Pet System



The latest update introduced pets to the Onmyoji world as the latest element of cuteness.  While the system is straightforward.  There may be some questions in the very beginning.

When you log in, you should see stray cat by the feet of your character if you are above level 20.  Tap on the cat and it now belongs to you and you can name it.  Tap on the pet whenever you like to open up the Pet Menu.



Pet Menu


You should see a sign on the left showing daily prizes from your Pet.  Specifically, you should get one 15 min Soul Bonus from it daily and it will give you a gift for the first Soul run you do in solo or as the team leader.  You can also enter the Pet House here and see all your available pets.

On the right side, there are three gauges: Happiness, Hunger, and Growth.

  • Happiness – keep your pet happy by tapping this gauge and play with your pet using toys
  • Hunger – keep your pet well-fed by feeding it AP
  • Growth – Growth will increase by 1 for each assist with your Pet in Soul run.  This means the first level needs 15 days.  The higher the Growth, the better the pet assist prizes.

There is also the Adopt More function to bring you into the Backyard to adopt more pets and Accessory to buy stuff for your pet with Paw Coins.


Pet Menu - Onmyoji

The 3 gauges of a pet


Pet House


In the beginning, you would only have one Calico Cat roaming around here.  As you adopt more pets, they would show up here.  You can feed and play with your pets here.





There are two important functions here: To adopt new pets and to earn Paw Coins.

To adopt a new pet, you’ll need to be able to attract it.  You’ll need the right Shikigami and pet food for that.

The Shikigamis divide into Cat Lovers and Dog Lovers.  Obviously, Cat Lovers attract cats and vice versa.  The Shikigamis will attract stray pets after sitting there with food for a certain amount of time.  The rarer the Shikigami the shorter the waiting time.  SSR is 6.5 hrs and SR is 7 hrs so on.  The stray would stay around 1 hour after the waiting time (to be confirmed).


Backyard - Onmyoji

The dog loving Shikigamis with and without pet food. There are 4 pets available and 1 unavailable.


Food is similar to Realm Cards.  You’ll get food from wanted quests.  Then fuse them for a higher grade and attract more animals.  One thing to note here is that right now only Wanted Quests provide pet food so your supply is quite limited.  I don’t recommend fusing too many low-grade foods at this point to keep a steady amount of food supply.  Note that Cat Food and Dog Food are different so make sure you match your Shikigami with food types.


Pet Food from Wanted Quest - Onmyoji

Wanted Quest is the only source of Pet Food right now


Fusing Pet Food - Onmyoji

Fuse Pet Food the same way as Realm Cards


Once a stray is attracted, you can tap it to increase Affection.  When Affection reaches 30, it’ll come to the courtyard for you to adopt.

You can also attract the pets that have maxed Affection.  In this case, you won’t adopt it again but it will leave Paw Coins when it’s here.




When you accumulated enough Paw Coins, you can buy Accessory Gift Bags.  In addition to Accessories, the Bags comes with other gifts like Jades, Mystery Amulets, etc.  Definitely worth getting Paw Coins.



Additional notes


When you max your pet’s growth, you can let it play with your friend’s pet in his/her Realm.  Doing so will increase the pet’s bond with the friend’s pet and would grant rewards in co-op fights.

I suggest prioritizing Vankedisi and Akita if you could.  These two have the possibility to give Reverse Scale and Mystery Amulet, which is considered more valuable in the late game.

Each pet will give daily prizes.  You don’t have to switch them around.  Just choose the one you like the most as the main pet.