Location Assembly Boss – Saturday, Sunday 2 Set Effect Random Stat bonus
4 Set Effect Exclusive passive effect.  When dealing damage to monsters, inflicts a layer of Tsuchigumo mark (stacks up to 3 layers) on them, reducing their SPD by 10% and inflicting 10% indirect damage for 1 turn.
Suggested Use In zones where it is helpful to slow down or reduce the Boss’ DEF.  It is uninpressive as a damage boosting effect otherwise
Note Note: Only 1 layer can be applied per unit’s turn.  If the unit managed to deal damage the target(s) will each get 1 mark at the end of the attacker’s turn regardless of the number of hits in that turn.  Note 2: on bosses it will only show a single stack, but it CAN stack up to 3 layers, it is only shown when damage is dealt.  Note 3:  Each layer records 10% damage taken since applied and deals that much damage at the end of the inflicted unit’s turn.  Note 4:  This is a purple effect and can be applied to “immune” bosses and units.  Note 5:  If the boss changes modes and goes into hiding then those damage instances will be lost as the boss will not be a valid target for damage at the end of it’s turn.