About Onmyoji

Onmyoji is a turn-based strategy MMO role-playing game developed by NetEase for iOS and Android.

The game takes place in the mythical Heinan period Japan circa 794 – 1185 AD. The story centers around Abe no Seimei, the most famous Onmyoji (like a wizard) in Japanese culture, and his adventure in a world where human and supernatural beings coexist.

Onmyoji has been praised for its the outstanding voice acting from famous Japanese Seiyuus (voice actors), beautiful artwork, and rich gameplay.


Onmyoji Game - Yaksha

Yasha is newly released in Global.  He comes with strong attacks and fast speed but how will he perform against many other DPSs?

New Shikigamis


Onmyoji Game - Susabi



Mannendake - Onmyoji Shikigami Icon

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2018.03.21 – Yasha added

2018.03.17 – Peach & Karashi added

2018.03.16 – Oko added

2018.03.15 – Hozuki added

2018.03.11 – Hana updated

2018.03.05 – Susabi updated

2018.03.04 – Totem Zone added

2018.03.01 – March Mystery Amulet Circle updated

2018.02.17 – Demon Quiz added

2018.02.12 – Home Page makeover

2018.02.09 – Pack Analysis added

2018.02.07 – Yoto Hime updated

2018.02.05 – Mystery Amulet Circle added

2018.02.01 – AR Summoning Circles added


In light of Susabi release in Global, I have updated her page. Check out Susabi.

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