Soul Edge

Location Sougenbi 2 Set Effect  +15% HP
4 Set Effect Grants a 50% chance of protecting an ally when they’re attacked, reducing the single target damage by 20% before sharing 50% of the damage they would recive until the attack is completed.  Each attack triggeres the effect no more than once.
Suggested Use Amazing on units that have passives that trigger on being hit (such as Ebisu, Manandake, Kaguya, Kyonshi Ototo)
Note Note: For attacks that have both AOE and ST parts, only the ST part of the attack will be affected by this soul (ubume’s “Hack and Slash” for example).  Note 2:  Random target skills count as multiple ST hits, meaning this soul can trigger.  Note 3:  Unit’s equipped with this soul and protected by Shio’s shield will be able to reduce damage to an ally while taking no damage themselves or expending the shield.