Soul List

Updated March 1, 2020: Big thanks to Theookamikit of the SemiCasual guild to sending me his Soul guide!  Really helped me catch up 🙂

SoulName2-set4-setSample Shikigami Partners
Senecio - 返魂香Effect RES +15%25% chance (-60% on taunted targets) to inflict a random dazing effect on target upon receiving damage; Multi-damage only triggers onceSamurai X, Hitotsume, Shuzu
Soul Edge - 薙魂HP + 15%50% chance to decrease 20% of one ST damage to an ally, plus share 50% of the damageEbisu, Hitotsume, One-eyed
Tree Nymph - 木魅Def +30%25% chance (-60% on taunted targets) to remove 1 orb when an ally receives damage; Multi-damage only triggers onceAoandon, Hitotsume, Koroka
Dice Sprite - 骰子鬼Effect RES +15%When resist activates, RT normal attack w/ +50% damageShuten Doji, Vamp, Tanuki
Mimic - 魍魎之匣Effect RES +15%25% chance (+ Effect HIT) to inflict a random debuff on target upon inflicting damageOotengu, Ryomen, Shiro Mujou
Sea Spirite - 蚌精Effect HIT +15%Produces a shield at the start of battle that lasts 1 turn. The shield lets all allies absorb damage equal to 10% of their HPSamurai X, Yumekui, Pheonix
Azure Basan - 火靈Effect HIT +15%3 additional orb at start of each battleSamurai X, Yumekui, Pheonix
Jizo Statue - 地藏像HP + 15%Upon receiving critical damage, generate a shield that absorb damage equal to 10% of max HP; 30% chance to cast shields on other team members; reduce 60% proc chance when attacked by provoked enemiesSamurai X, Yumekui, Ebisu
Holy Flame - 涅槃之火HP + 15%If HP is less than 30% at the end of a turn, restores HP by 15%Zashiki, Doujo, One-Eyed
Boroboroton - 被服HP + 15%Damage taken decreases by 30%Zashiki, One-Eyed, Enma
Mirror Lady - 鏡姬HP + 15%30% chance to reflect 100% of damage received; reduce 60% proc chance when attacked by provoked enemiesZashiki, Samurai X, Ebisu
Priestess - 鍾靈HP + 15%8% chance to inflict Daze (stun) upon damaging targetYamawaro, Yuki Onna, Shiro Mujou
Tree Spirit - 樹妖HP + 15%Increases all healing effects by 20%Momo, Kusa, Chocho
Fenikkusu - 傷魂鳥Critical % + 15%Recover HP by 15% and increase ATK by 15% upon defeating an enemyBlade, Hakuro, Mio
Tomb Guard - 鎮墓獸Critical % + 15%Gain 0.6% Crit DMG for every 1% HP lostVamp, Jikikaeru, Nine-life Cat
Seductress - 針女Critical % + 15%When inflicting critical damage, 40% chance to deal damage equal to 10% of the target's max HP; max damage dealt is 120% of own ATK; Seductress can benefit from arena buffs but not other buffs.Ubume, Ootengu, Umibozu
Shamisen - 三味Critical % + 15%Increases SPD of controlled allies by 30 (including self)Chocho, Momo, Kusa
Claws - 網切Critical % + 15%Critical DMG ignores 20% of target's DEFArakawa Lord, Hone Onna, Kubinashi
Shadow - 破勢Critical % + 15%Deals an extra 40% damage against units with more than 70% HPIbaraki Doji, Kuro Mujou, Hakuro
Pearl - 珍珠Def +30%When healing allies, casts a shield that absorbs damage equal to 25% f the HP healed. The shield lasts 1 turn.Healer Shikigamis (I don't think it works on Ebisu since it's Fish Flag that heals, not Ebius)
Temptress - 魅妖Def +30%Grants a 25% (+ Effect HIT) chance of inflicting Confuse on the target when dealing damageYuki Onna, Yamawaro, Kyohime
Snow Spirit - 雪幽魂Def +30%Grants a 12% (+ Effect HIT) chance of inflicting Freeze on the target when dealing damageYuki Onna, Yamawaro, Kyohime
Fortune Cat - 招財貓Def +30%Grants a 50% chance of gaining 2 orbs at the start of a turnZashiki, Kamaitachi, Yamausagi
Shy Soul - 反枕Def +30%Grants a 20% (+ Effect HIT) chance of inflicting Sleep on the target for 1 turn when dealing damageAoandon, Evil Tengu, Kamikui
Dawn Fairy - 日女巳時Def +30%Grants 20% chance (increased by 10% when target has a buff) to delay target's move bar by 30% when dealing damageYuki Onna, Yamawaro, Shiro Mujou
Nightwing - 蝠翼Attack +15%Converts 20% of damage dealt into HPKyonshi Ototo, Three tailed fox, Evil Fox
Soultaker - 輪入道Attack +15%Grants 20% chanc of gaining 1 extra move after performing an actionHannya, Shuten Doji, Kamaitachi
Scarlet - 猙Attack +15%35% to counter with normal attack upon receiving damage; reduce 60% proc chance when attacked by provoked enemiesShuten Doji, Vamp, Tanuki
House Imp - 鳴屋Attack +15%Deal additional 30% damage when the target is in a controlled state (frozen, stun, sleep, etc)Ibaraki Doji, Kuro Mujou, Hakuro
Watcher - 心眼Attack +15%Deal 50% more damage on enemie withs less than 30% hpIbaraki Doji, Kuro Mujou, Kappa
Harpy - 陰摩羅Attack +15%Gain 3 orbs upon defeating an enemyIbaraki Doji, Kuro Mujou, Hakuro
Kyoukotsu - 狂骨Attack +15%Grants an extra 8% damage for each orb in your possession when you deal damageInugami, Shuten Doji, Mannendake
Yamabiko - 幽谷响Effect RES +15%Grants a 50% chance of reflecting a controlling effect (Daze, Silence, Freeze, Confuse, Morph, Taunt, and Sleep) back to the enemyShuzu, Ame Onna,
Odokuro - 荒骷髅1-set: Random Stat 8% (DEF bonus 16%, except SPD and Crit DMG)
2-set Unique Passive: Increase damage to monsters by 10%. If received damage before this round's action, effect increase to 25%
Shuten Doji, Ootengu, etc.
Namazu - 地震鲶1-set: Random Stat 8% (DEF bonus 16%, except SPD and Crit DMG)
2-set Unique Passive: Grants 60% damage reduction against monsters' attacks. Each attack taken will transfer 6% of damage reduction to 1.5% damage bonus (Multiple attacks only trigger once)
Shuten Doji, Ootengu, etc.
Tsuchigumo - 土蜘蛛Random Stat 8% (DEF bonus 16%, except SPD and Crit DMG)
2-set Unique Passive: Attacking monsters inflicts a Poison mark (3 layers max) on them that reduces their SPD by 10% and inflicts 25% of total damage received at the end of their turns.
Ushi no Toki, Kamikui, etc
Oboroguruma - 胧车1-set: Random Stat 8% (DEF bonus 16%, except SPD and Crit DMG)
2-set Unique Passive: Grants a 50% chance of raising the Move Bar by 30% when attacked by monsters (Multiple attacks only trigger once)
Samurai X, Shuten Doji, etc.
Shinkirou - 蜃气楼1-set: Random Stat 8% (DEF bonus 16%, except SPD and Crit DMG)
2-set Unique Passive: Creates a shield that negates any monster controlling effects (Daze, Silence, Frozen, Confuse, etc.) once. Regenerates in 5 turns.
Shuten Doji, Bukkuman, etc.
HyosubeAttack +15%When the turn ends, gain a Piercing Arrow (buff, status) stack, stacking up to 3 times. When dealing damage each stack reduces the DEF of the targets by 75 Mio
Aonyobo +15% criticalWhen taking leathal damage for the first time, removes all buffs and debuffs, recoveres HP by 100% and inflicts frozen on self for 1 turn. When under Frozen, DEF is increased by 100% and gains immunity to all debuffs. If survived the Frozen, recovers HP by 100% again. Triggers only once each round. Oguna for Soul Moan runs
Enshyoujo +15% effect hitWhen inflicting debuffs, ignores target's overall Effect RES by 30%Control type Shikigamis
Nuribotoke +15% HPEffective exclusively. Increases the Effect RES and damage of all allies by 15% (doubled for the equipped unit) at the end of a turn if the equipped unit launched a normal attack or was unable to take actions in the turn. Sustainable for 2 turns.Support type Shikigamis on the offensive teams
Ghostly Songstress1-set: Random Stat 8% (DEF bonus 16%, except SPD and Crit DMG)2 set Exclusive effect. After dealing damage to a monster 5 times, the next attack to a monster inflicts damage equal to 20% of it's max HP, ignoring it's DEF, to a max of 255% of own ATK.multi hit DPS for PvE
Cyan Imp - 青吉鬼NANANon-equippable.
Cyna Imp is a upgrading soul that provides more EXP. Think of it like Red/Blue Daruma for Souls. Mainly obtained from Soul:Moan