Tips and Tricks

These are some of the tips I wish I knew when I first started this Onmyoji game.  This is by no means the complete list.  Feel free to let me know if I missed any 🙂



Mystery Amulet Circle


Mystery Amulet Circle is an Easter Egg in Onmyoji which gives the player a free rare summoning amulet every month.  This is triggered by drawing a specific pattern when doing a rare summon.  Check out Mystery Amulet Circle for this month’s pattern.





I want to point out that it’s not worth the time and effort to reroll in this game.  With the current event going on, you will get an SSR if you start playing sooner rather than later.  I am not sure if there are ways to reroll, if you found a way to reroll, check out the Shikigami List for SSRs to aim for.  For SR units, the best ones are in the order of Ubume> Kuro Mujou>Momiji> Jorogumo. If not, then any other ones you fancy. The recommended Shikigamis here are the ones with a strong AOE attack, making missions and farming easy in the early stages for the players to assemble a strong team early. While every Shikigamis in the Onmyoji Game has their use, some do make the game easier, at least for beginners. The one SR Shikigami to reroll for should be Ubume. Ubume is outstanding in both PVP/PVE so it really is a solid Shikigami. However, later down the road, team composition and strategy would be the key considerations in choosing Shikigamis to invest in.



Save up coins


Players may have abundant coins in the early stage of the game but leveling up Souls and Starring up consumes an outrageous amount of coins. Therefore, that’s the two purpose coins should be saving up for. Buying Souls in the shop is not recommended because the outcome is not guaranteed. The main use for Coins in Onmyoji is to level up Souls. Increasing Souls to +15 would require around 300 k coins. The cost only goes up exponentially in the later game.

In the beginning, though, I recommend buying some 3-star Souls from the Mall.  They only cost 600 coins each so that’s a pretty awesome bang for the buck.



Save up fodders (N rarities)


Do not feed fodders to level up other fodders as this is considered very wasteful. Consider the fact that obtaining a G6 (6-star) Shikigami can take as many as 300 fodders, feeding them to each other for leveling is very wasteful.  Feed them to each other only to upgrade.  In addition, R rarity should not be used as fodders because there is the Shrine system that the players can return R rarity or above.



Buy AP daily


Consider buying 100 energy with 60 jades daily, then use them up along with 50% experience buff. This is a better use of jades then summoning (providing you have a good farmer). Provided that the players can pull a good farmer (Ubume for example), the jades are better saved for AP, experience buffs, and coins later. If it is necessary to keep summoning, the advice is to buy the 11 rare ticket bundle in the shop for 1000 jades. Energy bundle disappears in the mailbox after 14 days so the players can strategize if they need to buy energy in advance of upcoming events. Therefore reducing jade costs.

Consider there is a summoning event happening, I would suggest saving for summoning tickets if you are F2P.



Rare summoning


Do not use jades for rare summoning straightway as the slightly more efficient way is to save 1000 jades to buy 11 rare tickets. Even then, it is recommended that rare summon tickets should be used whenever there are events. In the game of Onmyoji, there are often events that will give out rewards when players do rare summons a few times a day. Save rare tickets for those events to maximize return. NetEase usually gives rare summon tickets to players for free whenever there is an event. At the time of writing, there is an event celebrating 200 million downloads of Onmyoji and players get 1 rare ticket a day from Feb 21 to March 2. To summarize, beginners could get a free rare summons from the following sources.:

  • One ticket per day for first 10 days as a beginner
  • Events usually give multiple
  • The shop has one available for sale every week for 200 Medals
  • Various achievements



Do Raids often


Fight personal and guild raids often as players will get many good rewards. For one, there are medals that the players can use in the shop as currency to buy Black Dharma, Rare Summoning Tickets, Red Dharma, Normal tickets, etc. Medals can also be used to upgrade Realm energy/experience storage. Raid can also reward players with Realm (Kekkai) Cards that gives experience and jade. Infusing Realm Cards, although it is random, fusing higher level cards will result in a higher level outcome.



Realm (Kekkai)


Once the players joined a Yin Yan Ryo (Guild), they could start building their Realm (more like their own ‘zone’). In there, the players can place unused Shikigamis to gain experience and to Raid others for Medals. Other than Shikigami experience and Medals, Realm also gives bonus energy. Just check out the little paper man at the right bottom corner and click on the sushi. In Realm, the players can foster one Shikigami in a Friend’s Realm for 6 hours. The fostered Shikigami will get the same experience as the Realm Card that the Friend has put up. Look for ones that put up higher level cards for rewards like jade, coins, etc. Players are set to store 100 energy as shown on the top bar. However, there is an additional 50 energy storage space in the sushi box at the left bottom corner of Realm. Once the 100 space is filled, the 50 in Realm will start accumulating. Normally, 1 energy is generated in 5 minutes, but the sushi box only accumulates at 20% efficiency.  That means at box level 1, the players can be away from the game for a maximum of 100/12 + 50*5/12 = 29.17 hours. This is better than most of the games that “forces” the players to log in often to use up energy. In addition, storage space in Realm can be upgraded to a max of 250 storage space at 60% efficiency. Experience can also be set aside in Realm. This is the sake icon right beside the sushi in Realm. Realm is used to level up Shikigamis. Once the Shikigamis are all leveled up, extra experience points not used are stored in this sake bottle. Maximum of 20,000 exp points can be stored before the upgrade.  Sake bottle can be upgraded to a max of 80,000 storage space with 60% efficiency. This mechanism allows the players to be away from the game for a little bit longer to enjoy life outside. 🙂



Use Challenge Ticket wisely


Save up Challenge tickets for Kamaitachi in Chapter 18 to get his shards as Kamitachi is the best Action Bar Support currently. His skill costs one more Orb than Yamausagi, but he’s faster and his skill has better buffs. Players can also challenge Momo in Chapter 8. She’s a very strong healer currently but Ebisu is considered the top healer. Note that Challenges max out at level 40. Challenges can also trigger Encounters.



Guild Map


Check the Map in the Guild screen often for a 10-energy refill in nearby guilds once every 4 hours. Once you are in Yin Yan Ryo, click on to Map and select one of the nearby Guilds. On the upper right of the pop up there is an icon. Click that to get 10 energy. This only works with Guilds that are nearby. Players can also seek Shikigamis in the Map to fight for shards once every 4 hours.



Save up Yamausagis


There is a special team build for Soul 9/10 using 4 awakened Yamausagi, a DPS, and a high-level Hiromasa. Unless the players have a good SSR such as Ibara, the 4-Yamausagi team is the most secure way to grind Soul 9/10, even though it takes a long time to do.



Do Demon Parade


Invite friends for Demon Parade to increase accuracy and increase the likelihood that Friends would invite you. Therefore increasing the chance of getting shards from Friends’ Parades. To combine Shikigami Shards, go to the bottom left of the Shikigami Index. It will also tell you how many more shard you need to combine each Shikigami.



Main Characters


Besides achievements, leveling up Guardian Beast is another way to level up the main characters’ skills. The players can level up the Onmyoji’s Guardian Beast to indirectly strengthen the Onmyoji. Every 5 level up for the Guardian Beast can increase 1 level of the Onmyoji’s skill level. The drawback is that leveling up Guardian Beasts consume Souls. Also note that unlike Rank Levels, Guardian Beast levels are not shared. Level up Seimei and Kagura first. Seimei is a good choice for PVE due to his supporting abilities and Kagura is an excellent farmer that can solo hard story missions.



Dharma Eggs (or Daruma Eggs)


Save Black Dharmas for SSRs (arguably SRs) and don’t waste on Rs. Level up White Dharmas for 5-star; start feeding it away at 3-star is a waste as the true grind is getting fodders to 5-star. The general consensus is to level up Red Dharma Eggs to around level 3 – 4 and the Blue ones level 12 – 13 before feeding to the main Shikigamis. One way is to put the Red Dharmas on observation when doing Exploration so they gain the experience without having to battle. In battle, there are two spots on the sideline that the players can put Shikigamis. Observations grants around 60% of the experience gained by participating Shikigamis in a battle.





Maximize weekly PVP honor even if it means losing. Honour can be used to trade Two-faced Buddha, an SSR, or rare summoning tickets.





Speed is a very important attribute in Onmyoji. Be sure to save up Souls with Speed in Primary or Secondary attributes. Secondary attributes are randomly leveled up at level 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15, so it is worthwhile to see if Speed as a secondary could be upgraded.



Evolution (Special Cases)


While most Shikigamis should be awakened as soon as it could, the case is different Ebisu and Kamaitachi. Their best abilities came by default and awakening would introduce a new ability. The more efficient way is to max out their best default abilities first before introducing new abilities.  Evolution would increase the ability pool RNGesus can choose from.



Cleansing (Obsolete)


Always fight Cleansing for good rewards because even losing has rewards. Cleansing is located in Alley screen.



Farming with efficiency


Long story short, to increase farming efficiency, the players need to buy experience buffs from the shop with Jade. This is another reason why spending Jade on the summons is not recommended. The shop sells 3-day 50% buffs as well as a monthly buff of 15%. These two can be stacked. In addition, a good Guild would consistently provide its members with 10% buffs. Therefore, finding a good Guild and participating in Guild Raids is important.



Do Explorations often


Exploration is the main place to farm because of the rewards given. While it is perfectly fine for players to just fight for bounty list completion, but it is best to fight until the boss appears and beat it. That way, the players not only gets the boss rewards, but also has a chance to encounter Shikigamis on the Exploration Map for shards, to get the randomly appear Treasure Box, and to fight Kraken and Nian beast (which are not released at first).



Tutorial Awards


There is an easy tutorial that will give one Challenge ticket, one Demon Parade ticket, and 10,000 coins upon completion. Completion is also very easy by simply clicking through the pictures. To do that, go to Wishing Rack by sliding the screen to the left. There are 8 lanterns on the rack. Click on to the second one from the left on the top roll. This will bring you to the tutorial screen. Click on the Two-tailed fox Shiro to start the tutorial. Keep clicking till you get to the end. The rewards should be in your inbox in 30 minutes.