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Hiyoribo – 日和坊

  Seiyu (Voice Actor) Suzuko Mimori
Rarity SR
Role Healer

Stat Rating

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %

Max Stat

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %
2385 14013 392 112 5%
Evolution Material Wind Talisman (Mid)x16 Wind Talisman (High)x8 Lightning Drum (Mid)x16 Lightning Drum (High)x8
Evolution Ability Enhance [Sunshine and Rain]: Hiyoribo stores sunshine energy in her Sunshine Doll, capped at her max HP.  When an ally takes damage, Sunshine Doll stores energy equal to 25% fo the damage taken.  Sunshine Doll uses energy stored to heal the ally with the lowest HP up to 30% of their lost HP.  Upon Evolving, 20% of the amount of HP the enemies recover also gets stored in Sunshine Doll.




Example: Jizo Statue/Tree Nymph/Tree Spirite/Mirror Lady etc. x4 + Crit or HP x2

Position 2/4/6: SPD or HP/HP/Crit % or Crit Dmg



Obviously, Hiyoribo is a healer.  In fact, she’s one of the most competent healers in the game.  Her soul requirement is not high at all.  If you are using Momo, that set would work on Hiyoribo.

For PvE, I would suggest using Jizo Statue or Tree Spirit to increase Hiyoribo’s healing effectiveness as well as providing additional protection for teammates.

For PvP, Tree Nymph and Mirror Lady would be good choices to disturb enemies.  Alternatively, as an odd choice, Samisen would be a viable option to shake off status effects as well as contributing crit % for a Crit Dmg build.

If you are a new player without a good set, a mixed set of Souls focusing on HP would already make Hiyoribo workable.  Her soul requirement is really new friendly.

Hiyoribo somewhat relies on her own HP amount to heal allies so it is natural to use HP on position 2 and 4.  For position 6, if you have a good enough set to get to high crit %, I would suggest Crit %.   If you have a really good set, Crit Dmg would be perfect considering high enough Crit.  Otherwise, HP would be a safe bet.  Secondary attribute wise, I would focus more on SPD and Effect RES.  If you have to choose one, SPD would be my choice in most cases.  This is due to shortening Sunshine Doll cooldowns and potentially shaking off Seal effects.  While we are on this topic, Soultaker would be another way to do this.

Overall, it is not hard to outfit Hiyoribo, but as with all Shikigamis, it’ll take more to get her ready forhigh-levell Duel.




User Rating
8 User Rating (10 votes)
OG Rating
8.5 OG Rating




Blazing Sun

Cost 0 Orb
Description ST 100% ATK Damage
Level up Lv.2 +5% dmg
Lv.3 +5% dmg
Lv.4 +5% dmg
Lv.5 +5% dmg



Sunshine and Rain

Cost 0 Orb
Description Hiyoribo stores sunshine energy in her Sunshine Doll, capped at her max HP.  When an ally takes damage, Sunshine Doll stores energy equal to 25% fo the damage taken.  Sunshine Doll uses energy stored to heal the ally with the lowest HP up to 30% of their lost HP.  Upon Evolving, 20% of the amount of HP the enemies recover also gets stored in Sunshine Doll.
Level up Not Upgradeable




Cost 2 Orbs
Description Stores sunshine energy by 25% of Hiyoribo’s max HP.  When an ally is KO’d, sacrifices Sunshine Doll to randomly revives a KO’d ally Shikigami by 100% of their max HP.  Also spends 50% ofthe sunshine energy stored to heal all allies by a shared amount.  Sunshine Doll revives in 4 turns.
Level up Lv.2 Sunshine energy healing is now 75%
Lv.3 stores sunshine energy by 40% of max hp
Lv.4 Sunshine energy healing now 100%
Lv.5 Sunshine Doll cool down is now 3 turns



Sample Team

Shouzu, Hana, Hiyoribo, Ubume, Inugami, with Seimei

Shouzu, Ame Onna, Hiyoribo, Juzu, Higabana, with Seimei

Hiyoribo is a competent healer by herself and if you partner her up with another healer than your team would last for a very long time and that would annoy the hell out of the enemies.  One use for her is in the counter team.  With Inugami as the main attacker and Ubume to support, this team would not lack fire power.  With Hana and Shouzu keeping the team alive, there should not be an issue for a long fight.  The interesting part of the team is that orb demand is very long.  All you really need is to make sure Shouzu has enough orbs to put up Water Circuit.  The other units can function very well without consuming orb.    The only concern is that this team is prone to controls so it works better in PvE than PvP.  This team is not hard to obtain so it’s a good idea for beginners to get Secret stage rewards.

For PvP, Hiyoribo needs protection from only one status effect – Seal.  Being sealed, Hiyoribo loses her ability to heal and revive.  Using Ame Onna and Juzu should effectively remedy the Hannya situation.  With Shouzu and Hiyoribo keeping Higabana alive, this team could easily drag the fight on.  In here, Higabana could either use offensive or control souls but I am more of a fan of CC Higabana, especially when this slow team goes up against the fast Onikiri teams.



Hiyoribo is popular in PvP throughout.  She is easy enough for beginners to acquire and use.  Her ability to heal under a majority of control effects makes her super useful in high level Duel.  Her main weakness in PvP is really Hannya.  As long as she get enough protection, she’ll have no problem keeping the team alive.



There really isn’t any use for her to be in Soul.



She is a good choice as a healer for Secret stages.  Her main feature is to be Orb-less heals.  I would partner her up with Hana if you want to auto run to ensure the team stays alive.



Shikigami Comparison

Hana – The biggest similarity between Hana and Hiyoribo is the ability to heal without using orbs.  Hana heals up to 3 allies at her turn while Hiyoribo heals 1 ally whenever an enemy finishes his/her turn.  In this sense, I think Hiyoribo heals more than Hana.  Of course, Hana can consume orbs to do AOE heal/regen but considering orb usage, I consider Hiyoribo to be a more effective healer.  Hana’s advantage is the ability to act as secondary DPS with Seductress.  The damage is not as impressive as conventional DPS but it does pack a punch at the later stage of Duel.  To m,e they are about the same in terms of usefulness.  Hiyoribo heals better but Hana is more versatile.  It really depends on your team set up on what to use.  Though Hiyoribo is much easier to get.

Onmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami MomoMomo – The most obvious comparison between Momo and Hiyoribo is that they both can actively revive a single ally.  At the same time, they both face cool down when reviving allies.  In terms of teams and roles, they are really similar.  Meaning Momo and Hiyoribo can pretty much share the same souls and teams if you wish.  Overall, though, Hiyoribo has the advantage of using less orbs than Momo and being able to withstand more status effects.  Momo has the advantage when comes to reviving.  Hiyoribo’s cool down is longer than Momo’s and she cannot heal during cool down, essentially turns her into a Daruma.  Revival teams has not worked very well for most Duels so for this reason, Hiyoribo has the advantage over Momo.




Demon Seal, Wanted Quest, Demon Parade



Wanted Quest



There is quite a bit of love for Hiyoribo.  She’s easy to get, orb friendly, and able to function in the face of many status effects.  Because of these reasons, she’ll be popular in both PvE and PvP.  For PvE, she really is the best healer in the game as a key member in many of the Secret stages.  For PvP, her usefulness depends on team composition and what opponents use.


Farming (0.0/5.0)

Not useful at all.  She’s a healer


Duel/Raid (4.0/5.0)

She’s the best choices if you want a pure healer.  Usually, players would use Hannya to seal her so have a strategy to counter Hannya is the key to her use.


Boss Battles (3.0/5.0)

While she keeps the team alive, there is really zero damage output.  Therefore Hiyoribo is not very suitable for Boss fights that require high damage under a time constraint.  She is, however, good for Secret stages where keeping the team alive in a long fight is essential


Soul (0.0 /5.0)

Not useful in Soul runs.


To me, Hiyoribo is definitely worth the investment if you use healers.  She’s not hard to obtain so maxing her skills shouldn’t take too long.  G5 should be good enough in many cases but if you are dueling with her, G6 is recommended.




User Rating
8 User Rating (10 votes)
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