Tsuchigumo is the next Assembly Boss to be released in Global.  This one is a giant spider that summons littles spiders so stay away if you have spider phobia.

In terms of battle mechanics, this guy is fairly simple.  There aren’t that many tricks besides the common invincible shield.  Tsuchigumo has higher damage than the ones we have faced so far but that is something that a good healer can easily fix.






Description Skills Orbs Description
Poison Thread 0 ST 100% ATK Damage; Also poison’s the target for 5 turns dealing 10% ATK damage each turn.  Max 3 layers of poison
Summon 0 Whenever Tsuchigumo’s body parts are damaged, there is a chance that it’ll summon spider minions to aid the fight.  Tsuchigumo also summons spiders when it receives certain damage.
Damage 0 When Tsuchigumo’s body parts is destroyed, it’ll receive debuffs: Left leg – SPD decrease by 50, Back – DEF decrease by 30%, and Right Claw – ATK decrease by 30%
Spider Web 3 AOE 85% ATK damage.  Poisons the targets and reduces their SPD by 20 lasting one turn.  Also a 30% chance to push back enemy Move Bar by 50%
Rage 0 Tsuchigumo increases its ATK by 8%


There isn’t many tricks to this Boss.  At one point, you’ll have to destroy its limbs and body parts before dealing damage to the Boss but that pretty much it.  The trick is to deal high damage and getting good rewards.


Tsuchigumo summons up to 5 waves of spiders for the fight and each wave has one paper doll that comes along.  You’ll want to take out the spiders as soon as you can for two reasons.  The first reason is so that the spiders and paper dolls don’t act as that will waste your time to do damage.  The second reason is you want to maximize the number of paper dolls you KO’ed to get max rewards.



Shikigamis Recommendations


I would say to try using 3 DPS with a healer and an orb provider.


DPS choices are the usual popular ones: Shuten Doji, Yoto Hime, Ubume, Inugami, etc.  DPS with attack assists are preferred to increase damage output.  These include Susabi and Ubume.

If you are using Susabi, I would suggest partnering him up with non-orb consuming DPS such as Shuten and Vampira.  Susabi is super-efficient in clearing out spider mobs

You can also use Ushi no Toki to replace one of the DPS.  Note that if she is not yet G5, partnering up with Shouzu is recommended to avoid her dying too fast.


Again, Tsuchigumo is quite a straightforward Boss.