Namazu is the latest Rare Assembly Boss to come on stage on May 23.  It is the second Assembly Boss since Odokuro.  This Boss is not exactly super strong but its mechanism will give many players trouble.

Namazu is discovered at Demon Encounter the same way as Odokuro.  Once discovered, there is around 3-6 minute to assemble a minimum of 50 people to a maximum of 300 people to fight this Boss.  The more people joined, the stronger the Boss.  Though if low-level players joined, Boss difficulty would not increase.  I think low level means players below 20 since many of the features require level 20 to unlock.  This is to be confirmed.

With Rare Assembly Bosses, you want to deal as much damage as you could in the given time since damage ranking determines reward at the end of the battle.




The Fight


There are 4 phases in this fight: Phase 1 marks the beginning with 4 Umibozus, Namazu will summon a Monkey in Phase 2, next it will summon a Torii in Phase 3, and the last phase is where players finish off Namazu for rewards.  One thing to note is that Namazu’s power will weaken Shikigamis with Fantasy Fields such as Susabi.



Phase 1

Namazu will summon 4 Umibozu with different buffs (blessings): ATK, Crit DMG, Crit %, and SPD.  The Umibozus are not strong at all.  They are more or less there to help the players.  The first killed Umibozu will transfer his blessing to the team over the course of the fight.  I suggest targeting Crit DMG to maximize damage or SPD if you have Ushi no Toki.  Once the Umibozus are all killed, and Namazu takes enough damage (20-25%), the fight enters the next phase where the Boss summons a Monkey.



Phase 2

Namazu summons a Monkey to take its place in the fight.  The Monkey has an absolute defense in which he takes a maximum of 4000 damage for each hit he receives.  This means multi-hit attacks work better here.  Killing off the Monkey will give buffs to all players.  The faster this Monkey is being killed, the stronger the buff the players will receive.



Phase 3


Once Namazu lost 80% HP, it’ll summon a Torii (a bunch of Japanese gates).  The Torii doesn’t do damage but it’s best if all players participating in destroying it.  If above 80% of the players destroys the Torii, it’ll do minimal damage upon destruction.  Otherwise, it’ll do large damage with debuffs.  Once the gate is destroyed, the fight ends the final phase.



Phase 4


Immediately after Torii is destroyed, several waves of Paper Dolls appear.  As we all know, Paper Dolls carry treasures so just take them out as you please.  After the Paper Dolls are taken out, Namazu comes back and the fight resumes until its HP is depleted.





Namazu has numerous skills:


Skills Orbs Description
Tail Attack 0 ST 100% ATK Damage
Luminous Orb 0 Namazu blesses a target with a strong buff for 2 turns.  Afterward, the target goes into a weakened state for 7 turns in which his/her DEF is lowered by 80%.  While in the weakened state, if the target is blessed again, he/she will die immediately
Churning Wave 0 AOE 80% ATK damage x2
Soaring Slam 0 AOE 250% ATK damage with 75% chance to Daze for 2 turns as well as lower enemy ATK by 30%
Failure Falling 0 AOE 80% ATK damage
Skin Armor 0 Namazu’s thick skin lowers the damage he receives greatly.  When the participating players are being KO’d, its thick skin weakens
Namazu Gaze 0 Namazu observes all enemies.  Namazu marks, with a floating eye, the Shikigami who deals the highest damage for the next two turns and use Luminous Orb on him/her.



The Deadliest Attack


Base on Namazu’s skills, the deadliest is Blessing Light by far.  All other skills are pretty standard and Namazu does not have the high enough ATK to do enough damage.  Luminous Orb will kill your highest damaging Shikigami instantly.  There are several ways to get around this attack though.


Fast Ushi no Toki to get pass the 6 turns – Blessing Light will bless the highest attacking unit and this means Ushi no Toki if you have her on the team.  The trick is to have Ushi no Toki do 6 turns when Namazu only does 2.  With a fast Ushi (I think around 240 SPD should do; with SPD buff), you should be able to avoid the second Blessing.  Alternatively, have an accelerator like Peach Maki also does the trick.  Or just don’t use Straw Doll when Namazu is Staring.


Momo to revive – This is a more straightforward solution.  If you bring a healer to this fight, might as well let that be Momo so she can revive the deceased Shikigami.


Use Maestro or Kagura to shift attack orders – You’ll notice that there is an additional Maestro in the team so you can actually control 6 Shikigamis plus Onmyoji.  This Maestro is not player owned and his skill is a bit different.  Other than letting the selected Shikigami act immediately, he can buff ATK by 100% but has a cooldown of 8 turns.  He can let Blessed Shikigamis shorten weakened turns or let unblessed Shikigamis out damage the Blessed one to shift Namazu’s focus.


Shift to normal attacks – Alternatively, the Blessed Shikigami can just shift to normal attack to let Unblessed Shikigamis out damage his/herself.  This is only if you don’t bring Ushi no Toki.


Brute Force – If your group is strong enough, you’ll probably get to the next phase before receiving the second Blessing.  This is luck dependent though





Namazu’s Blessing is really the only thing to watch out for and it’s not too hard to avoid the immediate death once you understand the mechanic.  I would update if there are any changes upon release.

Lastly, an example of a high damaging team set up:

Ushi no Toki, Ebisu, Futakuchi, Ubume, Puppeteer, with Seimei

Of course, if you have SSRs like Ootengu, Yoto Hime, and Shuten Doji, they would be ideal.