Sea Sprite

Location Orochi – Weekend, Orochi:Moan – Monday 2 Set Effect  +15% effect hit
4 Set Effect Makes a shield lasting for 1 turn equal to 10% of the equipped shikigami’s hp at the start of a round.
Suggested Use An excellent soul for slow defensive teams in PvP or any time when Vs Higanbana
Note Note: Like Azure Basan, only one instance of this set will activate per team. Note 2:  The shields created are affected by Crit and Crit damage.  Note 3: If your team is the first to move this effect will help Vs Higanbana as each shikigami will loose the shield after their first turn.  Note 4: In Co-op duels this set will also activate when an equipped shikigami is moved from the backup team to the active team