Character Information

Onmyoji Mobile Game - Yaobikuni

Yaobikuni – 八百比丘尼

 Onmyoji Mobile Game - Yaobikuni Seiyu (Voice Actor) Miyuki Sawashiro
Guardian Beast Peacock
Farming   PVP  

Max Stat – Yaobikuni

Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %
3256 13847 536 100 0%

Max Stat Guardian Beast – Peacock

Attack HP Defense Speed  
3126 13293 515 28



Starlight Blast

Cost 0 Orb
Description ST 100% attack damage
Level up Level 2: +5% attack damage
Level 3: +5% attack damage
Level 4: +5% attack damage
Level 5: +10% attack damage
Analysis [Starlight Blast] – Max 125% attack damage without special effects



Cost 0 Orb
Description Cast Clairvoyance on the team so that, upon landing critical hits, teammates have 30% chance of recovering 10% of max hp.  Cooldown: 3 turns
Level up Level 2 hp recovery now 15%
Level 3 chance to activate 35%
Level 4 hp recovery now 20%
Level 5 chance to activate 40%
Analysis [Clairvoyance] – This is a very good skill to have when farming.  Your farmer is likely to focus on a critical build so having a 20% hp recovery 40% of the time is huge.  This is even better when the farmer is multi hit like Ubume.  For PvP, this can increase the survivability of the team.  However, Yaobikuni has better skills for PvP.


Starlight Curse

Cost 0 Orb
Description AOE debuff that has 25% to seal enemies’ Souls and passives for 2 turns.  Cooldown 3 turns.
Level up Level 2 chance to seal now 30%
Level 3 chance to seal now 35%
Level 4 chance to seal now 40%
Level 5 chance to seal now 45%
Analysis [Starlight Curse] – This is Yaobikuni’s most fearsome skill.  This is not hard to imagine since Onmyoji is more about having good Souls than having good Shikigamis.  Sealing Souls and passives means rendering Shikigamis useless.  Just imagine an Ubume without Seductress and having no assist attacks.  This technique teams up well with Hannya.  For obvious reasons, [Starlight Curse] has less impact on teams that do not rely too much on Souls and passives.  Faster teams can also sometimes inflict significant damage before Yaobikuni acts.  (sealing means Soul’s synergized effect is sealed, eg. 4-set or 2-set effects, not the Soul stats itself.  Seals can be dispelled and resisted)


Starlight Shower

Cost 0 Orb
Description AOE 112% attack damage w/ 40% chance to lower enemies’ max hp by 20%, lasting 2 turns.  Cooldown 3 turns  (Max HP reduction is 300% of Yao Bikuni’s max HP)
Level up Level 2 +5% attack damage
Level 3 +5% attack damage
Level 4 +5% attack damage
Level 5 +5% attack damage
Analysis [Starlight Shower] – likes.  It could also reduce the survivability and effectiveness of Healer teams.  In PvE though, since most bosses are status immune, [Star Fall] is not too useful.  (max hp reduction can be resisted but not dispelled;  affects summonings of the affected unit as well)



Cost 0 Orb
Description Peacock randomly dispels all debuffs on one ally when Yaobikuni acts (even ones that do not have a debuff)
Level up
Not Upgradable
Analysis [Purification] – Different from other characters, Yaobikuni’s passive does not counter enemy attacks.  Rather, she dispels debuffs for allies.  [Purification] is a nice passive to have as status effects are rampant in Onmyoji.  However, being random targetting diminished the usefulness of this skill.  I consider this passive the weakest amongst all main characters since there are no effects on enemies.  This lowers Yaobikuni’s overall survivability.


Divination Sigil: Reborn

Cost 0 Orb
Description Cast the Divination Sigil: Reborn on 1 teammate for 1 turn.  The buffed teammate revives with 14% hp upon defeat.  Marks of Divining do not stack.
Level up Level2 Revival hp is now 16%
Level3 Revival hp is now 18%
Level4 Revival hp is now 20%
Level5 the Sigil lasts one more turn
Analysis [Divination Sigil: Reborn] – This similar to Kagura’s [Afterlife] but it is a permanent revival, not temporary.  Another point to note is that this does not cost Orb which is a great bonus.  This skill should be useful in Healer/Revival teams.


Divination Sigil: Reflect

Cost 0 Orb
Description Cast the Divination Sigil on 1 teammate for 1 turn.  The buffed teammate reflects 50% of damage received (AOE attack would not trigger reflect).  Marks of Divining do not stack.
Level up Level2 Reflect 60% of damage received
Level3 Reflect 70% of damage received
Level4 Reflect 80% of damage received
Level5 the Sigil lasts one more turn
Analysis [Divination Sigil: Reflect] – This is a single target ability, which greatly limited its usability.  Furthermore, AOE attacks don’t trigger.  Therefore, this skill doesn’t usually make an appearance giving so many other options to choose from.  However, I would think Samurai X can benefit from this greatly.


Divination Sigil: Recover

Cost 0 Orb
Description Cast the Mark of Divining on 1 teammate for 1 turn.  The buffed teammate recovers 15% of lost hp at the next turn.  Marks of Divining do not stack.
Level up Level2 Recover 20% of lost hp
Level3 Recover 25% of lost hp
Level4 Recover 30% of lost hp
Level5 the Sigil lasts one more turn
Analysis [Divination Sigil: Recover] – The key of this Sigil is that it’s recovering hp LOST.  This means unless the Shikigami is close to dying, this skill is probably not as effective as many of the healers.  Given so many other choices, I don’t see the reason to use this.


Special Note

The three Divination Sigil skills have the same icon, which is very confusing.  In PvP, this can confuse your opponents since they can’t tell which one you are using.  The Marks cannot be dispelled.


Sample Team Set up

A sample team for Yaobikuni, in descending Speed order, would be: Kamikui (Accelerator), Samurai X (Taunt), Yaobikuni, Zashiki (Orb Provider), Shuten Doji (or other DPS) In this case, you can try out [Divination Sigil: Reflect].



PvE: She may have a hard time farming alone but using [Star Fall] and [Foresee] is perfect when coupling with a DPS. PvP: [Starlight Curse] is very much a must for Yaobikuni.  Another one could be [Starlight Shower] or [Clairvoyance] depending on the team build. Her order of auto attack is: Divination Sigil > Starlight Shower > Clairvoyance > Starlight Curse > Starlight Blast