Location Orochi – Weekend, Orochi:Moan – Thursday 2 Set Effect  +15% attack
4 Set Effect 20% of damage dealt is converted to healing for the equipped shikigami.
Suggested Use DPS builds that do direct damage and need extra survivability, or are attacking into damage reflection mechanics
Note While this is a convenient effect, the healing provided pales in comparison to a typical healer in most cases.  Other than the attack bonus on the set, there is no offensive bonuses with this soul set and is often neglected because it does not boost damage of DPS units.  That being said, there is some fringe uses to this set that do come up fairly often.  The percent of damage healed from this soul just so happens to be the same percentage as Hitosume’s damage reflection meaning you can safely use AOE attacks into his passive.  This effect also pairs well shikigami that have counter attack skills as they can heal themselves after taking damage. Note: healing occurs simultaneously as damage so multi hit attacks will have many small instances of healing.