In Onmyoji, Realm is like a player’s own “zone”.  In there, you can do several things:

  • You can put up defense – To defense against other players raiding your Realm. You can earn Medals by successfully defending.
  • You can train Shikigamis – You can choose 6 Shikigamis to get experience from Realm (Kekkai) Cards and 1 Shikigami to foster at a Friend.
  • You can place your own Realm (Kekkai) Cards or fuse them – Realm (Kekkai) Cards have different properties and levels. Although the outcome from fusing them is random, there are certain rules that could help.
  • You can upgrade EN and Exp storage – The sushi box and sake bottle on the right bottom corner stores excess EN and Exp. You can retrieve and upgrade them.
  • You can change the background – click onto Kohaku (the little white fox) to change background.