Abe no Seimei


Character Information


Onmyoji Mobile Game - Abe no Seimei

Abe no Seimei – 安倍晴明
Onmyoji Mobile Game - Seimei Seiyu (Voice Actor) Noriaki Sugiyama
Guardian Beast Shinryu (Dragon)
Farming PVP
Max Stat – Seimei
Attack HP Defense Speed Critical %
3256 13847 536 100 0%
Max Stat Guardian Beast – Dragon
Attack HP Defense Speed
3126 13293 515 28


Skill Analysis

Basic Skill

Cost 0 Orb
Description ST 100% attack damage
Level up Level 2: 50% (+ Effect HIT) chance to attach [Amulet: Chaos], decrease target’s attack by 20% lasting 2 turns
Level 3: 100% (+ Effect HIT)chance to attach [Amulet: Chaos]
Level 4: [Amulet: Chaos] now decrease enemy attack by 40%
Level 5: Attack damage increase by 20%
Analysis Seimei’s [Basic Skill] is single-targeted and has the effect of lowering target’s attacks by 40%.  In PVE, most bosses are immune to status effects and debuffs so Seimei is not too useful.  It is more useful in PVP though.


Spell: Bind

Cost 0 Orb
Description ST debuff – lower target’s defense by 10% and 50% chance to bind enemy.  Bound enemies can only use normal attacks to break the bind, which is 5% of Seimei’s max hp.  The ability has a 2 turn cool down.
Level up Level 2: Defense debuff + 10%
Level 3: Defense debuff + 10%
Level 4: Defense debuff + 10%
Level 5: the bind is now 10% of Seimei’s max hp
Analysis [Spell: Bind] – This ability is a single target debuff ability that lowers the targets by 40% at max and has a 50%+ chance to bind the target.  Still, PVE bosses are generally immune to status effects and debuffs so this ability is not too useful.  This is quite useful in PVP though.  Especially when coupled with Ibara or Kuro Mujou for burst damage.  However, once Seimei’s “Talisman: Destroy” gets high enough levels, “Bind” would become obsolete.


Spell: Protect

Cost 0 Orb
Description AOE shield that is 10% of Seimei’s hp lasting 2 turns.  Ability has a 3 turn cooldown
Level up Level 2: Shield is now 11% of Seimei’s max hp
Level 3: Shield is now 12% of Seimei’s max hp
Level 4: Shield is now 13% of Seimei’s max hp
Level 5: Shield is now 14% of Seimei’s max hp
Analysis [Spell: Guard] – An AOE shield that can absorb damage worth of 14% of Seimei’s max hp.  This ability is useful for absorbing one ultra-high damage from the enemies.  Therefore, this ability can be used in missions such as Souls and Hunting where the bosses do heavy AOE damage.  In addition, [Spell: Protect] is one of the best ability when you do autoruns on Souls.  This ability is what makes Seimei good in PVE.


Spell: Purge

Cost 0 Orb
Description Explode all Amulets that are attached to units on the battlefield, damaging enemies with 10% of Seimei’s attack and healing allies with 10% of Seimei’s max hp
Level up
Not Upgradable
Analysis [Spell: One] – This is not a useful ability as it relies on the two [Talisman] abilities or the [Normal Attack] to take effect.  However, the effect is not impressive as it does minimal damage to enemies and minimal heals to allies.  This ability is almost never used.


Amulet: Death

Cost 0 Orb
Description AOE – attach [Amulet: Death] on all enemies; decreasing their defense by 15% lasting 2 turns
Level up Level 2: Defense debuff +5%
Level 3: Defense debuff +5%
Level 4: Defense debuff +5%
Level 5: Ability last one more turn
Analysis [Amulet: Death] – This is an AOE ability that, at max, increases the damage enemies receive by 30% and is very useful in PVP.  This ability works very well with Ibaraki Doji and Kuro Mujou to maximize burst damage.  In addition, this ability synergizes incredibly well with Hououga to inflict Daze status.  Hououga has a passive ability that has 50% chance to Daze a debuffed enemy.  By stacking Effect HIT Souls, Daze is almost guaranteed when coupled with Amulet: Death.  This is not too useful in PVE for the same reasons that bosses are usually immune to debuffs.


Amulet: Life

Cost 0 Orb
Description AOE buff – attach [Talisman: Live] on all allies; increasing their defense by 15%, lasting 2 turns
Level up Level 2: Ability last one more turn
Level 3: Defense buff +5%
Level 4: Defense buff +5%
Level 5: effect applies to Seimei as well
Analysis [Amulet: Life] – An AOE buff that decreases damage received by allies for 30%.  This is more suitable for teams that are geared towards crowd control and healing, such as Samurai X with Oguna.


Divine Lightning

Cost 0 Orb
Description 10% chance to summon Shinryu inflicting 100% of Seimei’s attack damage (AOE)
Level up Level 2: 10% chance to stun enemies
Level 3: +10% attack damage
Level 4: +10% chance to Daze
Level 5: +10% attack damage
Analysis [Divine Lightning] – A useful passive ability in PVP against opponents, such as Ootengu and Ubume, with multi-hit AOE attacks.  Having multi-hit attacks means that [Divine Lightning] has a higher chance of activating stun even in the middle of the attack, thereby cutting off the attack sequence.


Spell: Star

Cost 0 Orb
Description AOE buff – increasing allies’ attack by 15% lasting 2 turns
Level up Level 2: +5% damage buff
Level 3: +5% damage buff
Level 4: +5% damage buff
Level 5: attach buff last one more turn
Analysis [Spell: Star] – An AOE buff that increases allies’ attack by 30%.  This is one of the best abilities of Seimei due to its usefulness in both PVP and PVE.  For PVP, this is another damage buff that works well with Ibaraki and Kuro Mujou.  For PVE, this ability compensated for the attack buffs lost by bring [Spell: Guard].


Team Set up

A sample PVP team, in descending Speed order, for Seimei would be as follows: Yamausagi/Kamaitachi (increase move bar), Red Imp (Taunt), Seimei (Spell: Star + Amulet: Death), Maestro (Lingering Sound to stack another buff on Seimei), Zashiki (or any other Shikigami that does not consume Orb before Ibaraki), Ibaraki Doji/other AOE DPSer (wipes enemy using Orbs gained from teammates’ actions).  Naturally, it is very important to conserve Orbs for the final attack.



 Seimei lives up to his name as the main character in the game.  His abilities are balanced and useful in many situations.  Out of the four main characters currently released, I would say he excel at handling bosses where the fights usually drag on.