Azurestorm Ichimokuren

Shikigami Information

Azurestorm Ichimokuren – 苍风一目连

Seiyu (Voice Actor) Hikaru Midorikawa
Rarity SP
Role Support/DPS

Stat Rating

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %

Max Stat

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %
3296 11393 340 121 10%
Evolution Material N/A N/A N/A N/A
Evolution Ability N/A


Example: Soultaker x4 + Crit% x2
Position 2/4/6: SPD/ATK/Cri %

Eventhough SP Ichimokuren is a support, we can build him as if he is a DPS.  One important stat for him is SPD.  Being faster, he can get over cool down faster and possible shake off controlling effect quickly.

Soultaker is probably the most suitable as this helps him get over cool downs quicker and give shields more timely.  If you want more functionality, I would suggest Fortune Cat.  Otherwise, Kyoukotsu can boost damage as well.


User Rating
6.4 User Rating (13 votes)
OG Rating
7.5 OG Rating


Wind Amulet: Destroy

Cost 0 Orb
Description ST 80% ATK DMG and create a shield to guard him for 3 turns absorb the same damage dealt
Level up Lv.2 ATK Dmg now 85%
Lv.3 ATK Dmg now 90%
Lv.4 ATK Dmg now 95%
Lv.5 ATK Dmg now 100%

Wind Amulet: Shield

Cost 2 Orbs
Description After an ally or enemy action and if SP Ichimokuren is not under controlling effect, creates a shield on the ally who is lower than 30% HP absorbing damage equal to 188% of his ATK up to 200% of the target’s HP. Cool down 3 turns.  His move bar raise by 12% when an ally loses their shields.  Active Skill: Create 2 shields to protect 2 allies with the lowest HP % for 3 turns absorbing 188% of his ATK up to 200% of the target’s max HP
Level up Lv2. Shield aborb 198% of ATK
Lv3. Shield aborb 207% of ATK
Lv4. Shield aborb 217% of ATK
Lv5.  Cooldown now 2 turns

Wind Halted: Dragonfall

Cost 3 Orbs
Description AOE 158% ATK Dmg.  If enemies drops below 50% HP, inflict Isolation lasting 2 turns with 100% base chance.  Damage received under Isolation cannot be transferred or shared.  Consumes all shields on allies.  For each shield consumed inflict ST 158% ATK damage on a random enemy and inflict Dragon Fury lasting 2 turns with 100% base chance.  Enemies with Dragon Fury use 2 extra orbs for skills
Level up Lv.2 ATK Dmg now 166%
Lv.3 ATK Dmg now 174%
Lv.4 ATK Dmg now 182%
Lv5. When consuming shield, recover HP for the ally who had the shield by the HP left on the shield

Sample Team

Kamaitachi, Kaguya, Hakuzosu, SP Ichimokuren, Kiyohime, with Kaguya

SP Ichimokuren is one of the effective units against multiple Bakes.  Then team should have Sea Sprite to take the initial wave, then SP Ichimokuren takes over.  He’s a demanding orb user so I suggest having Kaguya or Tenjo Kudari available.  Once the time is right, he can deal quite a bit of damage.

Shikigami Comparison

SSR Ichimokuren – Both Ichimokuren are similar in that they give non-dispellable shield to allies.  SP Ichimokuren’s huge advantage is his ability to immediately give shield when an ally is in danger.  In addition to this, SP Ichimokuren’s utility overshadows the original Ichimokuren.

Hako Shoujo – Hako Shoujo is more widely use than SP Ichimokuren.  For one, she is SR so is much easier to get.  For another, her shield does not cost orbs.  Of course, the drawback is that shielding is not guaranteed and it only occurs after allies act.  Therefore, to make efficient use of Hako Shoujo, her allies needs to be fast enough.  SP Ichimokuren has the advantage of being able to act as DPS but overall I think Hako Shoujo is more useful.


Summon, Demon Parade

Wanted Quest

Sample Gameplay

Sample gameplay to come.

Meanwhile, please check out my channel for other sample gameplays: Onmyoji Guide Youtube Channel


To me SP Ichimokuren is not a priority.  His main role is to counter Bakes but there are other options with less investment needed.  Also he can pick on players who is not clear with his skills.
With so much controls in Duel, keeping him clear of Controlling Effects could be a challenge.
He also need pretty much full skill for proper use.  I mean you maybe able to get away without maxing his normal attack but the rest of the two skills need to be maxed.

As a character design he does look cool though, so if he’s your cup of tea, I would buidl a team that has good supply of orb and can keep him clear of controlling effects.


User Rating
6.4 User Rating (13 votes)
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