Location Orochi – Tuesday 2 Set Effect  +15% attack
4 Set Effect Gives a 35% chance to counter attack with a normal attack when taking damage. (-60% chance if attacked by a taunted target)
Suggested Use This set is useful on shikigami that inflict status conditions, primarily deal damage, or gain some advantage with their normal attack.
Note Note: Transferred damage such as from Shozu’s link can trigger this effect.  Note 2: This effect only has a chance to occur if damage is taken to the shikigami HP, meaning shields and damage immunity will prevent counter attacks if all damage is blocked.  Note 3: Up to 2 instances of the counter attack can be triggered from receiving damage from a multi-hit attack  Note 4: some shiki have exceptions on how their normal attacks behave during counter attacks.  (currently: Itsumade, Shuten doji, Hana)