist attack when allies use normal attack
Level up Lv.2 +10% chance to activate
Lv.3 +10% chance to activate
Lv.4 +10% chance to activate
Lv.5 Forms the field if own team has 6 orbs or more at the beginning of Susabi’s turn



Scourge: Star

Cost 3 Orb
Description ST 104% attack damage x3, but each consecutive hit on the same target has a 25% damage reduction; essentially 104%, 78%, and 58.5%
Level up Lv.2 +5% damage
Lv.3 +5% damage
Lv.4 +5% damage
Lv.5 upon defeating the enemy, remaining attacks becomes AOE (damage reduction will reset)



Scourge: Lunar

Cost Vary
Description Spend all Orbs to use [Scourge: Star] and the number of ST attacks equals the number of Orbs spent (can only use in Stellar Field upon awakening)
Level up Lv.2 +5% damage
Lv.3 +5% damage
Lv.4 +5% damage
Lv.5 upon defeating the enemy, remaining attacks becomes AOE (damage reduction will reset)



Sample Team



Susabi, Momo/Shuzu, Kaguya (Zashiki questionable), Ame Onna, Sakura, Seimei

Susabi actually fits well in turtle teams.  In this setup, we are giving up accelerator while bringing healers to increase survivability.  Naturally, Susabi would be a target for fast teams.  The idea is that once he’s taken out, there will be no attacker so winning is a matter of time.

To mitigate that, we can bring Momo for revival or Shuzu to disperse damage.  The key is to make sure Susabi survives the first wave of attacks.  Note that Susabi actually has an S for DEF; very unusual for an attacker.  This makes him ideal for a turtle team.

Ame Onna needs high speed and would dispel and slow enemies.  This unit is quite common in high-level play.

Kaguya is not out yet in Global so we have to make do with Zashiki.  Zashiki is definitely not as good in this case since Susabi consumes a lot of orbs.   Another way is to switch the units around and add in Ebisu.  Still, Kaguya is his best partner.


Soul Dungeon

I wouldn’t use Susabi in Soul 10 the same way I wouldn’t use Ibaraki.  Not that they can’t do damage, but Ubume is very useful in this fight and is easier to obtain.  Susabi needs skill maxed and orb management.


Secret Zone

Maestro, Momo, Shuzu, Kaguya , Susabi, with Kagura

Susabi is very useful in Secret Zone (even Cry Me a River) because of his ultra-high attacks.  With 8 orbs, he can finish off all the enemies in one go with adequate strategy.

The strategy is simply really: have a high HP team that can take a lot of hits and focuses on hitting one enemy.  Once the enemy is in critical condition, unleash all orbs with Susabi.




Shikigami Comparison

Ibaraki Doji – Similar in the way of single target attack turns into AOE upon killing an enemy.  Susabi deals higher damage but also harder to set up (needs high skills levels and Kaguya) and use many more orbs.  They are both hard countered by Shuzu, which limited their use in PVP.  All in all, Ibaraki is easier to manage.


Onmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami Ubume Ubume – Not directly comparable but I like to use her as a benchmark for DPSs.  They do have one similarity though: they can both assist attack.  Susabi has even higher chance to assist providing his skill is maxed.  Other than this, their role is quite different.  Susabi is strictly a finisher while Ubume is much more versatile.


I’d like to think Susabi is a hybrid of Ibaraki and Ubume.





Summon, Demon Parade, Dispatch



Wanted Quest




Susabi is going to have a large fan base because of character design.  He’s powerful if used right.  Then again, he’s very hard to use.  First you have to very much max his skills.  Then you have to make sure he gets enough orb supply, which means Kaguya is very much a must.  Ultimately, you need patience since he’s slow.  He’ll be a fun unit to use, especially if you want to see the entire enemy team blasted off the battlefield in one shot


Farming (3.0/5.0)

He’s usable but not as good as Ibaraki.  Potentially, Susabi can be like Ibaraki; killing one enemy and then AOE the rest.  However, Ibaraki has a faster attack animation and therefore able to farm at a much faster speed.


Duel/Raid (4.0/5.0)

I would argue Susabi is a tiny bit more useful than Ibaraki.  The only reason is that he can sustain more damage, earning him a place in the slower turtle team.  Other than that, he’s too slow to be in speedy teams.  He also requires too many orbs to function for many teams.  I would say he can do quite a bit of damage in the right teams.


Boss Battles (3.5/5.0)

In this case, he’ll be relying on Seductress for damage since his consecutive attacks would decrease in damage.  With 8 Critical hits attacking the high HP bosses, Seductress would do crazy damage.  With high DEF, he can also sustain high damages from the Bosses.  Again, since he needs that much orb, players need to keep that in mind when building the team.


Soul (1.5/5.0)

Players aim to fast run Souls since the boost is timed.  For this purpose, there are better attackers out there.




Onmyoji Game - ShuzuShuzu – Again, she is the solution against ST DPSs.   Susabi will be quite powerless against her, just like Ibaraki.  Unless there is a gap between when Shuzu puts up her Water Circuit and Susabi can exploit that, there really isn’t much can be done.  Having a good control unit or Arakawa can be a backup plan.


Mirror Lady – This soul is very dangerous to multi-hit units.  Landing multiple hits at once means you are bound to get reflected a few hits.  With a high damaging unit like Susabi, this could be a life or death situation.  I suggest staying away from units with Mirror Lady until Susabi is ready to do the final sweep.


Jizo Statue – This soul actually works quite well against Susabi.  If Susabi unleashes his 8 hit combo at Jizo, chances are the whole team will have shield set up when the attack turns to AOE, that is if it even gets to that point.



Fun tricks:

Aoandon – Susabi’s 8 hit combo has a chance to cost 0 orbs with Aoandon’s passive.  Use two Aoandons to increase the chance to proc.

Moon on Susabi’s head indicates how many turns his Stellar Field has left.


Overall, I like Susabi for his character design and high damage output.  The tradeoff is that he’s hard to build and to use.  He needs at least two of his three skills maxed to be more reliable.  In addition, players need to be more mindful of orb management.  If you can get past all the hurdles, he is very fun to use.




User Rating
8.2 User Rating (30 votes)
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