Ushi no Toki – Her Doll takes her soul into effect. This means that when teammates do damage to the doll, part of the damage would be stored as Poison damage. This triggers when the doll is attacked by Ushi and ends when Ushi acts again. The Poison damage would be unleashed when it’s the Doll’s turn. In essence, this is similar to Bukkuman with less damage recorded.

Kamikui – This is more of a support Ibaraki Soul 10 runs. This is for a Crit DMG Ibaraki that may not be fast enough to overtake Shouzu or Ootengu and need Tsuchigumo Kamikui to help slow down enemies.


*2 set bonus only effective in PvE fights

Although the Unique Passives are not functional in PvP, the 1 set bonus does offer greater flexibility for soul composition.