Ghostly Songstress

Assembly Boss – Songstress

Again big thanks to Theookamikit of the SemiCasual guild to sending me this guide!  Really helped me catch up 🙂

Notes before we start: In this fight you will be bringing 6 shikigami as well as an onmyoji.  The fight will happen in 3 seamless phases with visual cues  that tell the change

Phase 1 : Songstress in white – Here you will want to kill the 3 small minions as fast as possible. Each time you KO all 3 will get a stacking 150% attack buff for your team that lasts the rest of the fight (up to 10 times). 

If a single target attack is used on the boss, she will enchant that unit to only attack her with normal attacks.  When an enchanted unit attacks the Songstress they will only deal 1 damage but will generate 2 orbs. The boss can only enchant one unit at a time.  When a new unit is enchanted the previously enchanted unit will be freed. NOTE: If the onmyoji attacks the boss, the boss will enchant a random shikigami on your team.

The umbrella man, on his turn will put up a shield on all minions that will block a single damage instance.

In your lineup it is recommended to  have one unit that you can live without to attack the Songstress and use the rest on the minions.  This will greatly save time as her enchant animation is quite long..(Sakura, oitsuki, ebisu, are good candidates for this role as they are not hindered by the enchantment and have decently fast attack animations.)   NOTE: if you attach Ushi no Toki’s doll to the boss it will be safe to attack the doll without worrying about being enchanted.  

At around 70% HP the next phase will begin.

Phase 2: Songstress in black – Here you will want to focus just the main boss, Ignore the minions.  In this phase if the minions HP becomes uneven, the boss will launch a powerful attack and even out the minions HP.  NOTE: Unlike the minions in white, the minions in this phase have synchronized HP across all participants.

Once the Songstress’ HP bar is depleted, the next phase will begin.

Phase 3: Umbrella Man -This phase will start with several reward dolls spawning in front of the Songstress and the Umbrella Man becoming targetable.  Focus down the Umbrella Man and the fight will conclude.

Team Suggestions: It will be handy to have a multi hit AOE attacks for the Minions in white in the first phase.  Another way to quickly max out the attack bonus is to use units that get extra turns when KOing a unit. (SP Yoto Hime and Kuro Mujo)  This route can take some fine tuning as the shields put up by the umbrella man can prevent the extra turns by blocking the hit and preventing the minion from being KOed.

A sample run: