Mystery Amulet Circle



What is this?


Mystery Amulet Circle is an Easter Egg in Onmyoji.  It only triggers when you do a rare summon (either by Amulet or by Jade) by drawing a special pattern.  The pattern resets every month and each player can only claim the prize once.

The reward is a Rare Summoning Amulet so this means at the end of the day, you get one rare summon for free.



May 2018


The May Mystery Amulet Circle is a heart that you have to draw in one stroke.  This is going to be a tricky one to trigger so I suggest the following:

  • Make sure the heart is at the center
  • The heart should fill up the square to the best you can
  • If you couldn’t get it in 3 tries, save your tickets for later in the month when Ichimokuren releases


This is my successful try. I am lucky to only did it within 5 tries.



Apr 2018


Here is the April Mystery Amulet Circle.  It’s a diagonal line from the bottom left corner to the upper right.  A word of caution: this time it took me quite a few tries to succeed.  Maybe it’s just me but I feel this time it’s more difficult to get it right.




Mar 2018


March Mystery Amulet Circle is a straight line across the screen just below the two banners.


Onmyoji Game - March 2018 Mystery Amulet Circle

This month is a straight line across the middle. I was able to do it with this not-so-straight line lol. The position should be just below the two hanging banners.



Feb 2018


The Mystery Amulet Circle for this month is a straight line from top to bottom in between Kagura and the Amulet.


Mystery Summoning Circle for Feb 2018

This is the Feb pattern. I didn’t draw too well in the picture. The line should go all the way from top to bottom. Try a few times if you have to.