Enraged Kraken


Intro: Kraken on steroids


If you have played the game for a week or so, chances are you have already battled Kraken.  Many players enjoy fighting Kraken since he’s easy to fight, give excellent rewards, and burns AP quickly.  Very soon, a new boss, Enraged Kraken, would be released in the game.  While both the new and the old Kraken share a lot of similarities in appearances, they have their differences.


There are a few differences immediately noticeable with this the Enraged Kraken.

  1. The color is different
  2. AP cost is 35 instead
  3. He’s no longer alone


We hardly care about appearance and the additional AP cost is negligible.  However, the fact that he brings a party makes the fight very interesting.


Onmyoji Game - Enraged Kraken

Enraged Kraken





Onmyoji Game - Enraged Kraken skills

Enraged Kraken skills


Skill Name Orbs Description
Tentacle Attack 0 ST 100% attack damage with a chance to Daze
Water Gush 0 AOE 120% attack damage with a 50% chance to reduce enemies’ speed by 50% and a 30% chance to lower enemies’ DEF by 70%
Ink Spurt 2 AOE 40% chance to add Ink mark to targets.  Marked units are revived and controlled by Kraken when they die.
Berserk 0 When Enraged Kraken’s HP is less than 40%, it will Berserk for 2 turns.  He will get an ATK buff for 50% and a DEF debuff for 50%.  The more damage you do during this time, the more reward at the end of the battle.
Paper Doll 0 If Enraged Kraken is defeated in Berserk mode, three paper dolls will appear.  Otherwise, only one would.  These paper dolls carry the rewards of the battle


Enraged Kraken’s attacks are similar to Kraken’s.  The two noticeable differences are that it doesn’t dive under the ship and its rewards are given out by Paper Dolls.  Naturally, we want to maximize the number of Paper Dolls so defeating Enraged Kraken in Berserk mode is the goal.



Battle Flow


Enraged Kraken comes with two Umibozus.  These two do not have high ATK and HP so they shouldn’t pose a threat.  The Umibozu on the left has Temptress so he should be the first target.  Otherwise, Umibozu’s multi-hit Giant Wave can cause a problem inflicting Daze with Temptress.  The other Umibozu has Pearl so he’s not too big of a deal.  Take out these two and two Base Darumas will take their place at the sides of Enraged Kraken.

Players will soon notice that the two Base Darumas don’t do anything at all.  They also don’t take damage from special attacks.  The only way to take them out is to target them with normal attacks.  They also quite weak such that normal attacks from the main characters or fodders would do the job.

However, I suggest leaving them alone for now as they have some special use in the later stage of the battle.

As the battle goes on, Enraged Kraken’s HP goes under 40% and he goes berserk.  We all know this is the key stage of the battle and would want to finish him off as soon as possible.  This is when the Base Darumas come in.  Weak as they are, these red little dolls inflict huge damage on Enraged Kraken as they explode.  I would use normal attacks from the main characters or fodder to take out these two.

After that, just unleash everything you have on Enraged Kraken and hope that he goes down within two turns.

Once he goes down, Paper Dolls will appear with rewards.  Again, if you defeated the octopus within the time period, three Dolls will appear.

Overall, Enraged Kraken is not hard to fight.  It has higher attacks and HP compared to Kraken.  It also does not dive so has more time to inflict damage.  To get the full rewards in this fight, I would suggest adjusting your Kraken fighting team a bit.  This means bringing a healer to the fight and keep the fodders off.the team.



Shikigami Recommendations


The Shikigamis recommended for Kraken still applies in this case.  The only thing I would add is to bring healers to the fight to be safe.


Ebisu – He’s the best in many situations and this is no different.  With decent levels, no Shikigamis should die when Ebisu is alive and well in the team.  In addition, he also generates Orbs so this is a no-brainer.

Hana – Currently unreleased in Global version but once she comes out, she’ll dethrone Ebisu as the best healer (arguable in some situations).

Momo – Another good healer but I hardly use her even though she has the ability to revive.  For one, this fight has a time constraint so reviving would take too long.  For another, her best healing comes from critical hits, which requires high Soul levels.

Sakura / Kusa / Chocho – They are all usable as Enraged Kraken should not be able to OHKO your shikigamis so any decent healer should do the job.



Team Etiquette


As with many fights that require forming teams, people don’t usually get along.  For the normal Kraken, it is not uncommon for people to bring one fodder and one DPS.  This is acceptable providing you DPS is strong and you don’t drag others’ down.  For Enraged Kraken, however, the players may need to work closer together now that the fight is more complex.

Ideally, the team set up would have 1 Healer, 1 Orb Provider, and 3 DPS.

Fodders – If you are trying to maximize rewards, I would not bring more than one on the team.  Having two fodders is pretty much impossible to finish off the boss in time.





The rewards are similar to the combination of Kraken and Demon Encounter.  Exp and Coin are pretty much the same.  Souls are also very similar in that you very much guarantees a Grade 6 with mostly Grade 4s.  Overall, it’s the Paper Dolls just brought on rewards from Demon Encounter.





  1. Educate teammates on the complexity of the battle flow
  2. Take out the Temptress Umibozu
  3. Take out the Pearl Umibozu
  4. Reduce Enraged Kraken’s HP below 40%
  5. Use normal attacks to take out the two Base Daruma
  6. Finish off Kraken before turn limit