Jizo Statue

Location Orochi – Monday 2 Set Effect  +15% HP
4 Set Effect When taking critical damage has a 100% chance of creating a shield equal to 10% of the shikigami’s max hp that lasts 1 turn (-60% chance if from a taunted unit). Has a 30% chance to shield the entire team when triggered.
Suggested Use Good as a defensive soul on supports and passive skill counter attackers such as Inugami
Note Note: The shield is created after the damage is taken, but before the next hit.  This greatly reduces damage from multi-hit attacks  Note 2: This shield is affected by Crit and Crit damage, meaning a DPS can still make a powerful shield despite having a non HP focused build.  Note 3: This set is not exclusive so having multiple sets on a team will greatly increase the odds of the entire team being shielded