A Day in Onmyoji





When new players start Onmyoji for the first time, they will probably be overwhelmed with so many features and gameplay that can keep them busy the whole entire day. At different time slots during the day, there are various events that provide rewards for completion. For competitive players, I am sure that they would not want to miss out any of these rewards. However, you don’t have to worry about missing some rewards if you are a working adult. This game is created such that you would not be severely disadvantaged for missing some of them. There are other time slots allocated for the same event if you have missed the earlier one.

This guide aims to help you maximize your gameplay.

Below is a cheat sheet of all the significant events that you need to look out for (time zone is EST – UCT – 4):


Time Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
5:00 Wanted Quests (Refresh 1)
12:00 – 13:00 Duel PvP (real time)
Free AP (20)
14:00 – 15:00  N/A Co-op Duel
17:00 – 22:00 Demon Encounter
18:00 Wanted Quests (Refresh 2)
19:00 – 21:00 Kirin Hunting Nether Gate
20:00 – 21:00 Free AP (20)
Duel PvP (real time)
All Day Daily Quests
Friend’s Realm Slot
Guild Realm Raid (activate by Guild Leaders)
Personal Realm Raid (requires Raid tickets)
Shard Zone
EXP Spirit
Coin Spirit
Evo Zone
Soul Zone
Secret Dungeon



Wanted Quest


On a daily basis, clear the Wanted Quests that refreshed at 5:00 am and 6:00 pm EST every day. You can locate the quests on Kohaku with the label “Seal” on top its head.



Each refresh gives you 3 quests that require you to kill a certain number of different Shikigamis. Depending on how many AP that you will need to clear the quest, it may be wiser to use the [Challenge Ticket] to complete the quests within one battle. However, note that these tickets are not obtained that easily so use them wisely. For locations of the wanted Shikigamis, refer to the Wanted Quest Location.


Before Duel, there are a few hours after you completed your Bounty Quests. You may choose to do the following:

  1. Guild Exploration (click on other guilds on the real world map) every 4 hours to get 10 AP free
  2. Clear daily quests
  3. Clear Soul dungeons
  4. Shard Zone
  5. Guild Raid
  6. Personal Raid


Supplies 10 AP every 4 hours. Doesn’t have to be your own guild.





At 12.00pm and 5.00pm, you will get 1 hour to duel with other players real time. You can access the Arena function via the below area.

You can also claim your free 20 AP from the little sweeper in the main menu at the same time.


Hunt, Demon Encounter/Nether Gate, Duel, and Demon Parade locations


You will then reach the following screen:



The total number of Honor Points you can receive for the week based on your previous week’s highest Arena rank obtained. Rank 1 gives you a maximum for 2000 Honor Points per week. For the attached screenshot, at Rank 5 you can gain a maximum of 3600 Honor Points.

  • a. Rank 1 Honor Points = 2000 (min)
  • b. Rank 2 Honor Points = 2400
  • c. Rank 3 Honor Points = 2800
  • d. Rank 4 Honor Points = 3200
  • e. Rank 5 Honor Points = 3600
  • f. Rank 6 Honor Points = 4000
  • g. Rank 7 Honor Points = 4400
  • h. Rank 8 Honor Points = 4800 (max)


Based on your current Arena Rank, you can bring up to 5 Shikigamis to battle. You can only bring 3 Shikigamis at Rank 1. Starting at Rank 2, you will be able to bring 5 Shikigamis.

Rank Level Points. You need to reach a certain threshold to promote to the next Rank Level

  • a. Rank 1 Threshold = 1000 or lower
  • b. Rank 2 Threshold = 1200
  • c. Rank 3 Threshold = 1400
  • d. Rank 4 Threshold = 1600
  • e. Rank 5 Threshold = 1800
  • f. Rank 6 Threshold = 2000
  • g. Rank 7 Threshold = 2200
  • h. Rank 8 Threshold = 2400 or higher


Regardless if your team is decent enough for PvP, just enter the Arena battles. It doesn’t matter if you lose every battle, the point is to maximize the Honor Points you get every week for rewards. At Rank 1, you gain 40 Honor Points per loss, while 80 per win. With this, you will always reach your minimum threshold every week. As you go stronger, then try to win each battle to increase the limit of Honor Points to get per week.

You can claim rewards in the Mall under General shop. I recommend prioritizing Grade Daruma.




Demon Encounter


At 17:00, Demon Encounter activates. This is a fun little daily event where the players get to complete 4 quests for some very decent grand prizes. These quests include answering trivia about the game, fighting Shikigamis, challenging others’ Realms, etc. There is not much trick here. Though note that you do not actually need to complete the quests for the grand prize, just keep pressing the quests.

Sometimes the quests would offer the players to purchase 100 AP for 50 Jades. This is actually a good deal if you are active. However, with the current SSR event, I would save Jades for Rare Summon if you are F2P.

Demon Encounter is also a good place to get special Realm Cards so make sure you do this every day and check out the [Realm Card] guide.



At 7.00pm, if you are in a Guild, your Guild Leaders can choose to unlock the Kirin for all guild members to participate in. The dungeon can be unlocked any time from 7.00pm to 8.30pm. You can enter the battle as follows:



There are currently 5 different difficulties (stars) of the Kirin. Depending on the strength of your guild, the guild will then choose the difficulty level to challenge. Upon completion, you gain coins, Daruma Fragments, Shikigami Fragments, Soul, etc. For first-time clearance, you gain achievement rewards too.

The Kirins are similar to the Evo Kirins in looks and skills, but this time, they are much stronger and therefore require a good time and collaborative effort. I will cover this in the Kirin guide later.

At a later stage of the game, Kirin is usually done within 10 – 15 minutes. Be sure to join in time to get the rewards.

From Friday to Sunday, the 7.00pm Kirin Hunt is replaced with the Nether Gate where you fight up to 50 or more levels of Shikigamis. You gain similar rewards like in Kirin Hunts.



Nether Gate


There are some slight variations when it comes to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

From Friday to Sunday, the Kirin Hunting event is replaced by a Nether Gate event which you fight various waves of Shikigamis. The higher level you go, the better the rewards. However, it is rumored that the best possible rewards will be given when you reach level 50. Anything higher is just for personal achievements. You can access the Nether Gate here:




Co-op Duel


During the weekends, from 2.00pm to 3.30pm, you can join the Tag Arena with a friend, guildmate or a random matched player. This is a separate PvP event which will also grant you rewards.

You gain points faster with a friend or guildmate. Each of you will choose 3 Shikigamis to participate in the battle. This is different from the Solo PvP where you play one main character and 5 Shikigamis.

It is good to have a variety of decently equipped Shikigamis so you can easily fit into any public player matched. If not, try to have a constant player who actively does Co-op PvP with you.



Exploration Map


Now that we have looked through all the time specific events and gameplay, now we can look at other game functions that you can play in other time slots.

Under Exploration, there is a Raid function (Personal and Guild) which is located as follows:



Personal Raid can also be called an offline PvP. In other words, you will battle players who have placed Shikigamis on their defensive line up. Computer AI will play their team against you under Auto Mode.

You will then be shown 9 random players assigned to you, with the number of Medals you can gain if you win the battle. The maximum number of tickets that can be stored is 30.



Progress bar for rewards

a. 3 wins = 2 Medals, 5 Jades

b. 6 wins = 4 Medals, 1 Normal Summon Amulet

c. 9 wins = 10 Raid Medals, 10 Jades

d. Note that you can win ALL the above awards collectively if you reach 9 wins


Some players will put all Darumas under their defense lineups as a form of courtesy to all players, which allow them to gain the progress bar rewards. However, this means they would give up the weekly defense rank.

At higher levels, it would be quite difficult for you to complete all 9 wins unless your Arena PvP team is extremely strong. If not, usually players will recommend the refresh of progress bar with every 3 wins. This will maximize the number of Jades earned per raid ticket used.

Under Guild Raid, you will see the following screen:



Every day your guild masters will pick a guild to battle for Medals

Progress Bar – When reaching 90%, your guild will win the raid and can claim the Guild Medals as shown on Successful Raid Rewards.

Guild Medals can be used by the guild masters to purchase various buffs such as EXP buff, Coin buff, Soul & Evo Buffs, etc. High performing guilds can give up to 30 Reward Bags each week to all guild members. You can get rewards such as 50 Ontama Jades, 1 – 4 Normal Summoning Scrolls, Base Dharma, 10,000 gold, etc.





The team function is where players solicit others to form teams to battle. Kraken is very common as it is required to form teams to begin the battle.

In addition to the mandatory requirement, there are also efficiency savings. When you solo Soul Dungeons or Evo Dungeons, you will spend 6 AP per run. If you do it with a party, you only spend 4 AP while getting more rewards! The only disadvantage is that you have lesser Shikigamis in the battle for EXP (which is minimal), but the reduction in energy spent far outweighs this disadvantage!



No matter if you are in need of a Kuro Mujou for grinding, or an Umi Bozu for PvP, you can farm their shards in Team. Each successful run nets you from 1 to 4 fragment pieces. However, note that there are so many players fighting for these parties and hence you may spend significant time in getting in a party.

While many teams have no cooldown, Coin Raids and EXP Raids have 6 hours cooldown each. Coin and Exp Raids give the highest Coin/Exp per AP in the game.

The Kraken has a one-hour cooldown when you join teams but no limit if you discover the boss yourself. I suggest repeating Kraken every hour if you have excess AP. Once you get to Soul 9/10, you can often get a G6 Soul every Kraken fight.





The Shikigami Challenge requires challenge tickets. While Challenge is a great way to do Wanted Quests, you may want to save some for SR shards. Namely, you get challenge Momo in Chapter 8. Momo is a great healer in the game so many players would use the Challenge tickets for her shards.




Secret Dungeon


From time to time, the game will release one Secret Dungeon that allows you to challenge a number of dungeon levels featuring a particular Shikigami. These Shikigamis include Yamausagi, Momiji, Kappa, etc. Upon completing all the levels, you will obtain a special skin for that particular Shikigami. All previous levels will give you high-level Souls, good gold amounts, Jades, Darum, or Rare Summon Amulets. These rewards are only applicable for first-time clearance. Subsequent runs do not grant you good enough rewards so don’t bother spending time with them after clearing. Though these missions are good for some Wanted Quests.