Pack Analysis





Promo Beginner pack has the best value.  If you are only willing to spend a little bit, this is the one to buy.

Some of the packs have items that are not cannot be bought with Jade so those are base on personal judgment.

Ultimately, what to buy depend much on personal preference and need.  The analysis below is merely a guide.



Willing to pay a little?


Much of this website has been geared towards F2P but life is usually much easier if you are willing to pay.  In game or in real life lol.

I think paying even just a little bit is a great way to support the game.  Especially when some packs cost only a small amount but have quite high in-game value.

Here I am trying to analysis the current packs on sale in Onmyoji.



Game Economics


The main currency in this game has always been Jades.  With Jades, players can exchange Coins, AP, etc.  If I remembered correctly, S-Jade was introduced before of some Chinese Law governing online gaming.

There are quite a few packs on sale in the game for a various amount of S-Jade.  With different items in the pack, it is hard to immediately see the value of the pack.

In the analysis below, I have broken down the pack into Jade Equivalents (Jade Eq.).  Essentially, this means roughly how many Jades does it cost to buy the same items in the General Store.  By doing so, I can compare their Jade/S-Jade value and, of course, the higher the number the better.

In addition, there are some personal preferences in the calculation.  For example, Exp Boost Pack has no Jades but I like the 100% Exp Up, which can stack with 50% Exp Up for extra experience.  This is a good pack for upgrading fodder and get your first G6 DPS faster.






Pack  Note  Value  SJade  Jade Eq  Jade/Sjade
 Bench Mark  Buying Jade with S-Jade straight up  Low         1,200        2,400                   2.00
 Promo Beginner  Dragon Coil Frame and G3 Moon Cardx7  Must Have               10        1,600               160.00
 Exp Boost  100% Exp Up can stack on top 50% Up  Mid            110               –                        –
 Promo Daruma  Grade Daruma come often  Low               20               –                        –
 Amulet Value  High value if you need to summon  High               50            850                 17.00
 Moonlight Blossom  Cheap Amulet and Yuki Onna skin if you like her  High               50            700                 14.00
 Susabi Soul Pack  Souls come easily but cheap Amulet  High               50            700                 14.00
 Susabi Amulet Pack II  Only to take advantage of Susabi summon chance up  Low            350        1,220                   3.49
 Susabi Amulet Pack III  Only to take advantage of Susabi summon chance up  Low            850        2,900                   3.41
 Susabi Legend pack  Fortune Cat Frame if you like  Low         1,600        5,100                   3.19
 Amulet Pack II  Better off buy the Susabi packs  Low            350            720                   2.06
 Amulet Pack III  Better off buy the Susabi packs  Low            850        2,050                   2.41
 Legend Amulet pack  Better off buy the Susabi packs  Low         1,600        4,100                   2.56
 Coin Boost  Evo Bonus is plenty over time but cheap Coin  Mid            110            600                   5.45
 Shikigami Exp  Darumas not too useful  Low               60               –                        –
 Grade Daruma  G4 Grade Daruma is nice to have  Low            110               –                        –
 Exp Pack  It’s better than buying EXP Bonus and AP with Jade  Low               60            160                   2.67
 15-day promo  Better value if you are willing to wait  Mid            100            475                   4.75
 30-day promo  Better value if you are willing to wait  Mid            200        1,100                   5.50
 Daruma Pack II  Darumas not too useful  Low            180               –                        –
 Daruma Pack III  G4 Grade Daruma is nice to have  Low            300               –                        –
 Skin Pack II  If you need Skin token  Low            230               –                        –
 Skin Pack III  If you need Skin token  Low            480               –                        –
 Skill Daruma  Skill Daruma is most sought after  Low            580            500                   0.86



Pack  Amulet Eq  Coins Eq  Exp Up Eq.  AP eq  Jade  Jade Eq
 Bench Mark    2,400             2,400
 Promo Beginner                  700                50                  640         210             1,600
 Exp Boost                    –
 Promo Daruma                    –
 Amulet Value                  800                50                 850
 Moonlight Blossom       700                 700
 Susabi Soul Pack                  700                 700
 Susabi Amulet Pack II                  700                20       500             1,220
 Susabi Amulet Pack III              2,000                50       850             2,900
 Susabi Legend pack              4,000              100    1,000             5,100
 Amulet Pack II                  700                20                 720
 Amulet Pack III              2,000                50             2,050
 Legend Amulet pack              4,000              100             4,100
 Coin Boost              600                 600
 Shikigami Exp                    –
 Grade Daruma                    –
 Exp Pack                  100           60                 160
 15-day promo       475                 475
 30-day promo    1,100             1,100
 Daruma Pack II                    –
 Daruma Pack III                    –
 Skin Pack II                    –
 Skin Pack III                    –
 Skill Daruma       500                 500