Active Events



Arise!  Lords of Kyoto!

Duration: Jan 4 0:00 – Mar 4 23:59 EST

A recharge event so not much to talk about.  Essentially the more you buy the more rewards.





Activate!  Summon Circle!

Duration: Jan 4 0:00 – Mar 4 23:59 EST

The most important event this round.  You do not want to miss this!  The prizes are Ubume and Skill Daruma.

Ubume is the key so get her first.  This SR is the main firepower for many players for a long time to come.  She’s easy to equip and is a power AOE attacker.

Skill Daruma is also extremely useful for SSR upgrading.

This event is F2P friendly.  With the free summon tickets given in the game, you should be able to get both without any problems.





Come On!  My SSR!

Duration: Jan 4 0:00 – Mar 4 23:59 EST

Not much to talk about here.  Just keep summoning and consider buy summoning tickets with jades.  With two months to go, the early birds to the game should be able to get this.




Set off to a new World!

Again not much to say here.  This is just a daily log-in event.





Daruma Wishes

Duration: Jan 4 0:00 – Feb 14 23:59 EST

A very nice event to get Darumas.  Again, you should prioritize Skill Daruma (Black), then Grade (White), and finally Base (Red).  The reason is one Skill Daruma is essentially one SSR in terms of skill upgrading.

While the Daruma Cards are dropped by chance, a diligent player should have no problem getting all the rewards (providing he/she starts the game early).

I am sure everyone will do plenty of Soul and Evo Zone so there should be plenty of Base and Grade Cards.  One reminder is to pay attention to the Skill cards since they only come from Wanted (Bounty) seals.




Share for a Mystery Amulet

One share on Facebook or Twitter will get you a rare summon.  You are getting a summon for free every week.  I don’t see why not.




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