Dice Sprite

Location Mall – Soul Shop exclusive 2 Set Effect  +15% effect resistance
4 Set Effect  When attempting to resist an effect, counter attack the source with 50% extra damage.  Raises Move Bar by 25% when inflicted with a Controlling effect when not already under a controlling effect.
Suggested Use An alternate to Scarlet when wanting a unit to counter attack and still be able to have shields.  Also handy in fights where a lot of Controlling effects or debuffs are expected.  Oniki is a wonderful user of this set
Note Note: Unlike Scarlet, this soul can function normally when shielded.  Note 2:  As long as the equipped unit can still take actions, a counter attack can still be performed even if the resist fails.  Note 3: An equipped unit can self trigger this by attacking a unit with a passive or soul that applies debuffs to attackers (such as the soul Snow Sprit, or shikigami Yuki Onna, Satori, Tesso, Chin, Komatsu, etc..)