Tips and Tricks 2


Due to popular demand, I have put together a few more tips and tricks to the game.  Enjoy and let me know if there are any mistakes.



Base Daruma as fodder


Consider using Base Daruma as fodder – When you run out of N-fodders, don’t hesitate to use Base Daruma to upgrade Shikigamis.  If you know what you are doing, chances you are going to run out of fodders in the beginning.  Using Base Darumas is a good alternative.  Yes, you would give up the little bit of extra EXP but getting your first G6 farmer faster is a much better return in the long run.  In addition, you’ll get plenty Base Daruma as in the long run so don’t worry about them running out



Do Kraken often


This is especially true once you cleared Soul 10.  Kraken drops depend on your Soul Dungeon level.  While the drop quantity is not as high as S10, you do get quite a bit of coins and exp along the way.  With good buffs, this is the most efficient way to level up Shikigamis.  Therefore, the best thing to do is to run it as often as you could.  The match button under Team would make your Kraken search easier.  Cooldown under Team is 1 hr while if you encounter Kraken in Exploration, there is no cooldown.  This is one of the benefits of farming explorations.



Use Coin buffs for Secret Zone


Save coin buffs for Secret Zone – Secret Zones is the best place to use coin buffs.  Usually, each of the zones would have 3 stages with a large amount of coin bonus rewards.  Secret zone bonus rewards are dropped only on the first time so use your buffs wisely.  Coins bonus are Stage 7 or before so you should be able to clear it with a fast Yamausagi and a half decent team.  The key is remembering to turn on buff when you do the stages.  Every now and then you would come across Coin 100% Ups.  This is the buff to use when you challenge Secret Zones.



Guild Quests



Max Guild quests daily – If you are in one of the larger guilds, by now your guild should be level 5 or above.  This means you could get Skill Daruma shards from Feat shop.  It is needless for me to state the value of Skill Darumas so try your best to max Guild quests.  There are also other rewards such as Mystery Amulets, G6 Souls, Grade Darumas, etc.  In addition, many guilds make GQs mandatory for staying in the guilds.  The GQ that gets people excited is Accompany quests which give Orochi scales when guildmates run Evo, Soul, Kraken, etc. together.  Since you’ll be farming S10 every day anyways, might as well do the GQ as well.



AP Bento and Exp Pot


Upgrade AP Bento and Exp Pot – These are important in the long run as they capture spill over AP and EXP.  Every drop of AP counts so less waste is better.  For active players, this is less of a problem but still, sometimes things come up in real life and you may be offline for a few hours.  Exp Pot is more imminent in my opinion.  This is because as you farm, your farmer will be maxed and the EXP it gets will transfer to Exp Pot at a percentage.  The more the Exp Pot can hold, the more you can distribute to other fodders in the Realm not participating in battles.  Upgrading these two takes Medals, which is being prioritized for Skill Daruma in the Mall.  For most people, there should be more than enough Medals each week for Skill Daruma and other stuff.  However, the people who could not participate in Hunting due to time zone difference is at a disadvantage.  They should plan the Medal spent more carefully.  I would first get Skill Daruma, then Grade Daruma, and then AP Bento/Exp Pot.



Borrowing friend’s DPS


Build bonds with high-level players to use their G6 DPS – This is very important for many players.  Being able to use friend’s DPS (co-op) means you could clear/farm contents that you otherwise could not.  More difficult content would give better rewards, which is what you need to get stronger.  To use friend’s Shikigami, the two of you need to have enough bond points to be in the Buddy status.  Exactly how bond points are earned is a bit of a mystery.  Essentially all interactions between players will add bond points.  Start by sending likes, wanted quests etc.  S-Jade gift pack is said to be one of the faster ways but not everybody wants to spend money on that.  Usually, high-level players want low-level players to use their DPS since they get rewards too.  You can set your Co-op Shikigami under Friends -> Co-op tab.  The more your friends use your Shikigami in a day, the more rewards you’ll get.  I suggest using good AOE DPSs such as Ootengu or Ubume to help new players farm Soul 10.



Buying Packs


Buy the beginner’s pack – If you can spend $5 on this game, buy this pack.  This is by far the most cost-effective packs there is.  I have a page dedicated to analyzing packs.  I’ll try to update as often as I can.  In most cases, buying packs is a better deal than buying Jade with S-Jade straight up.

One pack that comes to market just recently is the monthly pack.  At the time of writing, that is the Don pack.  I suggest buying this if you are somewhat serious into this game.  The monthly usually comes with a frame plus Jade, Base Daruma, and Exp/Coin Buffs daily.  While daily Jade is always welcome, the Buffs are what is worth the money.  With this pack, essentially you get 15% additional buff to what you are already receiving.  This will make your Shikigami and Soul level up faster.



Save AP rewards


Save your AP rewards – This means to leave them in your mailbox until you have time to sit down and grind.  Wanted quests, Kirin, etc. can be saved in the mailbox for 14 days before they disappear.  If you don’t claim you Wanted Quest rewards, it will get sent to your mailbox at the refresh time.  I suggest do the quests during the week but claim the rewards during weekends when you have some time to play.  Keep in mind the deadline to claim since some rewards have less than 14 days.



Using Exp/Coin 100% buffs


Use Exp 100% up wisely – Exp 100% up doesn’t come often.  When there is an event or special purchase that has the buff available, I suggest buying them and saving them for battles that are short and gives out a lot of Exp/Coin.  This means Kraken and Secret (as mentioned above).  With good DPSs, Kraken fights last less than a min even if people bring fodders.  Counting in the wait time, each Kraken would use 2 – 3 min buff time.  Turn the buff off immediately and save the rest for next time.



[Minor Spoiler] Chapter 18


Beating Dark Seimei in the story – A benchmark to see if you are progressing efficiently is that by level 40, you should be able to beat Dark Seimei in the storyline.  Nonetheless, I get asked from time to time by players who are stuck.  Beating Dark Seimei is not as hard as it seems.  Of course, having a G5 AOE DPS would be a minimum requirement.  A sample team would be Yamausagi (so you get the first move), Zashiki (so you have orbs), Ubume (G5 with decent G4 souls would do), and Kagura (signature move Channel: Storm).  The trick is to have Ubume act twice and kill off Ootengu before he acts.  After that, there shouldn’t be any problems.



Buddy Status



Buddy Status comes with many benefits as you become more intimate with your buddy.  You get to use their Shikigamis, gain more friendship points, increase drop rate besides, and gift higher level shards.  If you have real-life friends who play then it is easier to build Bond points.  Otherwise, I suggest focusing building Bonds with your guildmates since you probably interact with them more often.



Upgrading Shikigamis


Personally, I would not level up Ns past level 20 unless you don’t have enough Grade Darumas.  Once you get Ns at level 20 and make them G3, just use them as fodders for Grade Darumas to G4.  Use the G4 Grade Darumas to upgrade other Shikigamis or White Darumas to G5.  By doing so, you are avoiding the hard grind of the Ns past lvl 20 and essentially only use Grade Daruma as fodders upgrading from G4 to G5 and G5 to G66.  Some players may be concerned with not having enough Grade Darumas.  I don’t think that would be a problem if you are in a good guild and cease every opportunity to get them.



Demon Parade


I would target Ns to get more fodders.  You’ll get a lot of Rs and SRs as you summon more but upgrading takes a lot of fodders and that is what makes your team stronger.  SSRs are traps since they are hard to hit so you’ll probably never get an SSR just from Demon Parade anyways.  Some tips include:

  • Always uses 10 beans per throw.  I find this to have more success.
  • Choose your buffs.  Not all buffs are useful in my opinion.  “Got Bean” is a must hit since it gives you more beans but I don’t like “Slow” since the speed is painful for me lol
  • Always use a friend.  It increases your hit chance.  Others will usually invite you back.
  • Always use the friend who used you.  This friend would be tagged “Recent”.  This is more a game etiquette as well as building Bond points.



Join active Guilds


Joining an active guild comes with many benefits:

  • Pride – some people are proud to join a large guild but I personally don’t really care
  • More guild benefit packs.  Guild benefit packs will give you a lot of broken amulets, coins, jade, etc.
  • Shards – While it seemed slow, but donating shards is a good way to gain Medals.  I wouldn’t wish for SSRs since not many people would give them out.  I would donate them though since that gives the most Medals lol
  • Kirin and future bosses – Remember to join in times since a good guild can kill off level 5 Kirin in 15 min
  • Time zone – Choose a guild in your time zone for more interactions with guildmates (e.g. Soul runs)
  • Fun – Choose a guild for which you click with the people there



Upgrading Supports


Upgrade supports to G5 once you have one or two reliable G6 AOE DPS – Of course, DPSs need G6 to be effective.  Many supports can actually stay at G4/5 for a long time.  In fact, with G5 supports and G6 DPS, you should be at least tier 6 in Duel.  Supports are also more varied than DPS.  Generally speaking, you would have enough firepower with one G6 single target DPS and one G6 AOE DPS.  However, supports would directly impact your team variety.  At different combinations, your whole battle strategy would be entirely different.  Some popular supports include Yamausagi, Zashiki, Shouzu, Hitotsume, Momo, etc.  Leveling to G5 does not take a lot of work but having more team variety would greatly impact your gameplay.



Challenge Tickets


Challenge tickets become abundant once you play the game for a bit – save them for Momo (Chapter 8), Kamaitachi (Chapter 18), and annoying wanted quests.  If you have too many, I would say use them on quick wanted quest runs.  While you may not be too interested in wanted quests that don’t give out good rewards, I would still suggest doing them.  The reason is they are a source of coins.  You are going to find that you need a lot of coins.





Shrine is a place for you to return Shikigamis in exchange for new Shikigamis, Darumas, Soul, etc.  While you may question why would we do something like that since even SRs are hard to come by.  The reason is simple: some of the Shikigamis can only be exchanged.  As we have seen so far, Mannendake, Usagi, and Maki & Karashi can only be exchanged.   You’ll get 5 blue Talismans when returning Rs, 100 Talismans for SRs (less for ones that can be encountered or challenged), and 1 gold Talisman for SSR.  At this point, there is no use for gold Talisman yet so I would just save the SSRs and wait till the time comes.  Since you can only shrine R or above, these shrine talismans are actually rarer than one thinks for F2P.  Use them wisely.  I suggest getting limited Shikigamis first such as Usagi.



Releasing Souls



Just like Shikigamis, you can release the Souls that you do not use in exchange for coins and other goodies.  I tend to think of this as a mid to late game thing when you have too many souls that you don’t know what to do with them.  In the early game, you may need some of the soul just to fill a set.  Nonetheless, this is an important feature of the game since you can only hold 6000 souls so you’ll run out of space eventually.  I would keep G1 – G4 souls as fodders and release all G5s and G6s that are not used.  One tip to help you decide what to release is to sort all the “garbage” Souls into feed category.  For me, that is any souls with less than 2 sub-stats, with the exceptions of good primary stats.



Social sharing for free summon


Share Shikigami Collection weekly for a free Mystery amulet – I advise against buying summoning tickets using Honour and Medal unless you have lots of them.  White and Black Daruma should be your priority.  Once you get further into the game, you should have more Honour and Medals to buy Mystery Amulets.