Realm (Kekkai) Cards



In Onmyoji, Realm (Kekkai) Cards is a great source of Exp, Coins, AP, Shards, and Jades.  Players get Realm (Kekkai) Cards either as rewards from battle or by fusing three different cards together.  Battle drops are entirely random but fusing is something that the players can have a little bit of control.  Realm cards level from 1 to 6 stars and fusing is essentially the only way to get high tier cards (battle drop rate is abysmal).

In order to efficiently use Realm (Kekkai) Cards, there are a few mechanics that we need to understand.



Getting Realm (Kekkai) Cards

First, we need to get our hands on some Realm (Kekkai) Cards.  Other than special events, there are usually four places that players get them.

Raid (aka Realm Raid) – There are two forms of Raids: Personal and Guild

Personal Raids consume Raid Tickets and the rewards are Coins, Medals, and 1-2 star Realm (Kekkai) Cards.

Guild Raids does not consume Raid Tickets or Energy.  Though there is a cool down between each Raid within the same Guild.  Note that cool down for fighting solo and teaming up is calculated separately.  Rewards are also Coins, Medals, and 1-2 star Realm (Kekkai) Cards.  The Guild masters can open up 3 guilds at once.  This means that the players can Raid a maximum of 6 times every 10 minutes.

Explorations – Realm (Kekkai) Cards from Exploration Stages are all Gourmet Cards.  The players can randomly encounter little paper men carrying treasure in Exploration battles.  These paper men drop valuable items and most of the time, they would drop one of the five Gourmet Cards.  Players don’t get many Gourmet Cards because of the rare encounter, but these cards are important.

Cleansing – (Obsolete) The players have two chances a day to fight Cleansing.  The player fights 18 Dharma Eggs to get some very good rewards.  Among these rewards are 1-2 star Realm (Kekkai) Cards.

Daily Mission – Gift one Shard to a member of the Guild to get one 1-star card.



Types of Cards

There are 3 different types of Cards: Normal (Moon), Enhanced, and Gourmet.


Moon Realm (Kekkai) Cards

These ones give only Exp to the Shikigamis placed in the Realm.  Different star level provides Exp at a different rate and for a different duration.

A 5-star Moon Realm card


Moon Cards Exp/hr
1-star 800
2-star 1200
3-star 1600
4-star 2000
5-star 2400
6-star 2800


Enhanced Realm (Kekkai) Card

These cards can only be obtained from fusion.  They offer Exp at the same rate as Normal Cards but come with bonus rewards. Higher tier usually means better rewards.

  • Umbrella (Coin) Cards – These give Coins as bonus.
  • Fighting Fish (AP) Cards – These give AP as bonus.
  • Drum (Jade) Cards – These give Jades as bonus.

The 3 Enhanced Realm (Kekkai) Cards


Gourmet Cards

I consider these the luxury cards that give out a great deal of Exp and bonus but don’t last long.  Besides Exp, they give out Shikigami Shards.  These cards start at 4-star and there are five types of them.


Wine Card – Better chance to get the following shards: Shuten Doji, Momiji, Ebisu, Tanuki, Gaki, Akashita, Umbrella, and Red Imp.

Onmyoji Mobile Game - Wine Gourmet Card

Wine Gourmet Card


Frog Card – Better chance to get the following shards: Shishio, Kamaitachi, Hakuro, Jikikaeru, Yamausagi, Gaki, Green Imp, and Blue Imp.

Onmyoji Mobile Game - Frog Gourmet Card

Frog Gourmet Card


BBQ Card – Better chance to get the following shards: Aoandon, Zashiki, Gaki, Guu Wizard, Warrior Soul, Lantern Soul, Parasit, and Lantern Boy.

Onmyoji Mobile Game - BBQ Gourmet Card

BBQ Gourmet Card


Soup Card – Better chance to get the following shards: Enma, Hangan, Mouba, Yamawaro, Gaki, Hahakigami, Yellow Imp, and Grave Digger.

Onmyoji Mobile Game - Soup Gourmet Card

Soup Gourmet Card


Ice Card – Better chance to get the following shards: Arakawa Lord, Yuki Onna, Umibozu, Koi, Kappa, Shuzu, Gaki, and Nurikabe.

Onmyoji Mobile Game - Ice Gourmet Card

Ice Gourmet Card


Gourmet Card Exp/hr Shard/hr Duration (hr)
4-star 4000 1 6
5-star 4800 1 7
6-star 5600 1 8


Fusing Realm (Kekkai) Cards

First of all, Gourmet Cards look very good but they are a waste to consume directly.  These cards give out a higher rate of Exp but their duration is much shorter.  This means at the same tier, Normal Card would give more total Exp than Gourmet.  The most useful cards should be the Enhanced Cards, especially Drum and Fighting Fish.  While you have some control, ultimately Card fusion is all RNG.


Key Points

  • Card Fusion always yield higher or the same star tier
  • Use three same tiered Cards to fuse for higher tier (by chance)
  • 1-star Cards have better use at washing high tiers than fusing with each other
  • 6-star Cards will start to appear when fusing 4-stars together
  • Fusing three Gourmet Cards have very high chance to get Enhanced Cards (Avoid using normal cards)
  • Drum and Fighting Fish are the only two we are aiming for


  • Step 1: Save the 1-star Realm (Kekkai) Cards
  • Step 2: Fuse three 2-star cards to get 3 or 4-stars.  If it comes out Drum and Fighting Fish (any star), considering using it.  Otherwise, keep fusing
  • Step 3: Fuse three 3-stars for a chance to get 5-stars.  However, if you want, you could go 3-1-1 to try for Drum and Fighting Fish 3-stars.
  • Step 4: Fuse three 4-stars for a chance to get 6-stars.  The Gourmet Cards are also used for fusing, and this is where players get uncomfortable.  Again, you could go 4-1-1 to try for an Enhanced Card.
  • Step 5: Wash 4, 5, 6-stars with 1 or 2-stars to get Drum and Fighting Fish.


Note that this way is not necessarily more efficient looking at Exp alone.  Consider this scenario of fusing three 4-star Gourmet:

Realm (Kekkai) Cards

Reward Rate/hr Duration (hr) Count Total

4-star Gourmet

Exp 4000 6 3 72000


1 6 3


6-star Normal

Exp 2800 27 1


6-star Drum Exp 2400 22 1


Jade 9 22 1


We may get one 6-star Normal and assume that the Normal is 27 hours, which is great.  We get 3600 Exp more in total but lose 18 shards.  By the way, duration varies even amongst the same tier.

If we get a 6-star drum with 22 hours, we lose 19,200 Exp and 18 shards but gained 198 Jades.  198 Jades means more than 300 AP or 100 Exploration battles.  A unit observing 100 battles of Chapter 10 Hard can earn 127,500 Exp under full Exp buff.  Of course, this is provided that the players have the time to use them all.

To me, Jades and AP are the most valuable resource in Onmyoji.  So I would opt for gambling my 4-star Gourmets.  Ultimately it is the players’ own decision to make.  If you play the game frequently and have plenty of Realm (Kekkai) Cards, I would suggest fusing for 6-stars.




  • The goal is to fuse Drum and Fighting Fish.
  • Save 1-stars
  • Start with 2-2-2 fusion
  • Keep fusing same tiers until getting 4-stars
  • Decide to wash for the two Enhanced Cards (fuse lower tier) or keep fusing (fuse the same tier)
  • Wash with lower stars (5-1-1, 6-1-1, 6-1-2, etc.) to get Drum and Fighting Fish