Divine Miketsu

Shikigami Information

Divine Miketsu – 稻荷神御馔津

Seiyu (Voice Actor) Ayako Kawasumi
Rarity SP
Role Support

Stat Rating

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %

Max Stat

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %
3082 11393 485 109 10%
Evolution Material N/A N/A N/A N/A
Evolution Ability N/A


Example: Azure Basan/Fortune Cat/Shadow etc.
Position 2/4/6: various

SP Miketsu is probably the Shikigami with the highest soul variety.  She can equip pretty much all the popular souls depending on the role she plays.

Azure Basan/Fortune Cat/other support Souls – In a support role, her main duty is to raise move bars and dispel status effects.  Any of the supporting souls works on her thereotically.  Really depends on what the team needs.  The most popular ones are Fortune Cat and Azure Basan.

Shadow – SP Miketsu as an attacker is a bit rare nowadays.  Nonetheless, with a S in Attack stats, she’s capable in dealing damage, especially her attacks comes with status effects.

As an attacker, she generally doesn’t need speed.  With ATK%/ATK%/Crit Dmg, she can deal alot of damage.  With slow speed, she doesn’t need to use orb to refresh Moonlit Realm as much.  I would say give her RES% at slot 4 would probably be better since control Shikigamis are popular in Duel.

As a support (most player use her for this), she needs SPD and lots of it.  In this meta, I would say she would benefit from being faster than having more RES%.


User Rating
5 User Rating (2 votes)
OG Rating
8.5 OG Rating


Fox Bell

Cost 0 Orb
Description ST 80% ATK Dmg with 50% base chance to either Silence, Seal, or Suppress the target
Level up Lv.2 ATK Dmg now 85%
Lv.3 ATK Dmg now 85%
Lv.4 ATK Dmg now 85%
Lv.5 Base Chance increase to 100%

Sunlit Fox Realm

Cost 3 Orbs
Description Sunlit Realm increases allies’ SPD by 20 and RES by 20%.  At the end of each ally’s turn, raise move bar of the ally on top of the move bar by 20%
Level up Lv2. When Move Bar is raised, has a 40% chance to dispell one debuff or controlling effects
Lv3. Increase dispell chance to 60%
Lv.4 Increase dispell chance to 80%
Lv.5 Increase Move Bar raise to 25%

Moonlit Fox Realm

Cost 3 Orbs
Description Moonlit Realm increase all allies’ ATK and DEF by 20%.  At the end of enemy turn, attack enemy with Fox Bell but doesn’t trigger their Soul and Passive.  Also effects are now 2 turns
Level up Lv.2 Increase ATK and DEF boost to 25%
Lv3. Increase SP Mike’s SPD and RES by 30%
Lv.4 Increase ATK and DEF boost to 30%
Lv.5 Use Moonlit Fox Realm at the beginning of the battle.

Sample Team

Hakuzosu, SP Shuten, Bake Kujira, Divine Miketsu, Kaguya, with Kagura

This is one of the Bake teams with Bake and SP Miketsu as core.  Miketsu here is slow with emphasis on attack and maybe RES.  Bake will give Teeth Armour to Miketsu so the whale jumps everytime she counters in Moonlit Realm.  Kaguya is for orbs while Hakuzosu and SP Shuten is to keep the team alive and maybe do some damage.

Shikigami Comparison

Miketsu – The SSR counterpart who is stepping back on the Dueling stage since she is more random.  The uncertainty alone leaves many players to doubt the Shikigami.  Also, SSR Miketsu lacks the ability to raise move bars and dispelling.  Overall, SP Miketsu is more used in this meta.

Kamaitachi – In terms of pulling teammates, Kamaitachi is really unrivaled in this game.  The possiblity of moving inifite times is pretty broken.  Essentially he is carrying Soultaker on top of his Souls.  SP Miketsu will not be able to match in terms of raising move bars but the ability to dispell is a valuable counter against controlling Shikigamis.


Summon, Demon Parade

Wanted Quest

Sample Gameplay

Sample gameplay to come.

Meanwhile, please check out my channel for other sample gameplays: Onmyoji Guide Youtube Channel


Even being debuffed, she is still one of the familiar faces in Duel.  Mainly for her flexibility.

Nowadays, her main role has been dispelling or acting as a deterrence against controlling Shikigamis.

She would need all 12 Black Darumas to see full potential but I would not hesitate if you have the resource.
Orb use is a concern when using SP Miketsu since she needs 3 orbs every time so make sure to build the team around that.


User Rating
5 User Rating (2 votes)
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