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Onmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami Shishio


Shishio (previously Deer Boy) – 小鹿男

 Onmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami Shishio Seiyu (Voice Actor) Kengo Kawanishi
Rarity SSR

Stat Rating

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %

Max Stat

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %
2814 11165 428 110→120 10%
Evolution Material Azure Carp (Mid)x8 Azure Carp (High)x16 Lightning Drum (Mid)x8 Lightning Drum (High)x16
Evolution Ability Gain [Circle of Life]: At the end of every move, Shika undergoes Transformation once.  He can have a maximum of 3 layers of Transformation.  When transformed, he has 10% chance to reflect status debuffs back to the enemy (eg Stun, Frozen, Sleep, Silence, Confusion, Provoke, Seal, etc).  Every time the enemies use Orb, Shika’s action bar increase 20%.




Example: Soultake x4 + Crit % x2 or Fortune Cat x4 + Crit % x2;

Attribute Focus: SPD/Effect RES/HP %


Shishio can use a lot of orbs in a battle.  If you are comfortable with your orb supplies, Soultaker would be a solid choice.  With this soul, Shishio can act more often to disturb enemy teams and breaks their attack sequence.

Fortune Cat is another popular choice.  Shishio is going to be a fast Shikigami so he’ll trigger Fortune Cat often.  This would somewhat support Shihio’s own orb use.

In terms of stats, I would prioritize SPD.  After that, Shisio can enjoy having more ATK or Crit if he is to be a secondary attacker.  Alternatively, Effect RES and HP would let him survive longer.

Due to the nature of his skills, it is best to equip him with the [Soultaker] as there is a 20% chance to gain an extra turn after performing an action. This allows him to increase his transformation layer much faster.

For the Soul position, the recommendation is Pos. 2 Speed, Pos. 4 Effect RES, Part 6 HP % / DEF if the primary usage of Shishio is for support rather than DPS.
Prioritization: Speed > Effect RES > Effect HIT > DEF / HP %




User Rating
5.1 User Rating (30 votes)
OG Rating
6.3 OG Rating




Forest Vines

Cost 0 Orb
Description ST 100% ATK damage; 50% chance to lower Effect RES by 20% for 2 turns (chance affected by Effect HIT and RES)
Level up Lv.2 +5% damage and +10% chance to lower Effect RES
Lv.3 +5% damage and +10% chance to lower Effect RES
Lv.4 +5% damage and +10% chance to lower Effect RES
Lv.5 +5% damage and +20% chance to lower Effect RES



Antler Gore

Cost 3 Orb
Description ST 158% ATK damage to one enemy (consecutive strikes to the same enemy will reduce damage by 40% each time);  If Shishio is transformed, the strike will decrease the enemy’s Move Bar by 40%;  If the enemy Move Bar is at 0, Shishio will Daze the enemy instead (can be resisted), and Transformation layers will decrease by 1 (also prevents him from gaining a layer at the end of turn).
Level up Lv.2 +5% attack damage
Lv.3 +5% attack damage; randomly attacks one more enemy when having 2 Transformation layers.
Lv.4 +5% attack damage
Lv.5 +5% attack damage; randomly attacks one more enemy when having 3 Transformation layers.



Circle of Life

Cost 0 Orb
Description At the end of every turn, Shishio adds 1 layer of Transformation.  He can have a maximum of 3 layers of Transformation.  When transformed, he has 10% chance to reflect status debuffs back to a random enemy (Daze, Freeze, Sleep, Silence, Confusion, Morph, Taunt, and Seal).  The reflection can be resisted by the enemy.  In addition, every time the enemies use Orb, Shishio’s Move Bar increases by 20%.
Level up Lv.2 +2% chance to reflect status debuff
Lv.3 +2% chance to reflect status debuff
Lv.4 +2% chance to reflect status debuff
Lv.5 +4% chance to reflect status debuff



Sample Team

Overall the Soul requirement for Shishio is quite high for Duel and therefore, he’s pretty much an endgame unit. Nevertheless, you may use the following lineups as a guideline.


Kamaitachi, Shishio, Kaguya, DPS, Support/Crowd Control

This line up is good against Dual Accelerator line ups. Without Kamaitachi, Shishio may not be able to perform sufficiently since the enemies will have too many opportunities to attack.

If the enemy line up is a Single Accelerator build, you can drop Kamaitachi and use other supports or healers.

If you are playing against a Shouzu Counter team, it is wiser to also use Shouzu as your Shishio may be counterattacked so frequently that he dies in no time.



Shikigami Comparison


Onmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami KamikuiKamikui’s active skill [True Face] is able to push back all enemies’ action bars by 30%. This seems superior than Shishio’s skill, which can only hit up to a maximum of 3 targets. However, Shishio comes with other perks such as being able to Daze enemies, and Daze is an irremovable effect. With Shishio’s passive skill, he may also get his turn first even when enemies have the higher speed.  Kamikui does not have this passive and will not perform well if you are not faster. Lastly, Shishio can still function as a DPS character but Kamikui is too weak for that purpose.


Akashita’s active skill [Lightning Tune] can clear enemies’ Move bars at a 30% chance. As compared to Shishio or Kamikui, 30% is simply too low.  Akashita is not very popular for Duel due to this inconsistency.



Other multi-hit Shikigamis are also good candidates to reduce enemy Move Bars if they are equipped with the Soul [Dawn Fairy]:

Hana – Hana attacks up to 3 times with her normal attack. With the Soul [Dawn Fairy], she can provide heals to the team while pushing a target’s Move Bar back.

Ootengu– The best AOE DPS Shikigami in the game that hits up to 4 times to all enemies. This means to 24 chances of pushing the enemies’ action bars with decent AOE damage, what else can you expect from him?  Though with the likes of Sea Sprite, Ootengu may have a hard time getting through the shields.

Shuten Doji – Shuten Doji can generate layers of Madness which allows him to attack up to 5 times. Although he’s not as potent in pushing all the enemies’ move bars, he can provide high single target damage while pushing back the target’s action bar.

Ubume – She works similarly to Great Tengu to provide decent DPS, except that she has 19 chances instead of 24.

Yuki Onna – Coupling with her ability to freeze the enemies, she can reduce enemies’ action bars with 18 chances.

Itsumade (unreleased) – Itsumade is a multi-hit type Shikigami similar to Ubume. This gives her a certain chance of reducing the enemies’ action bar as well.




Summon, Demon Parade, Wanted Quests, Dispatch



Wanted Quest





In the early stages of Onmyoji, players used to curse and swear when they rolled Shishio as an SSR Shikigami.  He was extremely underwhelming with his old skill set, he functioned as a semi DPS character and only has that outburst damage when a party mate dies.  With the current skill set, Shishio has successfully transformed himself into an Arena Maniac which functions mainly as a crowd control Shikigami with semi DPS.

His basic attack [Forest Vines] is able to reduce a target’s Effect RES by 20%, which compliments the team if there are other crowd control type Shikigamis like Samurai X and Yuki Onna. This skill can be enhanced with Effect HIT increase from Souls.

His passive skill [Circle of Life] will increase his move bar by 20% each time the enemy uses a skill that requires Orb. Furthermore, he will transform himself up to 3 times at the end of his turn (once per turn) and also has a 20% chance to reflect adverse status debuffs to the enemy. This reflection chance cannot be increased with Effect HIT increase from Souls.

His special skill [Antler Gore] deals a single hit attack to the enemy party up to 3 targets depending on his level of transformation. If there are 2 enemies left in the battle, he will attack the targeted enemy twice while the other enemy once. And if there is only 1 single enemy left, he will attack the target three times. A single strike will reduce the enemy’s move bar by 40% or will inflict Daze if the enemy’s move bar reaches the end.  This skill will automatically pick targets that are closest to the end of the action bar. Upon using the skill and Dazing any target successfully, the transformation layer will reduce by 1. If no Daze occurs, his transformation layer will increase by 1.

As you can see from the above, Shishio is mainly a Duel powerhouse. If you are outpaced by many players in Duel, Shishio might be able to help.


Farming (0.0/5.0)

Shishio is not used for farming in any way.


Arena (4.7/5.0)

Shishio is considered to be a one of the most useful Shikigami against almost all teams.  He can reduce move bars, Daze, debuff, and deal decent damage.
He is best against high speed line ups such as Dual Accelerator teams and High Speed Crowd Control teams. He’s not as useful against teams, such as Counter teams, that relays on passive and normal attacks.  The reason is simple: the enemies won’t use skills as frequent and hence his passive is not triggered often enough.

He is somewhat weak against Ame Onna, Sakura, and Aobozu as they can remove Shishio’s transformation layer.

He is best used with Kaguya as Shishio requires a lot of Orbs, especially when he is using [Soultaker] to maximize his ability effects. If you don’t have Kaguya, you may use Shuzu and Ebisu but this may take up too many spots on your team.  Kaguya is not released on Global yet so this is part of the reason Shishio is not used often yet.


Guild Realm Raid (4.0/5.0)

Usually, when players play the Guild Realm Raids, they aim to win the fight as soon as possible. Hence, Shishio may not usually be used. However, if you encounter certain teams which you cannot win with your current Dual Accelerator lineups and you are desperately requiring that win for the reward bonus, Shishio may be the one to help you win that battle.


Soul Dungeon (0.0/5.0)

Shishio is not used in Soul Dungeons in anyways.


Guild Kirin / Kraken / Boss Battles (1.0/5.0)

Shishio is not used in these boss battles anyway.


Once a cursed SSR that everybody hates, Shishio is now becoming a Duel maniac. If you have a basic Duel line up in place, Shishio is definitely an SSR Shikigami that is worth your investment! There are currently no other Shikigamis are as versatile as Shishio, as many of the Shikigamis in the game have very defined roles.




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5.1 User Rating (30 votes)
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