Location Orochi – Wednesday 2 Set Effect  +30% defense
4 Set Effect 25% base chance to inflict Confuse for 1 turn when dealing damage.
Suggested Use A Controlling effect that has a high base chance and can cause your opponents to hurt their own team.
Note Confused units will use a normal attack on a random unit out of the valid targets. Note: soul effect can only trigger if damage is dealt to HP. If all damage is blocked by a shield then the effect will never happen. Note 2: Works amazingly with Seimei’s shield as while the shield stands your entire team is only one valid target, greatly increasing the chance the target will attack their allies. Note 3: Units that have an AoE attack as their normal attack such as Kagura’s summon: Fish, will attack all targets, friend or foe. This also includes Ibaraki’s passive skill, meaning any overflow damage will hit everyone.  Also noteable is Onikiri’s final follow up attack will hit every unit on the field (even those behind seimei’s shield) Note 4: This Controlling effect does NOT make a unit “unable to take actions” meaning some passive and soul effects will not be disabled that would otherwise be by most crontrolling effects such as freeze.