Mid Game Guide




Consider this: you have started playing Onmyoji for about a month or two, and now you have a 5-stars Ubume or Kuro Mujou. You also have Yamausagi and Zashiki at 3-star. With some events ongoing, you managed to summon several other Shikigamis and you are wondering what to focus on.

I am sure you have lots of questions playing the game along the way. Here I will list some Q&A and hope to clarify some of them.





Onmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami UbumeOnmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami Kuro Mujou


With any luck, you should have summoned an SR DPS, or even SSR DPS that you aren’t sure if you should use the precious white Daruma on them. This is especially true if you have Ubume, who is just as useful as many of the SSRs.

Firstly, you should assess the Souls that you have currently. If you managed to summon Ibaraki Doji, do you have a good set of [Shadow] for him? If yes, and if your only strong DPS is only Ubume or Kuro Mujou, then, by all means, upgrade Ibaraki Doji.

Secondly, how do you want to build your Arena Team? Assuming you have limited variety of Shikigamis, you should base on what you have and decide if upgrading a new Shikigami would help you tremendously.

Do you already have a decent support line up with a healer, Shuzu, and Ame Onna? In my opinion, Supports are extremely important in the game. Having good supporting units is what wins the battle. Having good DPS just speeds up the process.

Usually, you cannot go wrong with upgrading two DPS because there is always a possibility for the “Dual Move Bar Pull” team build: 2 Move Bar Support + Zashiki + 2 DPS.

Personally, I believe having Ibaraki Doji with a decent [Shadow] Soul grinds fodders much faster in Exploration than Ootengu or Ubume since these two rely more on the chance-based [Seductress] damage. However, Ubume and Ootengu are a lot better in Boss raids and Soul dungeons.



Single Target DPS


Onmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami Hakuro


Looking at single target Shikigamis, you are probably looking at being able to one shot enemies. There are a few main choices for different team setups.

For “First-Mover” teams, some of the best choices are Arakawa Lord, Blade, and Hakuro.  You can go for these when you have decent Supports like Yumekui and Ushi no Toki in addition to having move bar support Shikigamis like Kamaitachi and Yamausagi.

For “Counter” teams, the best choices would be Shuten Doji, Kuro, and Vampira. For these, you should have Supports like Shuzu and Ame Onna to ensure the DPS survive the first wave of attacks.



Crowd Control


Onmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami Samurai XOnmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami InformationOnmyoji Game - Hannya


This depends if you have a decent set of Souls for each different Crowd Control Type Shikigamis. In particular, you MUST have a Position 4 Soul with Effect HIT increase for obvious reasons. To illustrate an example, consider the following. If you are using Samurai X, you should have a set of [Senecio], [Jizo Statue], or [Boroboroton]. Since he is expected to get hit a lot, you might as well take advantage of it. If you have multiple-hit Shikigamis like Yuki Onna, Shiro Mujou, or Kiyohime, you should have a set of either [Mimic], [Dawn Fairy] or [Temptress]. Their multi-hit would increase the chance to proc.

There is not really a best Crowd Control Shikigami; it all depends on your line up and preference.

Samurai X is good because he can provoke enemies at a base 50% rate even with his passive and Soul sealed by Hannya. The downside is enemies with high ATK can potentially kill him if he is not tanky enough. The Taunt debuff can be removed by Ame Onna as well.

Yuki Onna, Shiro Mujou, or Kiyohime are usually seen with [Mimic] to inflict multiple status debuffs. It will be extremely tough for the enemy team to remove them even with an Ame Onna. [Mimic] does random debuffs which include Daze, which a non-removable debuff. Therefore, many players consider Daze to be superior to other status effects.

As their main role primarily is for debuffing, 3 to 4 stars are sufficient at mid game. For Samurai X, 4 – 5 stars are recommended.



Move Bar Support


Onmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami YamausagiOnmyoji Mobile Game -Shikigami Kamaitachi


Yamausagi is usable even without any skills upgraded. For Kamaitachi, you have to upgrade his skills until he has the Move Bar pull effect (Lv.3 of [Brotherly Bond]). You can leave your Yamausagi at 3 or 4 stars while you slowly get ready Kamaitachi. Do note that Kamaitachi is mostly used in Arena because he has a higher base speed and also provides additional defense and resist with his buff.

Recommended stars: 3 -5 stars.





Onmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami MomoOnmyoji Mobile Game - Shikigami Ebisu  


I would say it still depends on the Souls you have. For Momo, she is the only healer with a resurrection skill. However, she can only heal all her teammates if she lands a critical on her heal. This means that you need a 100% critical rate for constant AOE heals. However, if she gets controlled, she will not be able to heal anyone, unlike Ebisu.

Ebisu can place [Fish Banner] in front of his team, and it will heal each teammate as long as the banner stays up when it’s their turn. His passive generates a bit of Orb when he gets damaged. Furthermore, it can randomly clear debuffs when it is the flag’s turn. However, the downside is that this is not an immediate heal.  Usually, Ebisu is not the first Shikigami to act in the team. By the time it reaches Ebisu’s turn and the banner is placed, it is still required for other members to get their turn before they can be healed.

Hana is the only SSR healer and she has the best healing mechanics. She can heal with her normal attack, and this is best achieved with the [Scarlet] Soul (note that Scarlet is not good for her anymore in the latest Mainland China update). Furthermore, her active skill allows her to heal all her teammates and leaving a buff on them to heal constantly for 2 turns. Her passive also gives her a chance to make a move faster.

In terms of Soul requirements, Ebisu requires the least effort as he just has to stack his HP as high as possible. You don’t have to stack critical stats for a good heal like Momo. For Hana, you can take your time to develop her while using a good Ebisu or Momo to start. Ebisu and Momo are still very much used in late games.

Please note that if you are using Vampira or Kuro, do not use Ebisu as it will destroy their potential damage effect.

Recommended stars: 4 – 5 stars.



Getting good Souls


Onmyoji Game Soul Shop

6-star Snow Spirit selling for 480K at the shop.


From level 42 onwards, the secret shop will sell 6-star Souls at a random chance. It cost 480k coins and this refreshes hourly. I would say, only prioritize on what you really need because 480k is no joke. It takes ALOT of time to farm for 480k. And it is super rare that you will get a 6-star Soul with good stats from the shop. You also need additional luck to upgrade them with good secondary stats, and upgrading them costs tons of coin as well.

For buying coins, 1.2 mil coins costs you 1,000 Jades. You can buy two 6-star Souls and use the remaining coins for enhancement. And there go the 1,000 Jades. Imagine if you use the Jades to refresh the secret shop, your Jades will be gone before you know it! Simply wait for the secret shop to refresh, and only buy the ones you need BADLY. Unless you farm coins 24/7 or you can afford to spend lots of cash on this game, by all means.


<To be continued>