Location Orochi – Thursday 2 Set Effect  +15% critical
4 Set Effect When landing a critical hit there is a 40% chance to deal damage equal to 10% of the target’s hp (max of 120% of equipped shikigami’s attack).
Suggested Use Use on DPS shikigamis who deal multiple hits that are each less than 100% of the shikigami’s attack.
Note Due to the critical hit requirement, having as close to 100% as possible is desired.  Note: The damage cap is not affected by in battle buffs and only looks at base + soul stats.  Note 2: the damage dealt is not reduced by defense and thus is handy for dealing damage to high defensive stats such as Samurai X and bosses.  Note 3: the triggered damage is transferable via Shozu’s water circuit and Ushi no Toki’s doll. Note 4: Skills that do reduced damage with subsequent hits will not reduce seductress damage. This effect allows multi hit shikigami have potential damage well over twice what they would normally have.